Friday, November 04, 2016

Turning Point

Scorpio, and its ruler Pluto, signify decay, death, and regeneration, part of the natural cycle of mundane existence.

In the process of decay sensations can be disturbing; bad smells, unpleasant sights, rotting vegetation and flesh, and a lot of what's perceived as general nastiness. 
Yes. The movement to death alarms the living, but it continues, same as birth and growth.

In deadly diseases, a point of crisis often comes when fevers break, contaminants are expelled, surgeries are performed, or the right antidotes for the poisons are found. This is when the body turns into the land of the living and away from the realm of the dead. It's a decision to take the path of recovery.

Uncomfortable as they are, people seems to get pleasure out of these proceedings.  Beyond the thrills, maybe they understand that the seeds of regeneration are contained within.