Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fruitful Perceptions

Circumstantial Optimism

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces
Jupiter signifies the higher mind in astrology and goes beyond simple ideas to a full bodied view of one's life and the relationship of self to the universe. Uranus brings unusual twists and expansions often creating the opposite of what the individual once held to be true, venturing further and further from others' dicta. The third-ninth house polarity comes into play and while the third is content with following the daily ups and downs, gossiping about the personalities, and keeping the mental scope small, the ninth is more interested in cosmic affairs and exploratory states of mind. Maybe that's why the ninth is connected with confidence, relaxation, and freed up energy for elevated pursuits. The philosopher in his library studying ancient texts comes to mind, undisturbed by mundane concerns. While Sagittarius would be interested in finding out if god exists, Gemini might be wondering what it's wearing and who it's dating.
Everyone can mount the stairs to the quiet secluded chamber when the opportunity arises observing the world with amusement or sometimes sorrow if the mood strikes. The deeply philosophical can swing both ways.
It doesn't matter what politicians are elected to swear and place their rear ends on the hallowed seats of Congress, nor what little people are appointed to what commissions. It shouldn't effect your lives adversely if your views are realized and you are the protagonist of your own existence.

Multidimensional perception is not ordinary thought. Experience, wisdom, and spontaneous insights can influence the mentality of Jupiter, along with other mysterious phenomena. With Uranus, these insights can be rich with luxuriant awareness -- the light bulb that transcends the largely dimwitted conversation that fills the mundane hours in society. Sometimes one's thoughts can surpass the crowd's muttering to an alarming degree if one dares cross the threshold into the land of enhanced perception.
Through this door lies a solid optimism removed from daily news. I wrote earlier about my personal relationship with Jupiter and how it detaches itself from events to act upon the psyche from another platform of observation. A place where good and bad cease to be the dominant factors. A place where the individual can decide how much she wants to bend her mind into group belief, sometimes seeing an alternative as the appropriate choice. Especially with Uranus.
The collective is becoming increasingly cognizant of Pluto's pressure just beginning in Capricorn. The python's squeeze I call it. The constriction will increase until the people as a whole learn to absorb the tension and respond in a productive way, considering the will of Capricorn to put everything to use. The squeeze and release is ongoing, kind of like a digestive process, and the periods of discomfort will probably return again and again until the job is done for this 250 year go round. That's why the subtle optimism of Jupiter can be invaluable. For some the dips and soars are what they want and when the chips are down they adore feeling the pain. Others are terrified of the downs, but probably just as fearful of the ups if the truth be known. Then there are those who view the parade of events with philosophical pleasure, conjecturing, even predicting for the hell of it, but never burying their respect for life on account of other humans' ignoble behavior. Hate in that case becomes useless unless one enjoys the burn simply for the heightened sensation. Sometimes I wonder if most hate doesn't fall into that category. Fear as well. Who's fear is it anyway? Jupiter with all his bombast laughs uproariously then grabs another bolt.
With Jupiter-Uranus retro in Pisces it wouldn't be surprising if chaos rules the day. People might have no choice other than to believe in themselves and god, or something like that. Politicians are a flimsy selection. Journalists are suspect too. It's a golden and ripe opportunity, with autumn on the way, to reap the harvest of fresh perceptions and let go of false idols, fake prophets, stale ideas, and expectations for the future itself. With Pisces there's no time like now.
And money grows on trees, doesn't it?