Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vague Understandings

Demons from the Deep
Awakening at 29
Pisces is one of the many baffling signs of the zodiac. Some are of the opinion that Neptune's dream state is a sort of Candyland with spun sugar, rainbow hued things, and long sought after kindness from other humans. These ideals do exist, but so does everything else in the infinite inner dimension of the sea god. Pisces is all inclusive. The entirety of earthly experience is discovered and the visions can be as frightening and ugly as they are sublimely beautiful. And easily intoxicating.
The duality of material existence leads the seeker to an allowance for all variations and ultimately to freedom from judgement and to the knowledge that experience in every form is essential to the whole. When the opposites plug in and fuse, the integration creates the combustion of enlightenment. Evil becomes good becomes awful and the ebullient unfolding takes precedence over the exhausting effort to compartmentalize, define, compare, contrast, and separate everything, thinking that rejection or acceptance will somehow really make a difference in the end. The futility of human machinations becomes apparent. The whole thing actually works as is.
Before the recognition of futility in Pisces is the last hope of control in Aquarius, at the end of the wheel, where surrender to cosmic regulation is the option that beckons. Maybe a somewhat fatalistic sensation accompanies this moment and the burden can be released with the sorrow included.
Uranus as ruler of Aquarius is at the end of the cycle now and the "circumstances beyond our control" method encountered in Aquarius becomes useful in Pisces when the individual is ready to genuinely relinquish management. And that's just what has happened as the dark monster emerges from the ocean coming to strangle the United States. Endless warfare for the modern hominid.
Pisces represents the collective subconscious. And would you believe? Three quarters of the earth is ocean and almost 90% of the floor is unexplored by man. How afraid humans are of their inner worlds which are just as alien as those in outer space.
But at 29 Pisces, the deep dimensions are waking people and monsters up in that inimitable surprising Uranian way. The eruption into infinity with no knowledge of the destination. The whirley-whirl. The experience of surrender is up for grabs before battery-charged bee line Aries takes the baton. Point A. Muscular Aries.

The illusions and hidden workings of Neptune are beautifully illustrated in the telling of this story as so much of the sea monster is unknowable snaking mysteriously below the surface revealing bits and pieces slowly. The deceptive government cover ups are also being blown apart by this unstoppable black demon determined to bring a measure of truth to the collective. The slow speed makes for incremental absorption and possible real illumination as the tendency to run away to new distractions keeps failing. Chances are the tale will be telling itself for many months to come as Uranus hovers at the 29th degree. Uranus leaves the degree for good next year just as the Sun leaves Pisces. Plenty of time to grasp the vague understanding, replacing the helpless sorrow with renewed determination, marrying the subconscious information with conscious observation, action now motivated from a deep instinctual place of self preservation affecting personal stories as well.
The fossilized fixation reminds me of alcohol addiction and the 12 step program with its "let go and let god" creed. Something has let go, that's for sure. Something tells me that the business of oil isn't exactly going to be the same after this. I've taken to my feet, personally. A full blooming nervousness has descended in that good old Uranian fashion. The 12th step/house has been reached. Help me god.
Salvation. Another Pisces favorite. I don't really see one on the Deep Water Horizon, do you? One couldn't walk on the water anyway under the present circumstances. We'll be rescued as we always are in some way just in time. It really is miraculous. Unless you're a woolly mammoth in the Ice Age.
The power of the earth has also been telephoned in and with that the reminder of the universal entities we share our world with, back to the humbling, ego tampering, "you are but a mere relatively powerless speck" message of Pisces. We've stopped for a brief moment in our tracks, I think, to contemplate a few things.
Gushing and emotion. No doubt about it. Get it out before Aries comes kicking away sentimentality and tears in preparation for some physical action. I think we're in the beginnings of seeing how important actions are going to be. 29 Uranus sits in all charts. Explosions and subsequent gushes from each emotional body are occurring universally. Making room.
Pisces and the 12th house cover karma and this does seem to be an opportune time to reflect upon cause and effect.
On the question of culpability.
Who exactly has been guzzling this oil for so many years? Whose hunger rules? The greedy corporations or the human animal in its primal need for nourishment. In Pisces the lines become so terribly blurred that blame becomes hard to assign. So much so, that one gets to the point of giving up -- the aim of nonjudgmental Pisces. It's nobody's fault. It is what it is and we're here where we are, headed to who knows where? How did we get in this predicament? On a shipload of history.

The oil needed out. Who knows that it didn't draw the oil company down there to do the job? Contracts are made on many levels in obscure dimensions. Who knows that the oil trapped in the earth isn't using humans to extract it? This is not to say that that there isn't wrongdoing on the mundane level, naturally.
Maybe our mistakes are vital to evolutionary growth. Maybe everything is actually correct just the way it is. Do we learn from our misdemeanors and crimes? I know that we all commit them. They add up to what you have now. The real fault lies with no one in particular. Unless you consider yourself.
The 12th house encourages people to ponder who and what is imprisoning them since no one truly escapes the confines. Why the confinement and is the self undoing of Pisces inevitable? So a new self can crack out.
Humans can't control the cosmos nor even make clear analytical judgements in the long run since everything that occurs is simply the system surviving in the way that it does. Catastrophes are an ongoing part of the system's technique and it repairs itself as it goes. If the oil leak didn't occur now, some other disaster would happen elsewhere as pressures rise and fall in a universal cadence often overwhelming to the little creatures called people who have some cockamamie concept of their power and divinity that seems to fail them regularly, although they hit the mark just often enough to keep believing. Right now at 29 Pisces, a moment of humility has sort of dominated, but glorious victories are around the bend and might will again rise as the group cleverly gets itself out of the latest jam and predictably back into another. Squeeze and release. The peristalsis of the cosmic body.
The oil will quiet down when it's ready, drilling will continue, and new methods of fueling human existence will be developed bringing fresh problems just as daunting. One problem begets a solution which gives birth to another problem in this ongoing puzzle. Everyone gets what comes.
Remember the bubbling burning earth, the dinosaurs, the population reducing ice ages, and all those events? Sometimes I think homo sapiens have come to think the earth has calmed down and now they are in charge of all activities determining the unpredictable planet's future. Sometimes I wonder about human beings.
The world is full of just about everything in a grand disorder as Pisces enjoys, and people pick and choose in Virgo, completing the polarity. With so much lurking below in the great subconscious it's hard to know how much control a person has. We certainly consume a lot of fossil fuel manipulating the wheel in the driver's seat. Food chains continually re-arrange as populations of living creatures diminish and die out with changing supplies and revitalize in times of abundance. Natural cycles. Even the so-called man made changes are included in the cycles. Aren't we part of nature? We're coming around to that realization so it appears.

Some people like to warn of doom and perhaps annihilation, others paint a rosy rainbowed gumdrop picture, and some take it as it comes with no particular expectations. Some fabricate time frames and some lose their memories. Some ride the Wild Mouse every summer. The universe continues on its merry way and all things adjust. Whatever is driving this thing probably does not depend on earthly oil, so I think we're safe for now.
"Whatever," as your favorite Piscean says.
"Go with the flow."