Sunday, May 30, 2010

Top Kill: A Cosmic Ramming

The Individual Versus the State
Aries Square Capricorn
Top Kill. What a perfect symbol for the entrance of Uranus into Aries square Capricorn. An epic butting of heads. The earth rams up and man rams down trying to force something into a hole. The hole isn't buying.
Aries is thrust. Remarkable thrust. Extreme push against resistance. This clash of wills at Deepwater Horizon has departed from the usual script in Uranian tangential fashion while people are rattling in their familiar patterns not knowing yet how to feel about it all. Uranus is electrical, as I've experienced it. Aries is mechanical. Charged up. This provides an opportunity to find your own precise source of drive if you would like to set off on to new paths.
The shocking reality of this dump needs time to sink in and the retrograde of Uranus back into Pisces provides the opening. Saturn just went direct in Virgo when Top Kill got killed, so now some fix is advisable. Plenty of Virgoan analysis will certainly be on the menu in these last weighty days of Saturn. And much thought about purity, poison, filth, cleanliness, chaos, order, and so on. Cleanup indeed.
And so comes the kickoff for the will of the lower strata of society to thrust against the upper established controlling body. Body building. Muscle and bone. The continuation of the system demands it, since the top is too heavy and weak. Topkill.
What complicates it is the fact that the dreaded authority resides within each person and that's the ultimate goal of the Aries-Capricorn transit -- to get a strong working relationship established between ourselves and our own ruling bodies. It's called self discipline.

You might say the extrusion from the well is like the uncontrolled grasping for wealth of big business which is now synonymous with government. Or it might represent the uprising of the underclasses. American citizens are beginning to feel that the ruling body's job behavior might be threatening their own survival. Especially since they, themselves, don't have jobs.
In Aries square Capricorn, the individual muscles against the system fighting for autonomy against constriction, bureaucracy, authority and all obstacles in one's path to the chosen destination. Ram it, bat it, push it, punch it, kick it, fight it if necessary. Aries is on a mission.
But with Capricorn, the usual Aries fast arrival is delayed as the seeker continually encounters opposition in order to learn control, expertise, and eventually mastery, where the eager birth of ambition in Aries goes through an organized system to become a functioning part of the whole machine and the individual/society learns how to battle effectively with the Martian impulse.
Both levels of the machine's system are in distress, that is, if you arbitrarily divide society between the rich and the not rich. I think the oil geyser represents everyone. The fat greedy plutocracy or the fat greedy proletariat. Largely anti-depressed. I think that's it! We're in an anti-depression!
But here's the crux. Aries is impulse and the urge to act upon every one instantaneously is sometimes overwhelming, if not trouble-making. The individual must learn that measured application of thrust and determination might serves one's purpose better. Aries-Capricorn. Impulse control. Proud self discipline. I am my own boss. When that's cultivated, there is no longer a need for oppressive government.