Friday, August 12, 2016

Giving Voice

Honesty is a trait associated with Sagittarius.

Ask a question, you get a straight answer.

In the beginning, as the wheel turns to Gemini, fact and fiction, are interchangeable. The reportage of Gemini contains many fabrications and distortions, all there to create enjoyable chatter. Like a baby discovering its voice, babble is everything.

Arriving at the opposite side in Sagittarius, truth becomes more pronounced. It contains information designed to upgrade perception and to conceptualize the universe. Questions about infinite power arise as the individual perceives the vast expanse beyond the self.

The laws of the land and those of the cosmos are studied. Thought and talk in these courts attempt to separate fact from fiction, while people prepare to govern successfully in Capricorn. The person wants to know what's what.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, honesty takes a serious turn. It's more like a requirement with Saturn's strict rule. It doesn't mean that lies and such disappear or even retreat. It means that the truth is more discernible. More available. And potentially preferable at times.