Monday, January 18, 2016

Curing Ills

The human imagination involved in concocting remedies for maladies is dazzling. It seems that people have grabbed almost anything that isn't lethally poisonous and given it a try. In fact, poisons are significant, since many potions contain harmful elements. Maintaining the body involves a curious mix of the threatening and the benign. Noxious factors are within and without and somehow the body's mechanism processes it all with varying degrees of difficulty or ease. Some instinct has urged humans to explore the world around them in search of remedies in a remarkable matching of illness to antidote. The choices are vast.

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo now, there is an opportunity to discover expanded ways to fix bodily malfunctions. New substances for old complaints can be tried and different paths to relief might show themselves. If and when it's a good idea to seek professional help remains perplexing, yet sometimes it's obvious. Sometimes it's best to do nothing and let time and the self do the work.
This planetary configuration also provides the chance to discover what the body is trying to communicate, which can be quite a study. 
"Why is the condition present?" one might ask. "How did it get there? What is really the cause? What is it telling me? Am I  doing something wrong? How can I correct it? Or is it just a natural and logical progression as my body continually adjusts to living?"

Pleasure and Healing

Everyone is familiar with the pleasure and pain see-saw humans ride. One leads to the other unfailingly. It's thought that people seek pleasure and attempt to avoid pain, but are they actually seeking both? There's the fullness of experience to consider and the enduring relationship of these two entities.  They volley with one another.

The increasing interest in medical cannabis deals specifically with this subject, speaking of herbal antidotes. People have a choice whether or not to experience the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) altered state associated with the plant.  Some prefer it deleted, and it's done.  Maybe the pleasurable sensations are part of the treatment of pain. It's not yet known. Jupiter in Virgo is bringing further investigation into the possibilities. Trying to find the essence of the medicinal factor is a job Virgo likes.

But the idea of pleasure in and of itself being a healing potion is intriguing. Some people feel that more pain is the answer to pain, or at least a different kind. It's part of the cure. Others think that more gentle remedies are the solution, while some insist they don't work. Adding to the astrological mix is Mars in Scorpio for the moment, and Scorpio says that deep pleasure is borne by pain. It likes the merging factor.

Probably all the techniques contribute something of value, and with the transits of Virgo, people can try them and find out.