Thursday, November 24, 2016

Making America Fun Again

The Zoloftian state of the American psyche could use a lift. Don't you agree?

It's true that antidepressants sort of work in a way, but fundamentally they mask the cost free and reliable natural source of optimism within the self. Probably they are useful in certain cases.

In national terms, the north node of the Moon in Leo, which America possesses, was born for fun. Where there's life, there's play. Because Leo loves itself so unashamedly  and unabashedly, how could such a country not enjoy herself?

Now add Mars and Uranus in Gemini and you have the added dimension of wild frolic. Fun and games ad infinitum.

Back in the beginning of last century, movies became high worldwide entertainment. America led the way. 
"There is no doubt that Hollywood has been the most popular and successful producer of film throughout the history of cinema", says the Directory of World Cinema.

Films came out in serial form and every week people all over the planet waited with excited anticipation for the next reel. The Perils of Pauline, Buck Jones, and Tarzan were among the favorites. Westerns were particularly adored. 
I think they're always anticipating the next show. So far, America has not disappointed her audience.

Oh, for sure, the country has a deep and serious side, most things do. But electro-magnetically speaking, the USA has a recipe for abundant happiness on the public stage. I admit it can resemble a circus at times, and there are dangers and sorrows in the drama, but Saturn in Sagittarius these days is traveling to some real sources of joy, beyond mere entertainment. Fun mixed with jubilation is a great cocktail. Set me up please.