Saturday, April 28, 2018

Living Revolution

So George Washington, as a general in the Revolutionary War, forged a relationship with the Marquis de Lafayette, who fought under General Washington and secured the help of France in winning the American battle for independence.

After the war, Lafayette helped launch the French Revolution. He served in the National Assembly and drafted The Declaration of the Rights of Man. He also sent the key from the notorious Bastille prison to George Washington on behalf of the people of France. It was placed in Mount Vernon, Washington's home, where it is housed today.

As Uranus closes its transit of Aries, it makes sense that the locus of commemoration is the US, since the country has a natal Pluto in Capricorn, now highlighting the Uranus-Pluto transit in a dramatic finale. This, the country that defied the ruling class and elected a Uranian rebel as president.

It seems that living creatures prefer freedom, but a trap to be freed from is often the preliminary. Maybe humans draw these confining circumstances to themselves in order to struggle for liberation, then burst into ecstatic release.

The squeeze comes from infinite angles and dimensions. Pluto in Capricorn reliably provides constricting control. Uranus in Aries points to a breakout.

I've often guessed that rebellion against political oppression is symbolic of freedom from the dark and infinite universe that surrounds humankind. One that could be good or bad, gorgeous or hideous, beneficent or malicious, or all of these things. 
Revolution, I deduce, is the assertion of power and might against these vast forces. Just in case they're not so good.

Whatever the details, revolution comes. In increments.

So in America, an unusual celebration is underway. Although the squeeze continues, citizens are liberating themselves from mental shackles, reasserting the freedom of self expression, and feeling the firm and potent muscles of autonomy.

Monday, April 23, 2018

King Donald I Honors France

The President of the United States and First Lady, Melania, are receiving President Macron of France and his wife, Brigitte, in what is likely to be an elegant affair.

The king's consort, Melania, has Moon in Capricorn and transiting Saturn, itself, is in the vicinity. Moon in Capricorn means dignity at home. She does the planning.
President Macron contributes a very ripe 28 degree Capricorn ascendant.

With Capricornian respect for tradition and history, a dinner shared by the couples will take place in Mt.Vernon, the home of 1st American President, George Washington. One remembers the relationship between General Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette and France's important role in the American Revolution.

King Donald loves to entertain.