Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Theatrical Thoughts

I've never liked any of my presidents. Now that I'm getting old I've pretty much abandoned the idea, although miracles occasionally occur.
They dominate the stage with lackluster acts, pushing out much more fascinating and attractive humans who are more intelligent and wise.
I've often wished one of the wise ones would lead the hapless citizens, but they don't, which is probably part of their wisdom.
I was raised in a progressive family, all of them politically active. Family gatherings were threaded with many political discussions, but oddly, little was said about the leaders. It was mostly ideas, and a lot of anti-war talk. I got used to this absence of hero attention, although I did join in the obligatory hatred of Republicans. I was obedient until I moved out West and realized I didn't want to carry the hatred with me anymore, so I dropped it. I probably wouldn't marry one, though. But then I'm not all that keen on marrying anyone.
The first president I recall was Eisenhower and this was before I knew anything about politics. He bothered me not at all. But after him, they all irritated the hell out of me, and they still do. Always pleading, always whining for something I can't give them. I wish I could so they'd go into the office and get lost.
They all seem phony to me and I detest their bullshit speeches laced with bad poetry and cheap emotion. Last century they sounded a bit more erudite, but not enough for my tastes. Now they remind me of bad method actors, with lousy timing in the emotional waves. Too fast, too much, with crescendos I'd rather not rise with. The crescendos are especially awful to my musical ear.

I don't like liars, but that's my problem, since the world is full of them and it seems to be a prerequisite to success. I've never understood it. It seems so much more efficient and less troublesome to lay it out truthfully, but for some strange reason, people like to play this game. Love of theater, maybe. Not so much love of life. How can I blame them? Reality as it's normally represented needs some grease paint.

Anyway, I really do find them annoying. In the last few years, I caved in and gave them the attention they crave and it hasn't done any good. They're as confused as ever and the country isn't doing so good.

They honestly are irritating. Of course, if I had a gorgeous, bejeweled and dazzling thespian with a booming rich voice that reached the upper balconies (lines perfectly memorized), I might feel that leap of heart. Then I'd really be in trouble. Loving politicians is not a wise thing for me. Not at all. But that's just me.