Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Perfect Nest

Astrological chart of President-elect Donald Trump
You see that circle with the dot high atop this chart? That's the Sun at 22° Gemini. Right next to that is the north node of the Moon at 20. Exactly in between the two lands USA Mars at 21° Gemini. Now that's cozy. 

America pokes and stabs the soon to be president's Sun, stimulating his not too limited confidence as well as attacking it. It's a convenient receptacle for American aggression. The fact that his ego is strong and resilient actually fuels the combative Mars and provides a continuing outlet, while further arousing the radiant sun. These fiery entities thrive on high vitality, the end result being forceful dispersion of ideas everywhere in varying degrees of substantiality, which is fine with Gemini. Communication flows, energetic, bellicose, and possibly educational. 

The north node nestling on the other side says, "Welcome."

Birds of a feather tweet and twitter, with fledgling concepts and animated words flying regularly from the nest. 

As circumstance would have it, both have Uranus nearby, upping the ante, intellectually speaking.