Thursday, June 17, 2010

News Junkie's Blues

The Gemini-Capricorn Lunation
A handful of people are surprised, even distressed, by the sudden shift in attitude of their favorite television journalism stars. Some are delighted. Shall we call it change? There are several astrological factors contributing to this fresh development.
On June 12th the new moon occurred at 21 Gemini (communication, media) conjunct US Mars (attack) square Neptune in Virgo (illusion and criticism). As I wrote about before, Mars and Saturn are also in Virgo, and one of the objects of this criticism has moon in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo, as well as Mars in Virgo. A match made in heaven. Or hell as it feels to some.
The extent of criticism is disquieting to those who are used to The Speeches (Gemini) being sermons on the mount guaranteed to arouse ecstasy. But things are different now and the withdrawal can sometimes mimic a junkie's pain. The country has a disaster of near biblical scope in progress, and a heavy hitting full moon eclipse at 4 Capricorn exactly conjunct Pluto, close to a cardinal cross, is due on the 26th. Hard reality will have its way. And the rebellious wrongdoers will soon show sufficient humility, if only briefly. Then you can catch your breath. May I suggest taking a deep one.
Uranus is the entity often associated with comedy and with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Aries, some broadcasters are juiced with speed, vitality, and nerve. They are surpassing their normal boundaries, but lectures are being dispensed and Gemini has a short attention span, so things will calm down and change again, all for the better since Saturn in Virgo demands criticism and will get it.
The ridicule can make some unhappy especially not having built an immunity yet. When I was young we had topical comedians and musicians who mocked the politicians relentlessly. Everyone got it and we loved it. There's been a sad absence of this kind of humor and music in our society lately and it could be that Uranus in Aries will bring a renaissance of social consciousness to the arts. It can be offensive but release in the belly helps one endure the blows of reality. You'll see. Comedy is one of the very best potions for hard times.
For those of you who are stunned and hurt by your sudden twist of fortune, this is a perfect opportunity to consult your own source of confidence and not be so influenced by what others say. Aries. Strength and immunity. The object of devotion will bounce back anyway as shared enthusiasm comes and goes in the rhythm it loves. The rebels are needed.