Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Nature of Nature

Recently I noticed the waxing moon in the night, ancient, steady, and beautiful. I enjoy contemplating the systems of the universe in their perfection including earthly life. People might not like the eruptions, disruptions, and general discomforts of experience but one thing leads to another in a sequence that ultimately works.

Things are designed to live naturally and achieve death. The earth changes continuously and all entities adjust. I think this is what might be called evolution.

Evolution goes in many directions. Sometimes it moves forward, and sometimes backward, seemingly undoing progress. Other times it goes sideways. It even appears occasionally not to move at all. People can't perceive the overall stages since they are caught inside the mechanism. Human systems are an infinitesimal part of universal ones and governance is within and without.

I assume there is an intrinsic intelligence in systems that oversees their proper functioning. Even their demise is nourishment for new ones better adapted to changing conditions. Events are a reflection of such changes. 

It seems to me that no one in particular is in charge.

In the midst of life's continual quirks, people often don't know what to do. Or what's where. This is natural, while things route themselves and the system shimmies. The planets offer a great clue as they move in their multi-directional pathways. Magnetic forces keep them all in order as they likely do for all earthly creatures.