Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deepwater Horizon

Reality's Blowhole
I mentioned earlier ... last week, in fact ... that 90% of the sea floor is unexplored. The fear of depths looks to be justified if recent events are any indication. There's also logic behind the fact that the ocean has been protected from man's intrusion and three quarters of the earth's skin is virgin territory. Intimidating.
Deepwater horizon? A new frontier? A port hole from this vessel we're stuck in? A peek into hidden realms? Pluto in Pisces should spin an interesting tale as man is bobbing about on the precipice of extensive deep sea oil extraction. It's proving to be somewhat treacherous to the newcomer. Forces of gravity and magnetism are gigantic as the center of the earth is approached. It all points to an awakening of rather grand proportions. Uranus simply breaks established boundaries and the Pisces port hole has been busted up as the sea under the sea rushes out. Life on earth. The chosen planet. So who's in charge?
We're at 29 Pisces, down in deep water, where some huge beast in the collective psyche is shaking loose, revealing our discomfort. It's real and it hurts. The eerie black water flowing on to the desolate beaches brings to mind the fundamental loneliness all human beings feel not knowing where they're going, always looking for someone out there to lead them on, forever forgetting that they got this far safely with everyone's guidance. Leadership is a game of musical chairs.
Aries is physical birth and the collective birth from Pisces into a new go-round is distinctly thrustsome. The elements of gravity and pressure are making themselves known in a divergent way expanding the ordinary mind. Earthly concerns are in the spotlight even eclipsing the current human pantheon. Familiarity with survival instinct is budding as it does in Aries, necessary to live in the material realm. Sharpening up. Becoming more alert and aware. Honing.
The saline environment the developing human is initially at home in, and the urgent force behind its expulsion into the world remind me of Deepwater. When a child is born, it has to be prepared to face a sudden reality with challenges of what you might call biblical proportions. It doesn't understand what's happening, where pain originates, when it will end, what to do, and if it'll be alive the next second. A myriad of experiences overwhelms the creature like this so somewhere prior to birth we must have built the strength and aroused the survival instinct enough to get through the chambers of the unfamiliar until we become more conscious of what, how, why, and where and manufacture some ersatz control.
Instinct cannot be overestimated as Neptune knows. This soggy nation also has Neptune on her Moon now so the waterworld is especially vast, not to mention the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune adding further to the deep sea adventure.
Uranus comes out of Pisces. And so our instinct for self preservation is awakened via a scary trip down under, uniting with potency in order to take the next swing around the wheel. The monster we created has turned on us threatening the very survival it was supposed to ensure. We're always wandering into these tense moments.
Just in time. Aries-Capricorn. Rage against the system. Coming up. Something helpful should come out of it all just by the law of averages. The vigor of Aries, and Pluto plunging in and out creating suction and thrust, should be enough to produce something.
As a whole, I think the crowd has been sort of floundering around waiting for this and that, hoping, hoping, hoping, or something identified as such. Maybe a little forgiveness and redemption are in order in the depth of Pisces, and of course, sorrow, but overall, the will to push out takes over, marking the entrance into life and the beginning of the wheel. In Pisces an encounter with the void, the overpowering universe, the helplessness, the apocalyptic, and all of that probably scare us just enough to get out there and deal with it. The immediacy and vulnerability of birth. Human against the electromagnetic waves and particles of the physical dimension.
I figure if I got in I can get out. This jam, that is. Like the Labyrinth that traps one forever in its maze, or the kind that takes you around in circles until you think you've seen the light and you are gently deposited on the outside. I can usually find the exit but it doesn't really lead me anywhere. Out and in, in and out. I've always been perplexed by that. Am I trying to get in or out? So I became an absurdist.
Meanwhile, Pisces doesn't care a pomegranate seed about the future. It's too busy living in awe of cosmic existence beyond the troublesome details people can never figure out. The Now is more than sufficient. But trying can numb the brain, perhaps, providing some relief for that voracious beast.
You might say that this ejaculation from middle earth is part of the collective's potency as a potion for the exhaustion of fighting the false enemy du jour and ideally getting involved in some act of creation, maybe even suitable production and an honest conversation with earthly reality.
The enemy has just turned some Protean trick, it looks like, taking strange forms while new fronts keep opening up in unexpected places. Maybe one day we'll be so utterly dizzy from following it, we'll just lay down the sword and say, "Slay me if you must." The enemy could easily do a double take and give up itself. Then what?