Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If All Else Fails

To The Rescue
I know they placed great confidence me as Secretary of the Treasury but to be frank with you - these figures confound me. I'm certainly glad I have the arithmetic skills I do, coupled with a natural frugality. You Americans can count on me. Now where did I put my secret cache of doubloons?
"Both as a businessman and as a treasure hunter, Scrooge is noted for his need to set new goals and face new challenges. For Scrooge there is 'always another rainbow.' Scrooge's other motto is 'work smarter, not harder.'
As a businessman, Scrooge often resorts to aggressive tactics and deception. He seems to have gained significant experience in manipulating people and events towards his own ends. Scrooge is noted for his cynicism, especially towards ideas of morality when it comes to business and the pursuit of set goals. However, Scrooge does seem to have a personal sense of honesty that offers him an amount of self-control."

Well that's encouraging. Uncle S was born in December, 1947, with Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. His Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius account for that rainbow optimism, something we'll be needing. Unfortunately he's one of the Saturn-Pluto in Leo crowd and has the oh-so-familiar ego problems bordering on megalomania. The bitter with the sweet. He does have a North Node in Taurus, however, so all should be fine. Oddly, though, for a Sadge he's not the friendliest guy ....
"Here I sit in this big lonely dump, waiting for Christmas to pass! Bah! That silly season when everybody loves everybody else! A curse on it! Me, I'm different! Everybody hates me, and I hate everybody!"
People can change, fortunately. Not that they really should. Now back to the treasure chest.
Scrooge McDuck.Wikipedia


Anonymous Joe said...

Blogger ate my comment so I'm going to try again.

This isn't apropos of anything, really, but my favorite screenplay version of Dickens' story is the one starring George C. Scott as Scrooge. He did a masterful job portraying the old man's change of heart.

26/11/08 10:25 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Will somebody please feed blogger????

Love it, joe. It's wonderful how stories weave into our lives and connect us.

And wouldn't you know it? A writer about society's ills? An Aquarius. Feb 7, 1812. Jupiter 26 Gemini.

Venus in close conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, thus the redemption. Moon also conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. What an emotional understanding of humanity. And an expansive style laced with both despair and great optimism.

Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn and therein lies the expression of harsh reality and economic disparity. He certainly was verbose with all that Gemini and Sadge. And the Capricorn encouraged him to write long complex plots. The ol' Sadge love of people.

Here's an interesting fact. Sun at 18 Aquarius, exactly on Obama's asc. I wonder if he likes Dickens.:-) He reads like a maniac with his Gem Moon square Pluto. Yesterday he mentioned the CEOs sacrificing their bonuses. Nice idea anyway. That 18th degree keeps popping up all over the place.

26/11/08 11:30 AM  
Blogger Fernmountain said...

I spoke to a friend who's son is an investment broker. He says no one at the top knows what is going on. They all expected this collapse last year. I guess we had to wait for Pluto.

So someone tell me, the wee gardener and part time astrologer why I timed it all so well, knowing this was coming a few years back, why can't the big brains at the top figure it out?

I guess they were all too busy trying to figure out where they had stashed the secret cache of doubloons.

26/11/08 11:31 AM  
Blogger jm said...


So someone tell me, the wee gardener and part time astrologer why I timed it all so well, knowing this was coming a few years back, why can't the big brains at the top figure it out?

Fern, you simply got your word placement mixed up. The "wee" in gardener actually replaces the "big" in "brains at the top."

I've always thought they were the needy and the not so smart. The clever ones live on nothing with freedom. The ones at the top have never impressed me. The American ideal has always included the worship of entrepreneurs who get obscenely wealthy. Somewhere along the line values will have to change. No better time than now.

Can you imagine the void that lies in these folks? Money and power are not all that satisfying or they wouldn't be grabbing for so much more. I pity them. I also feel sorry for the poor and hungry but they can be fed by us if we all chip in. Sometimes it's best to let the sleeping dog of desire lie.

They're about to learn some hard lessons and I'm not worried about the whole thing. We'll weather it. Paying your bills and not getting into credit debt is always the simply good way, which I've always done with military strictness. The longer I live the less I want when I see the maintenance problem they all have. A parking spot in Vail is going for $500,000 dollars, so my paper said yesterday. I still feel sorry for them.

The collapse will lead to the rearrangement which is the dance between Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. It should be more equitable in the end by all standards of logic.

Losing is traumatic but it's a natural part of life and we all have to learn about it. That's why I say that those of us who have the least to lose are the lucky ones now. Secret caches are always around somewhere.

I still say life is not gratuitously cruel...merely instructive.:-)

26/11/08 1:07 PM  

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