Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catch a Falling Star

and put in your pocket
Never let it fade away
Catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day
Do most of youse remember Perry Como? I was just thinking about him the other day and all the Italian singers we have and have had in this country. He was so laid back I figured he had something in Taurus so I looked him up. May 18, 1912 -- Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Taurus. Astrology is such a joy.
His style was so different from the operatic singing associated with Leo Italy. All the high drama -- flying arms and raised voices. They frequently scream and throw tomatoes at their stars when disappointed. You know how fond the Italians are of the tomato.

One night years ago, my Leo man decided to have the crowd in for an Italian dinner. He had Mars and Jupiter in Taurus and was one of the best cooks on earth, simmering slower than anyone I ever knew. The three planets and ascendant in Leo, however, went way beyond simmer and he was as emotionally volatile as any Italian native. With his Moon at 29 Libra, the gentleman loved to entertain. So he set up a long table in the living room of our apartment, set it beautifully, and went about preparing his glorious dinner with opera blasting through the complex.
The guests arrived. He and the group we were hanging out with then were dedicated drinkers so the evening started with cocktails. The music soared. The laughs rang out. Dinner was served. Wine was poured and the conversation sparkled. More drinks were served. The delicious food was consumed and the drinks were freshened. Emotions started rising with the music and soon the quarreling commenced. Drinking continued. The Aries was dancing by himself to reggae in the bedroom and the large Cancer blond with long red nails, Mercury in Leo and Pluto in the 7th, slapped my Leo across the face over something he said. I can't remember what I was doing but that happens when around such highly expressive people.
Drinks were again freshened and the quarreling continued. The Pluto 7th finally fell into one of my artist's paintings she was intending to purchase and broke her arm. At that point the party wound down. She needed to get to the emergency ward and have her arm set.
Of course the next day with arm safely in cast, the party continued down at her place. Those were some wild days, lots of Leo, and lots of operatic drama. But there were wonderful moments of song and dance intertwined with the rather troublesome episodes this hepped up bunch favored. A far cry from Perry, the Italian easy-going Taurus. The Aries managed to dance in, out, and around it. I was singing all the time.
The Cancer finally married an extremely quiet Virgo and settled down a bit. The always drunk Capricorn with Moon in Pisces married and moved into the country. The Aries continued his long life with his devoted boyfriend and their Shi-Tzu, my Leo went on to his next life, and here I am thinking about Perry and some easy times with moderate amounts of wine and relative peace. Ahhh .. sweet melodies.


Anonymous Joe said...

hehe, sounds like you were aware of everyone's chart in those days. :o) My SO has a Taurus Moon and he's very laid back, as well as a dynamite cook. I noticed he has Pluto in the 1st, with Leo rising. That must make him one of those famous Plutonians, but maybe that Taurus Moon calms the volatility of Pluto just a tad.

23/11/08 6:48 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

jm, this may interest you. It's a few days out of date, seeing as it precedes the election. We have discussed willful ignorance before, which is why I'm sharing it.

The Triumph of Ignorance, an essay by George Monbiot.

23/11/08 8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this story!

23/11/08 9:10 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh that Taurus Moon! It does calm the volatility and I particularly like it. Taurus cooks are a miracle to behold. They can take a bean and do something masterful with it. I asked my Taurus aunt, another great cook, what her secret was. "Do you do things slowly?" I asked. "Yes," she responded without hesitation.

And chris the Taurus. I love sharing stories with you! No one like a Taurus to savor experience. Nowism arise!

Tauruses deal in commodities. Even when flat busted, the Mars-Jupiter would bring things with him wherever he went and ususally leave something behind. They love tangibles.

23/11/08 12:06 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The article is a great subject of discussion. How we got so stupid. It's particularly interesting since we have an education loving Mars in Gemini. Fear of intelligence. Odd.

I think it's partly the value system and the elevation of making a quick buck above all else with the country's SN in the 2nd. So the roots of that ignorance grow and bud easily as long as money increases. The idea that evolution dictates wealth and class is an odd one. Actually this country has done a lot to disprove that since any ignoramus can get rich. Americans have always been famous for routing discussions to money and business through history.

What's also interesting is how the slaves were not allowed to read and get an education but the one who heralds the return of intellectualism comes from that tree.

The rebuilding of the educational system from the bottom could be one of the most important things to come. It might take material loss to inspire that. It's worked for me living on my artist's budget lifelong. I got smart!:-)

With Pluto out of Sagittarius I don't think the fundies will be a problem. That was the beauty of Palin. A little too late. She was absurd. That was one of my major clues in the loss they were headed for.

23/11/08 12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I do love a good yarn, a you spin a good one! Must be my Jupiter opposing my Sag ASC.
Also my 12th House Neptune: that drinking and dancing sounds fun ;)

24/11/08 8:40 AM  
Blogger jm said...

OMG! Of course. The 12th Neptune. You would've loved that bunch. The ring leader had Sun,Venus and Pluto in the 12th with Neptune in the 1st. His whole life was a yarn. His favorite part of dying was the hallucinations. His eyes were so wide open and full of light and sparkle at the moment of death I will always wonder what he saw.

Sag rising is my favorite for its robust love of experience. They're great when the chips are down. The resilience and ability to laugh at it all are great talents. And most of all, the natural philosophical attitude which makes almost anything useful and interesting.

The 12th is a vast and fascinating place. I have Aries rising but my 12th house ruling Neptune is conjunct my Mars. I battle with leaving the drunken yarn-spinning monastery so that part of my life was definitely a lesson. I already had one foot out the door! I'm dealing with it again as Pluto squares my Mars now. Out of the monastery I go!!!!

I'll still be spinning yarns periodically though. And probably imbibing a bit.

24/11/08 10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They're great when the chips are down. The resilience and ability to laugh at it all are great talents"

This is true...2 of my dearest friends are are also Sag ASC.

I think I shock some more sensitive types though. Some people like old friend was dying of liver failure 2 weeks ago, everyone around me was in duress. I found myself cheerfully telling a pal when she asked if our friend was 'hanging in there'
"Well maybe he'll live for ever and ruin all of our plans on being depressed!"

Immediately I felt like an ass, but luckily she is an Aquarian and saw the ridiculous humour in it.

(R.I.P. brother)

"Out of the monastery I go!!!!"

Well, we like you out of the monastery, so thank you for it!

24/11/08 11:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Chris, I'm exactly the same way. When my guy was dying of liver disease, the things we said were unbelievable. We laughed about it until the last three hours when he couldn't speak anymore.

One of the funniest moments came when hospice delivered his morphine on the last day. He made me read the instructions. The whole thing. "Do not operate any heavy machinery." It was so funny and tragic.

Sagittarians do say some truthful things at unusual moments. My family is good with it.

26/11/08 12:59 PM  

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