Sunday, June 27, 2010

Discoveries in the Deep

Pluto Opposite Venus-Jupiter in Cancer
Pisces and Neptune
Fallen Idols
I've come to think that the planets are neutral and the chemistry created when I interact with them is largely undetermined, although intuitive suppositions can probably be made. An uncommonly large disaster appeared out of the blue precisely when Pluto opposed the US Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Venus-Jupiter? Huh? Not good? Apparently not. Not yet.
By now people are beginning to recognize the magnitude of this event and there is a great deal more to come. Pluto to Jupiter is sometimes indicative of a jackpot but it can also mean the opposite -- bankruptcy. I'll begin with some personal recollection since my Jupiter dominated chart recently received the graces of Pluto by conjunction.
With my great Jupiter placements I was always an incorruptible optimist sometimes even tiptoeing into Pollyannaland. When Pluto approached my Jupiter at the end of my eighth house I lost almost everything of value and by that time my established philosophy of events working out well had been challenged enough to arouse some serious questioning. Jupiter governs world outlook, an important contributing factor to the quality of one's life. Pluto demolishes with the intention of delivering something better plucked from the underworld treasure trove. So ultimately it really is a jackpot.
At the end of the 8th I had relaxed somewhat believing that the worst was over, but I was wrong. Another death blow came exactly when Pluto conjoined Jupiter and the loss was complete. In a sense, I was relieved and accepted the final strike a little more easily than I did the previous disasters. I already knew that something would come to replace these endings. I trusted I would be rewarded, even more so if I embraced my fate and altered accordingly. It did take some fancy footwork.
Now I'm discovering as Pluto ends up in my ninth house that I'm left with a tempered philosophy, much more realistic and tolerant of pessimism and despair when those feelings are called for. The underlying optimism remains without having to dominate entirely, even choking out the less buoyant moments with customary Jupiterian bombast. They're perfect for the circumstances they apply to, these eager downers. I find this an improvement. A big one. Being a realist is refreshing in its newness.

With Pluto opposite USA Jupiter, it's simple to see the extent of loss going on. Its destination is still to be revealed. Considering the hole that opened up in the earth at 29 Pisces I must conclude that illusions are pouring out as a prerequisite to grappling with essential mundane realities during the Capricorn years. Jupiter and Uranus are only in Aries for a brief moment and the return to Pisces provides an opportunity to delve into the situation further. It will be awhile before forward motion is firmly established. What could these illusions be?
Many people are fantasizing about magical shifts in collective consciousness and true to Pisces, Christian philosophy and thoughts about prophecy are in high gear, part and parcel of the coming end of the Age of Pisces when Christianity's power will likely diminish. It's naive to think that big gifts will be bestowed upon humanity without the necessary steps required to earn them, considering all the Saturn in play. I think we can agree that the group as a whole has some more ground to cover. The view that evil people will suffer while the good are automatically redeemed and transported is the kind of attitude that guarantees you'll be left on the other side of paradise. The scarlet E plays tricks with the mind so the executioner's ax must be wielded carefully lest you yourself be judged by another's whim.
The idea that a savior is going to forgive the crowd for being lowly sinners will be antiquated as the Age of Pisces ends. Down in the earth under the sea, the release of some of these beliefs might be in motion and my wild theory combustion engine says that perhaps some of the shame and guilt of Christianity (and the others) is extruding from that sticky hole. You only need so much. If the savior doesn't come then I'll assume we're rid of some of it.
The fear of how big this catastrophe could get is real and Jupiter likes to exaggerate. Pisces likes paranoia and apocalyptic quivers are always exciting, but the chances for complete planetary devastation are probably slim. And if it did happen? It might turn out to be a good thing. We still don't know whether or not paradise is on the other side.
If the release is stopped in the fall as planned then naturally the men will be heroes and humans will feel protected again, but hopefully a thread of real understanding will be needled into the collective psyche. People resist the truth at first, but often after they've had a chance to digest and absorb the information, they keep and even treasure the knowledge and the confidence it imparts. Ideally this gem could be deposited by the crack and mighty extrusion, a startling reminder of cosmic powers, along with a gigantic breath of relief that we made it. This time. The reality of earth changes can't be denied any longer, but as we deal with each crisis one by one a stronger trust in the universe (Jupiter) is a possibility. Or at least a working relationship with it. Fear of annihilation is useless since we end up there anyway one by one.
The suffering and dying animals remind us of our own sorrow and helplessness and reality shows that some are rescued and some are not. There are no human god figures to save the entire species. We're soon to discover that we are more on our own that we thought, the teaching of Venus-Jupiter in Cancer (childhood, dependency, security) opposite Capricorn (adulthood and responsibility for the self), and this event is probably the trigger. The loss of livelihoods, generations of business, depreciation of real estate, and the obliteration of hundreds of years of tradition and decimation of familial roots on the coast are leading the way in this maturing process with the Aries planets illustrating the need to begin anew. Lots of dependencies could be severed in the coming years as the big issue of the time, Homeland Security (Cancer) is worked out. People all over the country are losing their homes and living arrangements are on the way to significant change. Pluto appears to be bent on busting up some nests as people learn to balance home with the world and reality in Capricorn.
So illusions of parental care are going down, part of why FDR references are so popular currently. The man came to the rescue when Pluto conjoined Cancer, but this time "Social Security" is disappearing and all that is implied by this. What new form of social security could be coming? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe better. New networks of relationship (Venus) could be one. Saturn in Libra is handy for that.
It's hard to imagine the loss of societal safety nets and the impulse is to associate it with lack of caring (Cancer), but the ability to stand on one's own (Capricorn) has equally satisfying aspects as long as those who are unable to do so are covered. They usually are no matter what. Whatever agency pulls back the hand is replaced by another that gives. The competitive killer instinct is equal to the cooperative protective one and they balance themselves successfully as we go. As it's going now, the federal government is unable to provide and protect.
Once the initial insecurity of Cancerian loss is passed, the growth of maturity is sensed as a superior way of navigating the new and seemingly treacherous waters. The skill required to achieve that can bring substantial self esteem and people might eventually stop running helter skelter for someone else to clutch onto in times of trouble. Surfing the Net for parents, for example. Not always the place to find them. But maybe this will encourage an abandonment of the search and a more Libran style of intellectual exchange with Saturn in Libra coming soon. Without excess emotional demand (Venus-Jupiter in Cancer), clarity of thinking can make good information more accessible, and even some solutions. The Cancerian emotional overdo (Jupiter) could be harnessed for better use. Both love and hate sometimes get tiresome, while mere like is highly sustainable, even productive. And always enjoyable.
Another illusion is the success of war in acquiring energy. War takes an astronomical amount of oil and now that its extraction is becoming so hard and expensive, what are we to do? Probably fight harder at first, and toy with exploding the entire planet nuclearly, but humanity does seem to be killing less than it used to, with a sizable decrease in the last 30 years.
I've always thought that television with the escape it provides was the perfect symbol of the Age of Pisces. It's segued into computer screens but something whispers to me that there might be disappointment ahead with all the dependency occurring in that arena and the unbelievably high hope that humanity has at last found its new savior -- final protection from loneliness in the tribal glue of Cancer. Capricorn can make a body shiver sometimes but through that alienation comes a bigger togetherness in the final quadrant of the wheel. Perhaps we've made strides in that direction with these transits in that quadrant, but Aries indicates going out on one's own again and Capricorn suggests taking care of society responsibly after that's accomplished. Leaving the huddle in the cave for the cold cruel world is bound to appeal to a lot of people soon, although I admit that's hard for me to fully visualize.
The illusion of good government is definitely in that cosmic drain. The question of leadership should be addressed when Pluto opposes USA Sun but as a preliminary, the realization that we are without it now is important. Homo Erectus. Straightening up. Caring for the self. Uranus will return next spring but again goes back to 0 Aries at the end of 2011. It might arrive as a series of shocks as the full realization of governmental neglect comes into focus alongside a new found awareness of individual resourcefulness. A fair replacement for our naughty parents.
Perhaps the most important illusion going under is that of the American Dream and the belief that this country is the Promised Land, the greatest place on earth. The Jupiterian jackpot always delivers as the wheel spins merrily around, so the world believes. The land of opportunity where anyone can be a king. We're finding some unusual stops on that wheel again similar to the Great Depression. The difference now is that we don't have the promise we did then. We're depleted, depressed, and diminished in world status. The planet itself is under duress and the pot of gold is more illusive as it must be in these days of resource exhaustion. After the contraction of Pluto in Capricorn a more honest and successful approach to survival could be in our hands if all goes well. It could be, however, that big strides really won't be made until Pluto transits Pisces and the Age of Pisces transitions to the next great age. Pluto through Aries could be particularly strengthening. The replacement of the traditional American Dream with something more attainable, a bit more humble, would probably be a grand stress reducer. Living with less is becoming fashionable and could soon be all the rage. Watch for the books and talk shows. In the end, we'll know how.
If you use the Sibly chart then this transit of Jupiter is especially significant since it rules the Sagittarius ascendant. The ridiculous slapstick Ronald McDonald playland approach to life this country favors could use some deepening with wisdom added. The increase in antidepressants and the weight gain, water retention (Cancer) speak of an underlying sorrow that's hard for this happy go lucky society to wear on the surface. And most of all, if a little Plutonian redemption is possible, the superficial optimism that smiles at us from the magazine covers could be supplanted by a more genuine form allowing despair to breathe if need be, and becoming a little more appreciative of the truly good times. And knowing the difference. An adjustment of values with Pluto transiting Venus and Jupiter is in store. Finding satisfaction (Taurus-Scorpio) is an ongoing challenge. The source of resource. The pot of gold might turn out to be something other than financial success in this nation where historically everything has been judged by its profitability. Always a deal -- big, new, square or otherwise.
So little scary dwarf Pluto is digging into its transit of the United States Cancer stellium. First demolition then a chance to pull from the treasure trove. It's interesting to watch the mood fluctuations and already people are catching themselves, relaxing, and getting ready to deal with it. It's always a good thing when disaster stays outside your own cell wall. It leaves you in a good position to be of service. And the country's got a birthday coming up. What shall I give her?