Sunday, November 27, 2016

One on One

 Jupiter and Saturn in Libra

Saturn in an astrological chart represents inhibitions, fears, and restrictions designed to assist the native in developing expertise in an area of life. One works hard to use these obstacles and comes to understand the value of time and patience.

Saturn in the sign of Libra means to establish solid, sustainable balance. Relationships are a major component of the equation.

If you study Libran types, you probably are familiar with their great skill in face to face exchanges. They are masters of the one on one.
Conversations, full of interesting and accurate observations, frequently go on for a long time, while they listen to what you say and respond with their own opinions. They enjoy debate and are surprisingly comfortable with disagreement, whether they like you or not. The love of ideas is paramount.  They see differing sides and possibilities in situations. The detachment and objectivity of the air element is theirs.

In Aries, self interest thrives, if even Aries is aware of the other. Across the wheel in Libra, the other is equally important.

Libras can actually be quite bellicose while claiming that they really didn't incite the battle. It's probably part of the complete balancing mechanism which sees and uses hostilities as a way to achieve harmony and peace.... the goal.

The United States has Saturn at 14 degrees Libra. It's my theory that the two party political system is highly favored because of this trait in her personality. She recognizes a way to real cooperation, one on one.

In a two party system, and with Saturn in Libra, the pendulum swings back and forth rhythmically regardless of the individuals elevated. Fears within each faction are natural when losses occur, especially the fear that creating and maintaining balance is too difficult a task. With Saturn, time and experience are essential.

Jupiter is transiting Libra this year and the urge to settle differences is increased, as well as the urge to escalate them. One might think the art of logic would be revitalized, justice and equality aside.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Making America Fun Again

The Zoloftian state of the American psyche could use a lift. Don't you agree?

It's true that antidepressants sort of work in a way, but fundamentally they mask the cost free and reliable natural source of optimism within the self. Probably they are useful in certain cases.

In national terms, the north node of the Moon in Leo, which America possesses, was born for fun. Where there's life, there's play. Because Leo loves itself so unashamedly  and unabashedly, how could such a country not enjoy herself?

Now add Mars and Uranus in Gemini and you have the added dimension of wild frolic. Fun and games ad infinitum.

Back in the beginning of last century, movies became high worldwide entertainment. America led the way. 
"There is no doubt that Hollywood has been the most popular and successful producer of film throughout the history of cinema", says the Directory of World Cinema.

Films came out in serial form and every week people all over the planet waited with excited anticipation for the next reel. The Perils of Pauline, Buck Jones, and Tarzan were among the favorites. Westerns were particularly adored. 
I think they're always anticipating the next show. So far, America has not disappointed her audience.

Oh, for sure, the country has a deep and serious side, most things do. But electro-magnetically speaking, the USA has a recipe for abundant happiness on the public stage. I admit it can resemble a circus at times, and there are dangers and sorrows in the drama, but Saturn in Sagittarius these days is traveling to some real sources of joy, beyond mere entertainment. Fun mixed with jubilation is a great cocktail. Set me up please.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


There are truths, whole truths, half truths, nothing but the truths, and honest lies. To name a few.

In Gemini, lies are fun. These pranksters enjoy the spoof. Frolic is the intent, and truths are okay too. They all go together.

As the wheel progresses, and after brutal Scorpio, people might seek some atonement, so they inject morality into the talk and speak of the nobility of truth. This happens in Sagittarius.
Then the ongoing lies are set in a framework of truth, yet they still travel together as discovered in Gemini.

Honesty is appealing to people even if the words don't exactly match the sensation. They seem to have an instinct for it. It can be a relief.

But occasionally people wonder, "Are you for real?""Really?" "That's true," they breathe out with satisfaction.

It's hard to say at times. It's difficult to know what to believe.

Saturn, halfway through Sagittarius now, invites logic into these matters of mind. Most of it is short-term, seen through a lens. Generally partially true, probably. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

King Donald I

America got her king!

A sun king, at that. Sort of Egyptianesque don't you think?

He was hatched out of an egg from the stage set of the Republican convention.

Right now the illustrious new leader is conducting all operations from his current palace high up in the Tower. Many important people are coming and going around the clock seeking audience with the emergent king. Also some not so important ones. The elevators are busy. Spirits are flowing liberally in the cocktail lounges.

Soon the court will be transferred to the White House where palace intrigue can begin in earnest.

Unfortunately, his original carriage, the Trump Boeing 757 with its 24 karat gold seat belts, will have to be sacrificed for humble Air Force One.

Ah, well. The vicissitudes of life.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Renegades and Revolutionaries

Uranus, the planet of revolt, is on its way out of Aries after five years. It's closing in on United States' Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn, squaring off against the current government. The larger Uranus Pluto square has come into focus.
Under these circumstances, the result of the recent presidential election is not at all surprising to me. 

The Aries Uranus trigger is shooting off in a blast of arousal and a bit of rebellion. The citizens have decided to take a path into experimental territory.
The political mechanism is departing from traditional strictures and not many, if anyone, see the lay of the land yet. The unconventional is presiding. 

The friction has produced a bit of Aries Uranus heated shock. And upset in some cases. Fragments of the explosions have scattered every which way, to find new positions in time. That, too, might be unusual. Uranus in Aries celebrates people thinking and deciding for themselves.

Who one was and what one did are not terrifically relevant when forging ahead onto uncharted terrain. The past can come along for the ride, of course, but Aries and Uranus tend to be highly independent and full of zeal. You probably won't find them carrying a lot of luggage.

Aries is go go go and Uranus is a live wire. They can be fast and wild. But don't worry, if that's your inclination. Pluto in Capricorn is going to make sure these renegades stay within bounds.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Pomp and Majesty

With the north node of the Moon in Leo, America loves kings.

Not George III, of course, and he was removed.

She doesn't like dictators, she's not fond of anarchy, and she puts up with presidents until the beloved king comes along. 

But since George III is long gone, an official royal sovereign to govern the country is unlikely. She broke with the monarchy, quite emphatically, back in the Revolution. I suppose America could have a king without the traditional monarchy, given that democratic ideals are strong within her representative republic.

Fortunately, Leo is magnificently creative, so maybe the people can design a king themselves out of the nodal raw materials. A proper king, carefully crafted. All-american made.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Pots of Luck

You never know what you're getting with potlucks. You take your chances.

The assumption is that one finds one's self in a situation where one takes a chance that whatever is available will prove to be good enough.

A similar viewpoint simplifies and says whatever is available at the time.

Then there are jackpots and, from what I understand, there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not that gold is exactly the same as luck. It's implied in this case.

Anyway, I think luck and chance are about the same. 

Friday, November 04, 2016

Turning Point

Scorpio, and its ruler Pluto, signify decay, death, and regeneration, part of the natural cycle of mundane existence.

In the process of decay sensations can be disturbing; bad smells, unpleasant sights, rotting vegetation and flesh, and a lot of what's perceived as general nastiness. 
Yes. The movement to death alarms the living, but it continues, same as birth and growth.

In deadly diseases, a point of crisis often comes when fevers break, contaminants are expelled, surgeries are performed, or the right antidotes for the poisons are found. This is when the body turns into the land of the living and away from the realm of the dead. It's a decision to take the path of recovery.

Uncomfortable as they are, people seems to get pleasure out of these proceedings.  Beyond the thrills, maybe they understand that the seeds of regeneration are contained within.