Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fertility of Failure

Saturn and Achievement
You probably know about Saturn ... restrictions, frustrations, self consciousness and criticism, inner recognition of talent, and the relentless failures that create obstacles to achievement in that sector of life. One hurdle begets another. But for Saturn, failure is a treasure chest that holds the key to solid and enduring success, after trial, error, correction, and perfection.

Saturn delivers rewards only after sustained effort. We're taught that failure is an embarrassment, an invalidation of self, and a blight on one's character, none of which is necessarily true. Not succeeding at a desired goal can merely be a step to higher achievement as a result of working more and improving skills, and waiting until technique is honed to its best productive level.

Frequently failure leads to studying what's wrong, and sometimes this educational nugget is sewn into the fabric of a venture from the start to make sure it doesn't work out. It's only meant to be a step in the direction toward satisfactory achievement, especially if one aims high. The obstacles provide information, direction, and insurance for the future. In that case, failure comes as a relief so one can move on.

I think one secret of a good life is seeing the value in these blocks as an individual progresses, learning not to perceive them as personal flaws, but another day in mastering the tied shoe lace. I'm sure you remember trying over and over to accomplish a feat, even getting to the point of despairing and giving up, but then the magic moment comes and it all clicks into place bringing pride and jubilation.

Saturn can't function without setbacks and disappointment. Much of what is finally produced by the entity rests on the full acceptance of this state of affairs, wherein ideas are formulated and edited and practice is performed until evidence of expertise is tangible. Within failure lies solid confidence, when you realize how good you've become regardless of others' opinions. The aim is to find self validation and then you're ready for presentation in the world with accompanying success. Saturn provides a framework of support while you work on inner development until ready to emerge. Then the restricting barrier comes down.

And so it is for the United States and her Pluto return in Saturn ruled Capricorn. Failure is becoming a familiar phenomenon in American politics as a frustrating paralysis has gripped the governmental processes. After the previous administration hopes were extremely high that the nation's troubles were over when the term ended and the new exciting person took charge. Of course people hoped for quick redemption and better times, but considering the cumulative number of flaws in the system, an acceptance of the country's mistakes will probably be required with no magic bailouts, no shortcuts through enchanted woods, and no magic saviors, even with Neptune in Pisces.

The moist enchanted woods are actually a good symbol for the rich aromatic fertile soil that gives birth to growth with Saturn, especially with Pluto's love of useful decay. And in decay is where our system is. It's no wonder that the chaotic patchwork efforts to piece it together are failing noticeably. So noticeable, in fact, that even the medicated and/or distracted masses are perceiving the absence of success. A very good sign. If the failure is so potent as to penetrate the thick cloud around the American people's cognition, then who knows what could happen? In time. It seems like the fall has been stepped up lately and I think that's also a good sign. With a Saturn return just completed, we're opening a new phase in our destined acquisition of justice and equality through many more challenging encounters. One must always remember, that with Saturn, these prizes must be earned. It's impossible to determine when intellectual ideals match group evolution. The ideals always have to be a step ahead, don't they? So acceptance of the failure to reach them could turn attention to the progress already made and what needs to be done to get to the next level.With Saturn returning to natal Saturn in Libra the phenomenally uncivilized discourse dominating the public arena was impossible to miss. Shocking comments often crossing the border into obscenity have become accepted routine and the infantile name-calling from everywhere keeps sending us further into the dark ages of verbal sharing. If you read speeches from history you can see the decline and it's possible that the descent into barbaric communication has a purpose. Education is also in decline and other factors are combining to bring collective attention to the improvement necessary in order to fulfill the Libran destiny. Libra is one on one and I've always had a theory that the two party system the country favors is the path to learning how to carry on high minded debate and eventual cooperation. Sometimes the opposite is one step to the goal. Language changes as history progresses but the urge to come to productive agreement remains. We really do want to work it out, don't we? We do really like one another, do we not?

Interestingly, the presidential debates this year had a curious combination of civilized exchange and boorish childish outbursts. Bodies were twitching, but a few ideas did actually penetrate the barrier separating the eager listener/students and the frightened ego driven maniacal performers. Truth was evasive inasmuch as it ever honestly wants to be revealed. Glimmers will suffice.

Dreams of an economic promised land for all citizens has diminished markedly and the widening gap between the haves and have-nots seems destined to continue until resolution looms into view. Perhaps the lowered standard of living is exactly what's indicated for numerous reasons, one being the preservation of what we've got left on a finite earth. The psychological health of a population content with what it has instead of grasping and growing every millisecond of the day could be a major payoff after the contraction and failure of Saturn is complete. Of course you know that will take plenty of time in Saturn's slow and steady way.

The failures in the Middle East seem poised to continue and even escalate and these too could be instructive in terms of rerouting the country from her military expansion. Internal conflict with its high level of violence and bursting prison system at home has been neglected in favor of murder elsewhere. I "fail" to see how we can continue on this path and expect a healthy society. But for now, the realities are coming into focus with potential deterioration before repair.

 The grand experiment in creative democracy that started in 1776 has not met its mark quite yet, and a good look at why might help, in case any are still looking for an ideal. With Pluto returning in Capricorn it could seem at first that the failure is profound, and with that understanding some degree of hopelessness can be expected on and off. Exposing the depth of it is probably preferable to covering it up and that takes practice. People who point it out might be shunned since ideas about fixing the systemic failure haven't been fully formulated yet. But listening carefully, as painful as it might be, hopefully will be the choice. Increased governmental control is not the answer given its current state, nor is absence of government considering the helplessness of the body politic. Smaller government, bigger government, it makes no difference when the entity is faulty. Working with the discomfort of Saturn is a virtual guarantee that intelligent use of the time will eventually reap productive results from failure's fertile ground. Theoretically speaking.