Friday, November 28, 2008


Today while waking up with my cup of coffee and three pieces of bread, I sat contemplating the mountains in the distance from my favorite living room chair. Actually it's my music studio and my dining room is my living room. I have too many creative projects for a normal house. It's a beautiful calm sunny day here in Denver.
I've decided to cut back on the consumption of news, since being aware is usually enough and we have choice when it comes to what we take into our systems from moment to moment. Sometimes events become impossible to bypass and that choice flees for a second, but it always returns. People connect to whatever stories their individual systems need and desire. And there is probably as much goods news as bad at any given time. We can sustain our own islands of peace within the chaos of existence.
But what surprised me this Thanksgiving was the expression of sincere gratitude and a certain glimmer of tranquility within the normally tumultuous world events and the reality of financial loss. It makes me wonder if the value system isn't already showing the early signs of change. Bloggers who formerly hooked onto pain and despair decided to sit back and enjoy something as yet unnamed, I think. Even the conspiracy theories seem to be falling flat. It truly is hard to tell what's going on, the most liberating truth I've routinely found. The sanctuary of not-knowing. The freedom of choice.
The New Moon in Sagittarius with excitable Mars and Mercury seeing Pluto out the door was spirited, unrestrained in part, and volatile as expected. But on the other hand a sedate and gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn seeing Pluto in is providing another perspective on current events. Mars, as you know, likes war, and Venus prefers peace. Jupiter swings both ways, exaggerating what he touches, but for the moment he's decided to ride with contentment. Capricorn has serious things to consider, so Mars and them can do what they will, peace is prevailing on my mountain. I figure that the best I can do in a vast and sometimes violent world is reinforce the part I wish to elevate. Venus conjunct Jupiter is with me on that. Trine Saturn I might add.
Zion National Park, Utah.Dennis Frates

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Attention Weary Holiday Revelers

Tired of the family? Overstuffed with violence? Experiencing post-election droopsy? Pluto in Capricorn depression? Bored with hope?
Leave your troubles behind and come join us at The Roost tonight. Rose, our favorite barkeep, will be keeping the conversation lively until 2:00 AM. There're some new tunes in the juke box, and, of course, we've never needed a license for dancing in these parts. Thursday night poker will be going on as usual. See you there! Come as you are.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If All Else Fails

To The Rescue
I know they placed great confidence me as Secretary of the Treasury but to be frank with you - these figures confound me. I'm certainly glad I have the arithmetic skills I do, coupled with a natural frugality. You Americans can count on me. Now where did I put my secret cache of doubloons?
"Both as a businessman and as a treasure hunter, Scrooge is noted for his need to set new goals and face new challenges. For Scrooge there is 'always another rainbow.' Scrooge's other motto is 'work smarter, not harder.'
As a businessman, Scrooge often resorts to aggressive tactics and deception. He seems to have gained significant experience in manipulating people and events towards his own ends. Scrooge is noted for his cynicism, especially towards ideas of morality when it comes to business and the pursuit of set goals. However, Scrooge does seem to have a personal sense of honesty that offers him an amount of self-control."

Well that's encouraging. Uncle S was born in December, 1947, with Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. His Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius account for that rainbow optimism, something we'll be needing. Unfortunately he's one of the Saturn-Pluto in Leo crowd and has the oh-so-familiar ego problems bordering on megalomania. The bitter with the sweet. He does have a North Node in Taurus, however, so all should be fine. Oddly, though, for a Sadge he's not the friendliest guy ....
"Here I sit in this big lonely dump, waiting for Christmas to pass! Bah! That silly season when everybody loves everybody else! A curse on it! Me, I'm different! Everybody hates me, and I hate everybody!"
People can change, fortunately. Not that they really should. Now back to the treasure chest.
Scrooge McDuck.Wikipedia

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catch a Falling Star

and put in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day
Do most of youse remember Perry Como? I was just thinking about him the other day and all the Italian singers we have and have had in this country. He was so laid back I figured he had something in Taurus so I looked him up. May 18, 1912 -- Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Taurus. Astrology is such a joy.
His style was so different from the operatic singing associated with Leo Italy. All the high drama -- flying arms and raised voices. They frequently scream and throw tomatoes at their stars when disappointed. You know how fond the Italians are of the tomato.

One night years ago, my Leo man decided to have the crowd in for an Italian dinner. He had Mars and Jupiter in Taurus and was one of the best cooks on earth, simmering slower than anyone I ever knew. The three planets and ascendant in Leo, however, went way beyond simmer and he was as emotionally volatile as any Italian native. With his Moon at 29 Libra, the gentleman loved to entertain. So he set up a long table in the living room of our apartment, set it beautifully, and went about preparing his glorious dinner with opera blasting through the complex.
The guests arrived. He and the group we were hanging out with then were dedicated drinkers so the evening started with cocktails. The music soared. The laughs rang out. Dinner was served. Wine was poured and the conversation sparkled. More drinks were served. The delicious food was consumed and the drinks were freshened. Emotions started rising with the music and soon the quarreling commenced. Drinking continued. The Aries was dancing by himself to reggae in the bedroom and the large Cancer blond with long red nails, Mercury in Leo and Pluto in the 7th, slapped my Leo across the face over something he said. I can't remember what I was doing but that happens when around such highly expressive people.
Drinks were again freshened and the quarreling continued. The Pluto 7th finally fell into one of my artist's paintings she was intending to purchase and broke her arm. At that point the party wound down. She needed to get to the emergency ward and have her arm set.
Of course the next day with arm safely in cast, the party continued down at her place. Those were some wild days, lots of Leo, and lots of operatic drama. But there were wonderful moments of song and dance intertwined with the rather troublesome episodes this hepped up bunch favored. A far cry from Perry, the Italian easy-going Taurus. The Aries managed to dance in, out, and around it. I was singing all the time.
The Cancer finally married an extremely quiet Virgo and settled down a bit. The always drunk Capricorn with Moon in Pisces married and moved into the country. The Aries continued his long life with his devoted boyfriend and their Shi-Tzu, my Leo went on to his next life, and here I am thinking about Perry and some easy times with moderate amounts of wine and relative peace. Ahhh .. sweet melodies.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whistle While You Work

I'm not a huge potato person, although I like the firm turned soft when cooked fleshy creations. But lately, I'm on a jag. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. I bake them, slice them, then bake them again with a touch of butter until they're brown and crisp. Slathered with ketchup they've been doing the trick. Potatoes are so Taurus. I've been thinking maybe I should keep it up despite the dire warnings about elevated blood sugar with this type of carbohydrate. My blood sugar is just fine.
Today the Sun moved into Sagittarius to begin the wonderful party month before Christmas. Out of Scorpio and off my South Node, oh merciful heaven, and dreams of Taurus have returned. Added to this earthy moment is the lovely Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo which is now exact for several days. I never underestimate trines, although ease is sometimes maligned in this world. Not in my book. Grab what's good while you can.
So just on cue, our esteemed, also sometimes maligned, soon to be chief executive gave his weekly youtube discussion on the subject of economics. To the rescue! The Economic Recovery Plan is on the table. Of course, doubts are expected. I certainly have some, with theft, corruption, murder, and exponential greed a continuing part of the human condition. Wall Street is uppity and Main Street is still waiting. Hope and promise are hope and promise. But considering the sneaky introduction of good aspects here and there, and the experience of living, solutions to puzzles come and go, especially with mentally acute Virgo around. So we'll see. Job creation is truly the puzzle piece that's needed, while the gods of ruin are nourished too.
Even though I have a raging Gemini/Sadge opposition and I'm what's considered a "people person", the pantheon of cabinet stars lining up does not excite me. My age-old boredom with politicians is settling in once again. I wish they looked and sounded better at least. But I am interested in improving the nation if possible. So let the ducks line up and hopefully with Jupiter trine Saturn some of them will align with the cosmos and think about joining with That/The One and start to tackle our economic problems, lest I say failures. One thing leads to another. It's often a matter of contrasts. But trines are a matter of harmony.
Potatoes are also Saturn influenced and just as these tubers look like solid growth and nourishment to me, I imagine some of us will be surviving on the earth plane no matter what. Taurus rising trine Pluto in Capricorn in the inaugural chart could mean more spuds for dinner, although without the expensive trimmings.

Muffins and Cupcakes

I love them both. Last Thursday I fell in love again. I know, I know -- my fickle Venus/Uranus in Gemini never stops. It was a warm, expressive, very funny woman and I was reminded of the overall girlfriend thing I sometimes neglect these days in my intense search for self and solo journeying. But I fell and feel the fuzzy right now just thinking of her.
My Moon and Venus recently got ripped by Pluto and now Uranus is there so some attention to the female persuasion is not unusual under the circumstances. Last time Uranus hit my Moon a woman hit my car. Not a good time. I was on my way to meet the current woman in my life, knowing full well I needed to end the relationship. Soon after -- I did.
But this time is different. I'm not terribly attached to anyone in particular at this point and I've always had girls to play with. Not groups, but one on one, with my Mars in Libra. My favorites have all been Geminis. Oddly enough, I didn't even ask my new pal what her sign is. Sometimes I do that. She's not the muffin baking type, though. I'm pretty sure. She's a writer. Could she be? Not another Gem! I'll find out and let you know.
Oh, and btw ... Neptune is opposite my Saturn in Leo in the 5th. Have I set out on another trip down the garden path? I hope so.
Geminis are like cupcakes to me. and now that all the Sadge planets are opposite, I just might take a bite, even eat the frosting. A pumpkin muffin too.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Economics in America

1965? Nope. 1994
The small businessperson still exists in the United States. In fact, last I heard they make up about 90% of the economy, even though the lure of corporate megachains goes on and will continue. They exist side by side. My girl friend who owns a doggie daycare business is not at all worried, although she might not be selling as many "Bark Obama" products in the future.
In this land of abundance with three bathrooms per capita, reality is penetrating. Economic contraction is here for awhile. Earlier on in history, people were satisfied with their small enterprises, eager to journey into the future, and the wisest among us embraced slow growth. As so often happens with a South Node in the 2nd house as the country has, fear of poverty can upset the balance, and upset it is at present. The North Node in the 8th understands the value of shared wealth and now the subject has returned for deep consideration with Pluto entering Capricorn. Our next president has a 28 degree Scorpio Midheaven. No wonder he brought it up.
Here are some fascinating facts. The full reality of the recession came today with the Sun at 28/29 Scorpio. But Jupiter in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo became exact today as well at 20 degrees, and herein lie the seeds of repair. The Moon is also in Virgo setting off the trine. In the previous post I mentioned all the Virgo configurations coming up.

Will the economy recover? Of course. It looks like the fall and destruction are happening before Obama takes office so the rebuilding can begin when he gets there. Most likely the market will start to show the change, although recovery will be an arduous and slow process. All the better. Along with his 28 MC, and Joe Biden's Sun and Venus conjunct (Joe also has a Taurus Moon), is a 29 Scorpio Moon in the inaugural chart picking up where the Sun left off today. Pluto is in the 8th house of shared resources trine the Taurus ascendant. As you can see, this Moon conjoins Obama's MC. The ascendant conjoins Biden's Moon.
The Moon squares the huge Aquarius stellium in the chart so the problem of shared wealth will be a difficult one to solve no doubt. The ruling Venus of the inaugural is conjunct Uranus in the 11th Aquarian house of the collective trine the 29 Scorpio Moon in the 7th. Fascinating. Intense debate? Looks like it. The stage has been set.
Fears are rampant in this time of transition but the more the merrier so we can get them out of the way and get to work. Yes. The change is real and it's coming. The people are bit players. In the meantime, this Thanksgiving promises to be an interesting one in this land of opportunity with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars accompanying Pluto out of Sagittarius into Capricorn with a bang. Last chance before the Cap shopping season in the new contraction. Big and small biz are destined to stay married for a long time to come. And bulls will still be for sale on the cheap.
Photos:Orchard, Colorado.Anton, Colorado.Peter Brown

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anthropology in the Nick of Time

This is your last chance to take advantage of a special exotic travel experience being offered before Pluto leaves Sagittarius. Mars just left tragic and dour Scorpio (thank god!) for a six week criss-cross of lively Sagittarius (yess!!) and the mood to explore foreign lands is heightened, and will be even more-so when the Sun and Mercury get into the journey loving sign for the last go-round in the worldwide whirlwind.
Discounts are being dangled on group tours to the Middle Eastern deserts. Inoculations are also being given at a discount but it's advised to beware of loose cluster bombs before diplomatic relations begin in earnest. In the meantime, excellent guidance is being provided and this is an opportunity not to be missed for the adventurous, free-spirited, and xenocurious.
This is a limited offer so please hurry.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Ain't Got the Bread, Man

Language is funny. It's always changing and the modern homo sapien loves synonyms. In my very young day money was called bread. It used to be dough but then it got baked. Then it disappeared in the merry exchange of cards.
So anyway, isn't it money again now? Moolah is out of favor. Too Eastern.
Maybe we should find a name and stick with it. Put a little jam on it. Distribution of jam. Wait a minute ... aren't we in a jam right now? Homonyms, man.
The old jazz musicians had it right when they sang, "It must be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that."
You can't argue with wisdom.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mighty Rock

I think it's is the first time I've shared an overt cosmic experience of this size with the whole world, something I always want to do. With so much energy in the tip of my kite in my Sagittarius ninth house, I live for relationship with the god-figure. The outward thrust encourages me to share it with the external environment and increase the dimension. So many chords in the perfect orchestration leading to election day. Like a dance it was. Certain and sequential. The rhythm smooth. Done in unison.
Soon Mars goes into Sagittarius, followed by Mercury, and then the Sun. On November 27, the day Uranus goes direct in Pisces, the Moon joins them exactly as Pluto leaves Sagittarius with its lessons of religion, ceremony, sanctity, high grace, holiness, and all of that. Thanksgiving day. So many Sagittarian Moons. I've almost had enough. And to think I'm destined to live with one with forever.
Merrick Butte. Monument valley, Arizona. Jack Dikingas

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Earthly Pleasures

A Moment of Virtual Contentment
Full Moon in Taurus
I did it. I promised to wash my windows in time to enjoy the Taurus Full Moon and it's done. I plan to relax and dwell in the moment. Drink in the clarity.
Taurus knows how to find pleasure, even satisfaction, among these ever-bountiful experiences called life. Each Taurean moon now forms a grand earth trine with Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo. Soon Pluto will be added. The current one is especially close and immediately following, the Jupiter-Saturn trine becomes exact. Earthly delight. The terrorists have receded.
This full moon is really full. Gas is $1.95 a gallon and a stately new president is coming in. A beauty to behold.
It was hard work and the fruits of labor can be relished for a millimeter of time. Never mind that retirement funds have gone into illusory territory. It doesn't seemed to have quelled the joy.

And this Taurus Moon has Venus entering.
Every grand earth trine is a reminder of the planet's value and the tangible pleasures of accomplishment.
There are more moons to come

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Morning Coffee in Real America

Demographics vary widely in this spacious and diverse country, but headlines remain the same. News unites.
The warmer the seat, the better the business. And always an artistic touch. Eggs on the griddle. Girlfriends with a place in the sun.
In hamlets, in cafes along country roads, and in bustling cities, the news is out in Real America.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


"Ah, sweet mystery of life at last I've found you"
My favorites are "sweet nothins". They're delicious, cost-free, and easy to maintain.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Your Majesty ......

Sagittarians are noted for being lucky. Ideally they believe in the bounty of life and the goodness in themselves, so they take.
As Pluto leaves gifted Sagittarius, a treasure is offered ... a trinket in appreciation of effort.
It condenses down to guilt, I suppose. Some people guess that they don't deserve life's generosity, some know they do.
What I figure is .... that with Pluto in Capricorn for more than a couple of decades, there'll be ample opportunity for a thorough investigation of this condition. And experimentation with.
I'm as guilty as the next guy, but I'm also a Moon-Jupiter opportunist. I figure I'm paid up for the moment. So I'm receiving. Your majesty.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Take Me to the River

The rivers form the vascular system of the earth carrying nourishment to all creatures and providing a place for rituals and emotional release. Plutonian rites of fertility, birth, baptism, and death are often celebrated at the river's edge, and the vital waterways are known to wash away human sorrows and sins.
They start clear and pure in the mountains then flow through civilization acquiring the muck and waste of human activity until they arrive at the deltas, where the accumulation reaches its maximum and the grounds are most fertile. Then they flow into the sea, evaporate, and come back down in the repeating cycle.
It's interesting to note that the refuse comes to a fruitful end in the lowlands. There seem to be mechanisms that help humans process their crimes and guilt. These infractions are also universal and some acceptance of the fact is part of wisdom, acquiring and extending forgiveness when possible.

When Hurricane Katrina aroused the Mississippi River to flood New Orleans on August 29, 2005, Pluto was just turning direct in Sagittarius, exposing the racial and economic inequality in American society in a raw and painful moment, not to be forgotten. History surfaced all at once via the river with Neptune at 13 Aquarius. The river - where previous sorrows were submerged.
Just prior to that, on December 6, 2004, the great tsunami in Sumatra rolled in causing the earth's axis to shift and time to be altered a fraction. I was thinking perhaps this was a moment in which human dimension shifted as well. The ascendant of the chart was 22 Capricorn, governing time; Chiron, the Jupiterian, was conjunct. Neptune was at 15 Aquarius.
The washing away of burdens in these events could have prepared the world for the evolutionary step, a cumulative release of many watery emotional occurrences. Neptune in Aquarius remains married to Uranus in Pisces these days, due to the mutual reception, increasing the scope of emotional experience and collective engagement.
So given the current heightened state, some of my wild ideas have come zinging in.
The Moon and Neptune oversee waterways on earth and feelings in humans. Perhaps the fear of the black man has something to do with the darkness of night and the lunar world where imagination dominates and terror can emerge, having no clear identity. I even thought of the night world of American Negro musicians, where joy thrived until sunrise. Under cover of night, the poetic can penetrate uninterrupted. Of course, lynchings and such also occurred under this cover, adding to the natural fear of the subconscious world. White and black stand out in the night and all kinds of meetings were going on.

So now .... not only is the white man's lock on domination being opened, but I was thinking that maybe some incorporation of the lunar dimension is coming with the shift. The North Node of the Moon on election day is at 13 Aquarius, exactly where Neptune was when Katrina came. Maybe sorrows have broken through. There has been talk of a tsunami on Tuesday. And that could explain all the crying that's been going on, equally among men and women.
The Hand of Nature
Oh I tell you I've seen that old river come up.
When it begins to get in the houses,
we take and move everything up on the bank
across the railroad tracks.
Well, city folks come trotting up with their soup
kettles. They's always one saying to
another, "Do you suppose them peoples got little
enough sense to go back to them
shacks when the river goes down?" Yes, Lord,
we'll always go back to Shanty Town
till the river rises up one day and forgits to go down."