Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spark and Shock

Aries moves against resistance. The friction created ignites the spark to begin life.

At birth, the start of the astrological wheel, one enters the world alone. Defense and offense are immediately accessed in order to offset obstruction. Friction is sustained indefinitely and conflict is inevitable in social realms. 

The movement against resistance produces enough vitality to advance and survive the obstacles humans are confronted with until death. The Aries individual is the personification of this activity and stands out as a warrior. Those with Aries on the ascendant, or Mars, especially express this trait. Victorious battles come naturally.

As resistance firms, Aries becomes stronger. Muscles are built, tension increases, and energy accelerates.

Opponents get confused and confounded. If they remove the force the Aries goes away, yet the non-warriors try to fortify the resistance, and to no avail. The warrior becomes more potent.

Add Uranus.

Sense impressions, received by the moon, are transmitted to the brain to be interpreted and discharged into the body for appropriate reaction. This is accomplished through electrical circuits, a domain of Uranus.

The fire of Aries becomes shock with the addition of electrical Uranus. I think shocks happen continuously in living organisms. I presume they're inherent within the flow of electricity, in general.

Shocks are exciting. They awaken, enliven, and stimulate a state of high alert. And they are uncomfortable. It seems humans never quite get adjusted to the intense vibrations created. They make people jumpy. 

The impulse to experience freedom is a commonality among people. Mars and Uranus are injecting the charge, rattling and shaking creatures out of traps. 

I'm inclined to get out, myself. With or without these two.