Thursday, September 22, 2016

Religion and the Vast Expanse

When humans experience the possibility of infinite space or time, the details of earthly life are sometimes transcended. They can even be seen as nonsensical. Illusions and otherworldly concerns take precedence.

This happens in Pisces.

The south node of the moon is about to meet up with Neptune, already in Pisces.
Being the south node, the magnitude of chaos and confusion is vast. But easy to spot.

The recent full moon eclipse in Pisces has contributed to the situation. However, Jupiter just left Virgo and has surely generously deposited some gifts of analysis. I should be able to figure it out.

And then there's busy Saturn in Sagittarius, another part of this divine engagement.
The impulse to worship deities arises in Sagittarius, perhaps as a kind of protection racket. Can people prevent floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, and all assorted overwhelming encounters by appeasing the gods? Or at least appealing to them?

There are river gods, sun gods, earth gods, gods of the heavens, and more.

In Sagittarius the human family is divided up into a trillion particles, with different ideas about divine presence. The accompanying cultural variations blanket the earth, in ever changing blends. Saturn defines them. Geography factors in largely.

In Pisces the differences are abandoned to create an amorphous, fluid, glop of humanity. 

And now Saturn, with its multicultural and religious, sometimes minute or extreme delineation, is forming a square aspect to the vast everything. Is there a cosmic hierarchy or is there nothing in particular at rule in the beyond? A boundless ocean of consciousness or something. And unconsciousness. That's one question Sagittarius square Pisces might ask.

Are we many or are we one? That's another puzzle that comes up.
Or are we a bunch of disconnected ragamuffins? Picked up in the lost and found.

Philosophers are stymied.