Monday, December 12, 2016

War of the Words

Mars likes to thrust, pierce, and draw blood either literally or figuratively. The United States has Mars in Gemini at 21 degrees and words are her weapon of choice. One can see this daily as the broadcasters on the public stage attack one another fast and vigorously. Verbal sparring is highly regarded and gossip is limitless. 

Now you take the brilliant Sun in Gemini with its Mercurial winged feet aflame, sprightly and nimble. And one who's verbally confident, firing magnificent phrases with every breath.

Or if you'd like, consider Venus in Gemini, with her preference for pleasurable and beautiful words. Singing, poetry, and the like.

Or how about mad Uranus in Gemini, shocking neurons and sending minds careening into dithers and frenzies. That's beyond war. There aren't even words for it.

There's some Gemini for you.