Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sex Kittens, Pussy Lovers, Liars, Cheats, and Murderesses

Apparently the body politic has the same desires as any body. 

It starts out in Taurus as simple feelings for food, sex, and the basics required for survival. Pleasure comes easily. Providing for the self is the activity.

Across the wheel in Scorpio, desire goes to another place. Excessive craving often results when temperance is abandoned for the pursuit of limitless wealth. It's probably a move to include spiritual longing in the experience which confounds the native. People don't know which part of the body to attend to in satisfying the hunger. Some turn to acquisition to quell the desire. 

In Taurus, what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine. 
In Scorpio what's yours is ours. Possession increases. Lines of ownership turn blurry, even disappear. Nefarious techniques are often employed to protect investments.

Even further into Scorpio, the uncontrolled lust leads to must-have annexations of other people's goods. Elimination of the owners of these goods has been known to occur.

However, the consequences of such extensive wants bring on uncomfortable sensations, whereupon the Scorpio sometimes enters the realm of self mastery. It's a partly spiritual dimension and an excellent curb on the appetite.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Professor Dipstick McShlitz

In Sagittarius one encounters the know it all. 

People of this persuasion have their heads up, therefore bringing them closer to higher knowledge. They express the urge to disseminate these truths. 

Those on the ground rely on the interpretations of the know it all.

Saturn in Sagittarius tests the borders of truth perhaps a little more than usual. Holes in the theories are perceived and the holiness of the holy is questioned. Saturn demands proof.

Those on the ground wonder what's going on since the formerly reliable know it alls don't seem to know. Saturn is restraining their efforts.

Soothsayers, pontiffs, pundits, and prophets abound and one wonders.

Still, I think once a Sagittarian always a Sagittarian, so the skill in divine interpretation continues, and is even solidified by Saturn.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Autonomy: rule by the self

Aries determines  his own destiny. It's his life and he's in charge.

Collections of human creatures frequently run into difficulties when trying to govern themselves as a unit.

Pluto in Capricorn represents society's conglomerates with their elaborate sets of rules made by all types of people.  Over time the flaws, weaknesses, and naturally decaying elements of these complex organizations come to the surface. Some rules become antiquated, some become impotent and useless, and some get increasingly annoying.

When Uranus teams up with independent Aries, rebellion takes place, and in a sense, Uranus in Aries is rebellion against one's own self.

A bunch of individually rebelling selves squaring off against a company of entrenched firms and stiffs can definitely create a ruckus.

I figure those who want to conglomerate should go ahead.

An autonomist, as I am, continues on his way with and without others, inside of logical parameters, of course. 

Government of, by, and for the self. 

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Theatre of the Absurd

When launching a production in the great theater of the absurd, Uranus is often called in to direct the show.

Absurd. Out of it. Senseless.

When one thing doesn't normally proceed to the next, one's world doesn't make ordinary sense. It can get someone scrambling for connecting threads, which often leads to even more oddities. 

Uranus is in charge of electrical circuits affecting all systems. It's his area of expertise. The increased capacity, which sometimes occurs, produces overload in some people, and others see it as just getting juiced.

Either way the discharges get through, ludicrous as they may be.