Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shooting for the Stars.
Let Freedom Ring!

Full Moon in Sagittarius! A moment of splendor and magnificence. The thrilling sensation of living and the spritual ecstasy of the jubilant. We've arrived.
This is an important event. The last Full Moon in the sign of religion, philosophy, and exotic lands while Pluto is still in Sagittarius. And conjunct the ruler, Jupiter, no less. Next year at this time, Pluto will be at 0 Capricorn. New sign, new phase.

The Moon's position is especially significant for this country who has a 12 degree Sagittarius Ascendant according to the Sibly chart, just where this full Moon(10 degrees) with Jupiter(15) will occur. And so it appears that this nation is struggling for her independence again as she frees herself from European domination to establish her identity. The fall of Tony Blair and the recent visit of the Queen seem to be part of it. This is the first time Pluto has crossed the USA Ascendant in her history.

Let's go back a bit to September 11, 2001, as there are some very interesting connections. Saturn was at 14 degrees Gemini and Pluto, at 12 Sagittarius on the USA Ascendant, very close to these Full Moon and Jupiter degrees. The destruction of the World Trade Towers symbolizes just that. The end to the international trade relationship the USA had with the world. Appropriate for Sagittarius. But it gets even more interesting after a peek at some other factors. The NN was at 3 Cancer exactly conjoined with the USA Venus-Jupiter conjunction. The SN at 3 Capricorn was conjunct transiting Mars exactly opposite. Pluto and Jupiter rule big money deals, foreign investment included. Something has changed. The shift at the World Bank is telling.
The US, with her SN in the 2nd house, has a destiny of fighting fear of poverty, releasing her material grip, and learning the lessons of financial gain through sharing, cooperation, and ethical merging with others. The falling of the Towers, as the Tarot Card illustrates, was the end to the destructive bondage and the planting of seeds for a new trade relationship with the planet, and a transformation of our internal financial structure in the coming years. The Venus-Jupiter, along with the Sun and Mercury (ruler of commerce) in the 8th house, indicate healthy exchange and cooperation with other nations. The NN in Leo there is the true Ace, with America in its destined leadership role yet to be formed. The Saturn transit through Leo has been a step up. Right now we are witnessing what's wrong with our country, but eventually the people will see something right again.
Pluto will enter Capricorn soon and will be headed directly for the opposition to this Venus in Cancer and the start of the transformation of our material relationships, and release from our own bondage to ourselves and our collective greed. Wars of territory and resource control can't stop until all the people recognize the real source of the problem.
This beautiful moon is shining on the Sagittarius-Pisces square the planet is currently experiencing. Sagittarius is about judgement, moral right and wrong. In Pisces, judgement no longer applies. It all just is. So here we stand with our troubled world wondering who is to blame. Who done who wrong? Or the real question.
Is it really wrong?

My direction as this Full Moon illuminates is connected with the political story in America, as well as my personal faith and trust in the correctness of my life and its symbolic events. I was uninterested in politics for many years, but as Pluto came to my Moon-Jupiter in the 9th, I was drawn back in. These people make me very uncomfortable, but instead of running away from them, I've decided to stay in society and try to see them from a detached perspective. They do what they are supposed to do, and our evolution will proceed slowly as always. I'm not going to get trapped and pained by their brutality and lack of awareness. They simply can't help themselves. Nor can the society as a whole. What I've found is more good people than I had imagined, and this is where I will put my strength and energy as I contribute to my country and try to influence its positive development.

So there, Full Moon on my Moon-Jupiter in Sagittarius!

Illustration by Isabelle Bent

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Eighth House and Transition

From study and contemplation I've come to the conclusion that the transition from the 8th to the 9th house in the astrological wheel is the most important one. I would venture to guess that the change from Scorpio to Sagittarius by sign in each chart is also important.
The 8th house is ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld, who is responsible for guiding the human's passage after death into the next dimension. I think this happens symbolically in the crossing to the 9th house. Scorpio-Pluto is in charge of crisis and evolution, and here is where they take place in the most obvious ways.

In labor, after a brief period of intense experience called "transition", a person is born. I think this happens again in the 8th as the birth trauma is relived and an individual is delivered from bondage with others to start a relationship with the universe, the beginning of the transpersonal sector of the chart in Sagittarius. Much like transition and separation from the mother. This is why there is so much intensity, push-pull, and often agony in Plutonian relationships and transits through the 8th. It's the last depot of interpersonal bonding, while the desire to move on alone is appearing along with a new form of relating in a much more expansive way. Very very different and much preparation is required.
At the beginning of the wheel in Aries, we are born alone, cold, fearful, but ready for the mythological journey ahead. Survival is paramount. As we progress, we form relationships to ensure this survival, and in the 4th house we reach the ultimate in tribal familial relationship. From here we move away from the protective fold and come to the 7th, where less personal equal partnerships are formed, along with marriage. In the 8th we plumb the depths and explore every crevice and extreme of interpersonal sharing to obtain mastery, fulfillment, and finally the freedom to move on by ourselves into larger dimensions. The final letting go in this transition is one of the most difficult in the hero's journey.
This is where it gets interesting. I've come up with a theory about our present collective dilemma and why there seems to be an unusual urgency in these times. I'm concluding it's because of the Pluto transit through Scorpio and Sagittarius, and the bridge humanity is crossing to the last sector of the wheel. The separation from the old and uniting with a heretofore unseen entity. "Stuck in Iraq" seems to be the symbol of the times, but I think the sticky part happened awhile back and the release is already underway. The speed of the Sagittarius transit has also contributed to the rushed perception.
Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and even though the Scorpio crossing occurred in 1995, the continuing presence of Pluto through Sagittarius has extended the impact of the experience. The crisis was probably passed, though, when Pluto in Scorpio equated sex and intimacy with death through AIDS. Maybe the detachment started then. In a sense, I think we are separating from one source to find another, and the entire collective is feeling the original coldness, fear, and aloneness of birth. Once the complete detachment of life in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces settles in, perhaps the group will relax into the new dimension, and maybe feel less threatened by apocalypse. Terror and fear of total planetary destruction could become manageable. The people would realize that no one's in charge, everyone is. We could get some smarts. Maybe even the wealthy would lose some of their morbid dread of not making another billion tonight. The planets in the outer signs now are helping us learn about these other dimensions and how power is distributed among all entities in the cosmos. Still, Pluto is the leader of the major passage.
As the Moon in Scorpio travels to its fullness now in Sagittarius, the sensation of this transition is especially apparent. Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius are adding quite a bit as well. I will be writing another article soon with a more in-depth look at Plutonian relationships as we gradually pull out of this gut wrenching phase and on to the mind bending one. But first, some reasonable boundary reworking as Pluto transits Capricorn.
That'll keep us busy.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memory and the Earth

On this Memorial Day, while the people consume even more fossil fuels in their soon to be archaic gas guzzlers, gorge their bodies once again on food from faraway lands, and stuff their plastic bags with Memorial Day Sale detritus, it's also a time to remember a few things.
Man has always been fascinated with blood and has continued to make it flow out of its natural conduits. This sacrifice is as old as the human race. I can only hope that the blood shed in warfare has nourished the Earth and our eventual evolution.

Early man didn't understand the universe he lived in scientifically, so he relied on superstition, blind faith, and sacrifice to unseen entities to cope with the overwhelming events of life on the planet. The Earth had great spiritual power. As he progressed and learned more about his habitat, he started to see the Earth as inanimate as a whole, and growth easily explained in biological terms. The frightening events were no longer driven by spirits and demons. He pitted himself against other humans and somewhere along the line started taking his provider for granted, consuming her resources without control, thinking about other things.
Perhaps as he separated and compartmentalized, the magnificent diversity of the human family developed. Life went on in isolation to some extent until global events unified the collective temporarily. I think the Bubonic Plague was one of these events as were WWII, Hitler, and the detonation of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It appears we are on the verge of another such unification as an entirely new relationship with our Earth is ahead.
For ages, people have seen one another as the enemy, but now for the first time, they are becoming aware of the whole collective as the enemy attacking the Earth herself. It's a brand new game. A completely new tangent in consciousness. A return to the recognition of the planet as a living organism. An entity with whom a relationship must be cultivated.
The people of the world realize that the planet is warming and many problems lie ahead as a result. It's happened before and it matters not who or what is causing it. We just know we need a worldwide cohesive effort to manage the situation. Human ingenuity will be called upon.
Yes, dramatic climatic change is not new, but the difference this time is the massive population and the advanced technology in our hands. I think we will see an evolution in collective behavior as well as a changed view toward the globe we live on.

Pluto through Sagittarius has taken wealth and power out of the hands of the traditional religious organizations and planted the seeds for a new phase of spirituality, yet to manifest. As Pluto transits Capricorn, wealth could be moving toward preservation of the Earth (Capricorn). It remains to be seen, but after Iraq stops burning and rebuilding comes, and violence continues to diminish, people could be destined to turn their attention away from interpersonal terror and toward more awareness of the Earth we depend on and the spiritual and practical connection to our habitat. Pluto will enter Capricorn in February 2008 and stay there until the end of 2024. From 2018 to the end, Pluto will trine Uranus in Taurus, very likely bringing global cooperation and progress in solving this dilemma. Not only that, but in 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will also go into Capricorn to join this trine. Toward the end, in 2023, Jupiter will be joining Uranus in Taurus. Plenty of opportunity.
Murderous warfare will do nothing to solve the much larger problems humanity faces as it comes to this ancient but renewed comprehension of the power and value of the Earth. Consolidation of collective will and energy can. I'm ready.
Photo: Beech trees at Kingston Lacy, Dorset.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Desert sun. And lots of time.
Photo by Steve Gross & Sue Daley

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Greetings! Greetings!! Everyone!!
Heavens to Mortimer!
All you starlovers are going bananas as I've heard it referred to. You are doing exceptional work and many are impressed. The executive office on Jupiter's 61st Moon has taken notice and will be contacting you shortly with an offer.
I can't stay more than a nanosecond right now, since I'm far too busy with the Saturn-Uranus quincunx. It's frightfully interesting and I will have a great deal to report. I'll be back down in a little while to give you my latest update.

Meanwhile, avoid sesquiquadrates and do keep up the chatter. We like it tremendously out here. The volume is perfect.
And enjoy the Galactic Center! Great place.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Civics Class with Miss
Isabella Pringle

Children! Children! Gather 'round. We're going to sit together in a circle today and discuss the government of our very own country, the United States of America.
Miss Pringle. Now, James, can you tell me who the first president of the United States was?
James. George Washington.
Miss Pringle. Yes, that's right, James. Very good. Hortense, who is the president of the USA now?
Hortense. George Bush.
Miss Pringle. Excellent. Glorianna, please tell the class something about our government.
Glorianna. Our government is a democracy and the people vote and then the people are elected and then they make laws.
Miss Pringle. Very very good, Glorianna. Now if Felix would add to that...
Felix. WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! George Bush started a war! WAAHHHHHH!!!!! George Bush took away all my freedom! WAAAAHHHH!!!! George Bush is hurting me. WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Miss Pringle. Incorrect Felix! You will remain after class and write on the blackboard 15 times:
The people are not victims of the government. They are the creators of the government.
Is that understood?
Felix. Yes, Miss Pringle.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Illustration: Claudia Maurner

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Sweet Embraceable You

If Venus had arms, and she was transiting the sign of Cancer, she would most likely bring you close, wrap you warmly with these extensions, and hold you gently to her breast. She would rock you in sweet rhythm and croon softly, maybe blowing lightly on your face. If she had fingers, she would probably stroke your hair and push the stray locks off your forehead. If Venus had arms.
Many of us in this den of geniuses at Raging U have Cancer planets in our charts. We know this impulse well. We also have quite a bit of Aries, an altogether different characteristic. The subject of aggression has come up, and some of us have Pisces or Neptune with Mars causing some confusion about receptivity and assertive thrust. How do we marry the push and defense of Mars with the holding in and protecting desire of Moon ruled Cancer? How do we use the diffuse energy of Pisces to defend ourselves? Some marvelous suggestions emerged from our resident Moon(Cancer) in Aries(Mars) in the thread below; Pisces and the 29th Degree. Good ideas on advanced alchemical technique. I have Sun-Mercury in Cancer and Aries rising. I can demolish the whole house sometimes or I can cower in fear and timidity. No telling. Maybe I can only trust that I will know the right amount of aggression needed for the circumstance. Then again, maybe I can practice asserting myself, defending my territory, deflecting and transforming attack, and wrapping my adversaries in my arms when it's over and forgiven. And I've won!!!
Mars, the warrior, is in Aries now. Double warrior. Venus is gliding through Cancer. No wonder this dilemma has surfaced. The hapless USA has 4 planets in Cancer. War?
Cancer can be tribal and fierce in protecting its young, no doubt. But in limited amounts, while feeding and sheltering go on. I suppose Mars is handy when you need him. But enough is too much out there in the "cradle" of civilization.

Well, as the world tries to figure out what to do with its terror, it looks like a little Venus in Cancer trine the Pisces placements now is directing us to find our arms and hold one another when we can. It won't be over immediately, either.
Just as Venus leaves Cancer, Mercury will be going retrograde in this urge to merge sign. We can safely come close, but do remember that pesky Mars up the sleeve and be alert.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pisces and the 29th Degree

Deep in the land of metaphysics is a place reserved for the brave. The one that knows this simple fact: no one is anyone else's victim. Each person is his-her own victim and when implicated in wrongdoing it's a playing out of the inner role, even when circumstance seems otherwise. We are drawn into these contracts for lessons in evolution. Each one is responsible for the events in the individual life.
Early this week at Raging Universe, there was one of the most fascinating discussions I've ever encountered on this subject. An accident "victim" has a highly educational account of her experience.
The War in Iraq is no different and the lesson is the last one in a series, since the invasion occurred when the Sun was in Pisces at 29 degrees. Pisces is the ultimate in lessons of victimization. Complete understanding and forgiveness of the human condition are the aims. The conflict will continue until the lesson is absorbed to the satisfaction of the cosmos. Who is the real perpetrator? Aren't we all implicated as the cradle of civilization continues to explode and burn? Will revenge against George Bush, the Neoconservatives, the Democrats, the Republicans, the mystical conspirators, the multinationals, and the elite truly end the problem? In fact, the sharp finger of blame slows up the process. And it really doesn't know where to stop.
Of course on some levels people see crime and must administer punishment, but the metaphysical realm reveals another story. This is why judgement, punishment, incarceration, execution, and revenge have done little to help stop human criminal behavior. "Thou Shalt Not Kill", they admonish, yet killing is business as usual. Whose fault is it?
The truth was clear when John Kerry said the words, "stuck in Iraq", and the country had a psychotic episode. We ARE stuck in Iraq and more truth is trying to enter as the North Node and Uranus transit Pisces. The NN will leave in December, going on to Aquarius aiding collective knowledge and cooperation. It will join Neptune, an auspicious moment, in spring of 2008. Then Uranus will cross the 29 Pisces point and go into Aries for a brief time in May 2010. It will station and back up at 0 and return in March 2011, exactly when Neptune enters Pisces. The NN will be in Sagittarius, in the Galactic Center once again. A lot to absorb as we figure out who is really to blame.

The war in Iraq is a story of futility, chaos, and the complete uselessness of this kind of resolution of resource and territorial conflict. Or should I say "terrortorial"? It's a lesson for this country, who is used to being the winner. We have lost and can't get away from the devastating scene. We have to face it. We've lost more than a physical battle. Hopefully, we've lost enough to reroute when this ends and our Mars retrograde progression continues. Then Uranus goes into Aries and the collective political system will be ready for renovation and innovation. Right now, the people have not seen and felt enough to make this possible. They will.

In the meantime, whoever can realize the problem of culpability, and can stop accusing individuals of causing the human moral breakdown, the sooner we will stay out of further Iraqs and go on to more evolved ways of solving conflict. It looks like violence is starting to cause more trouble than its worth.
The 29th degree holds the full lesson and here we will be until we start again at 0 Aries. Take a good long look.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Welcome Gemini!!

Gemini is my favorite sign. I always refer to my Gemini friends as cupcakes and my affection for them never ceases. I love the lightness of spirit, the curiosity, the quickness, agility, intelligence, aliveness, and enjoyment of communication. The fun and frolic. Every single one of my best girl friends in my early years was a Gemini. Even my Saturnian somber unhappy one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was a joyous addition to my days with our afternoon desert chats. She guided me to one of the most unusual houses I ever lived in. Met her in ballet class. She's a brilliant architectural historian. Texan.

Some people bemoan the not always straightforward honesty of these sociable people, and their opportunism, but I don't mind. I can get the truth out of them. The sign reminds me of my school years. I didn't care for the cliques and gossip but I loved my teachers, and still think about them to this day. Miss Longo and Mr Burns, English and Advanced Biology, especially. Mr. Koons, my politically uptight Conservative World History teacher, is memorable too. We loved him anyway.
The Sun in Gemini will activate all the Sagittarius-Pisces mutable planets for the next month. The axis of hope and despair will be busy see-sawing all of us as we continue to grope blindly through this passage of lost leadership and confusing lack of direction. Fortunately Gemini is quick to adapt, and also not terribly judgemental. It'll work out and we can enjoy some light moments as it does. The Venus in Cancer transit has increased intimacy in Blogland, and people have been sharing their feelings quite a bit. This will continue as Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will go retrograde soon in Cancer. So keep the tissues handy and be ready to laugh, too, as the brother-sisterly relationships with the emotional exchanges ahead rule the days.

Monday, May 21, 2007

North Node in Taurus
or the Second House

Relax. Take a big deep breath. Exhale. Smell the grass. Soak in the evening sun. Relax. Take another full breath. Relax. Watch the sun slowly set. Get ready for a fine dinner. Relax. Breathe in and out.

The easy chair. The NN in Taurus is scheduled for a rest this lifetime. She's invited to park herself in a comfortable chair, rooted to the spot while the turbulent world swirls around her. She feels no need to leap up, fill herself with tension and anxiety, and join in the unrest, unless she wants to, of course. She can linger in the moment as long as she desires, undisturbed, content, and at peace.
The world of the senses. The NN in Taurus was born to fully indulge in and enjoy the experience of the five human senses. After years of distracting pain she is enchanted with these feelings offered to her without conditions. She's like a newborn when the freedom from torment finally arrives and she can abandon herself to these easy sensations without restraint, guilt, or fear that they will suddenly be taken away. She can grasp and hold pleasure. Possess it to the fullest.

The abundant earth. This node loves being alive and on the earth. The riches of nature provide more than she can consume in a lifetime. She revels in the beauty and substance. The future stretches ahead with a promise of continuing pleasure, since she knows the earth renews itself and keeps giving. All her needs will be fulfilled, and often they are simple. She is satisfied with what she has. She and the earth have an understanding. Now she can start to enjoy it. What's hers is hers to keep.
Roots, stability, and endurance. After vast experience with upheaval, the Taurus NN is ready to put down roots. Ownership becomes more and more attractive as time goes on, since she wants to settle down and dig into experience without being forced to deal with destructive elements sweeping through and demolishing what she creates. Steadiness and endurance are latent talents unfolding and excitement is no longer always connected to crisis and change. In fact, excitement becomes less necessary as a pursuit in and of itself, when the smallest things can be so enjoyable.
The material world. Commodities are waiting to be gloriously possessed by the NN Taurean. No other person is more able to appreciate the material realm, and after years of emotional give she is ready to take the tangible gifts that are hers. Luxurious furniture, thick soft carpets, antiques made of aged golden woods, silks, velvets, scents, colors, music and all things of beauty are for her, not necessarily expensive. The quest for other worlds is now unnecessary. This world has it all.
Money is the root of good. Often the NN Taurean comes from a history of money used as power and manipulation. She is now prepared to have money for herself to spend any way she likes on whatever she likes, any time she likes, without considering anyone else and putting his needs before hers. She loves the presidents that guard the bills and a pocketful of green is nothing short of joy. The jingle of coins is a delicate symphony. She knows how to spend it well, to budget and stay within her means, and she realizes there is always enough. The agony of credit cards and bondage to the big mystical Money Man are not threats to her. She loves money and most of all, money loves her. The perfect match. They love each other's touch.

The physical body and the purely enjoyable. The memory of emotional need is so strong in this nodeholder that it can take time to understand the full value of uncomplicated sensation meant solely for her pleasure. The taste of blueberries bursting on the tongue, or thick sweet papaya juice traveling down the throat are exquisite experiences not to be diminished. The earth under her bare feet is just as soothing as the polished wood floors. The comforter in the winter is heaven along with her pillow top bed. Her body has become a shrine to life's goodness and she wastes no time in consecrating and celebrating her possession.
Getting a grip. After merging and releasing everything , the NN Taurean has come to the place of holding and possessing. A firm grasp on what she desires serves her best. Clinging to herself and holding her ground will give her the stability she wants. She no longer has to jump when the fingers snap. She no longer has to jump at all. Unflappable calm is waiting no matter what earthly and human destruction everyone else is involved in. Somewhere in between creation and destruction is where she now resides. In the stable land of the preserver, a firm hand on herself.
Nowism. No other human is more capable of living in the moment than the NN Taurus. She has no desire to leave the reality she's in. It's exactly right. It contains everything she wants. Even if the imagination wanders off to foreign dimensions, her body is content to be where it is, and awaits her mind's return with eagerness. Dinner is ahead, perhaps a hot bath, a slick shiny magazine, some jazzy love songs, or some delicious conversation on the Internet. So many possibilities, so much to do.
Growth and productivity. The lives of destruction, decay, and death are now at an end as the NN in Taurus enters a new life of permanent springtime and perpetual budding and growth. Health, nourishment, and the bright green color of bursting new leaf define her existence. As the earth yields fruit, so do her minutes, hours, days, and years. The smallest achievements are enough. Mindfulness makes them so. Each moment is infinite, yet leads methodically, naturally, and rhythmically to another. She is in synch.

Contentment, fulfillment, and peace. The NN Taurean has finally reached the plateau, the beautiful rich peaceful meadow she sensed was ahead. She can build her life now without panic and fear that the foundation will drop out from under her. She is entirely self supporting and has the leisure time to do what she wants at her own pace. She can contemplate the world immediately around her trusting in its generosity and relaxing in its safety. She is on rock solid ground entirely at home. Comfortable, satisfied, complete. 

Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Aries Hat

Gameswoman par excellence.
The success of british milliner, David Shilling is partly due to the publicity his mother aroused sporting his creations at the Ascot Races.
Off to the races!

You go girl!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Time to Relax

The Mars in Aries kick-off was wild! I know I could use a few calm moments in these last days of Taurus before the mad Gemini chatter begins.
I'm going to straighten up around here, believe it or not, and watch some episodes of the wonderful children's series, Road to Avonlea. There's a charming, feisty character named Sarah in the story, who seems altogether Marsian to me. Brave, bold, and honest, even if she does get in and out of trouble as a rule. She protects all the cousins. And has an adorable set of teeth.
I'm banking on all my friends, and even my adversaries, having a good week-end, full of activity, free of harm. The tea will be simmering whenever you drop by.

O that Aries!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Very Important Development

The death of Jerry Falwell has caught my attention and merits some consideration. I normally don't think daily events are especially significant, but I've come to the conclusion that this passing has marked a step ahead for this country.
The most obvious astrological factor was Saturn in Leo exactly on his Sun. Fallen kings, who are tumbling everywhere. Eclipse of leadership in preparation for a new phase. Transiting Mars crossing from 29 degrees Pisces (diffuse spiritual belief) to Aries, after a square to Pluto in Sagittarius (organized religion) is a powerful indication of an ending, a beginning, and a bridge society is ready to cross. Sagittarius in general is associated with pontiffs, meaning "leaders across bridges". On a deeper level Falwell's life and death have illuminated some truths.
In contemplation of the charts I found the most interesting factor of all; Jerry Falwell's lunar nodes. He had a SN in Leo and a NN in Aquarius, the exact opposite if the United States. The Leo SN was behind his dictatorial superiority as he created his "moral majority", expressing the belief that he and his followers were better than those who failed to adopt his ideology. And interestingly, the NN in Aquarius at 28 degrees is conjunct the USA Moon at 27. Thus it appears that the legacy will be entirely different from his life.
Aquarius rules the misfits of society. The aberrations. The variations that can cruelly be considered dangerous by the less evolved. Falwell's ministry was based on human aberration. As the afterlife progresses, my theory is that our society will manifest the lessons learned from this experience. We can even see it happening already in the gay civil union laws across the country. It's been an especially good year for these new laws countrywide, as acceptance of homosexual marriage is developing steadily. The political rise of women and minorities is also in the works.
The USA was born with a Moon in Aquarius. She has taken in the outcasts from around the world throughout her history, and is known as a beacon of democracy. But her SN in Aquarius is problematic. Could there be an underlying uncertainty about these "abnormalities" that Jerry Falwell exposed all these years? Are we ready to face this characteristic? I think that as time goes on, this man's NN in Aquarius will teach the people of this country. His legacy will be this gift.
Neptune will cross this USA Moon and NN point in 2010, making a station, exactly when Aquarian Uranus goes into Aries, the precise place Mars was at his death. Soon after Saturn will go on into Libra, the sign of justice. What's more, Pluto in Capricorn will be exactly opposite our Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius; religion and diversity. And unbelievably, Jupiter will be just going into Aries at this exact Mars bridge for another beginning. Fascinating to say the least. The preparation begins now, as the great misguided evangelist finally guides us to the truth, and helps us create the equitable society we were destined to have.
No wonder I love astrology.

It's Good

Purple soup for lunch.
Really good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Actual size of the passageway into the world. Ten centimeters.
Ask any mother and she'll give you the skinny on the force required to get the human being through this exit-entrance into life on Earth. The whole 5 to 9 pound body must get through this small circle. This is the thrust of Aries and survival. Astonishing. Mars is now starting his 6 week trip through Aries, and there is a replay of this act in everyone's life in some way.
The survival instinct is powerful. All this talk about annihilation is just what it is. Talk. Man has been impossibly inept at killing himself off, and likely will continue to fail.

Aries is the height of ambition and the will to flourish. Notorious for competetiveness, the Aries is not really trying to beat or extinguish his adversaries. He is trying to make them better to raise the level of competition, thus improving his own skills. He enjoys the game and wants everybody to be at his best. A more challenging contest is his interest with mighty players, all stemming from the will to triumph over adversity and live.
A key to this survival instinct is found in the prisoners of the Holocaust in Nazi dominated Europe. I've found a preponderance of Aries in the first-borns of these survivors, although I don't know of a study yet.
Enter Pluto. Mars squared Pluto deep in Pisces just before the entrance. Pluto guides the journey at death to the next dimension. I believe that Pluto is responsible for transition in labor as well and all transitions throughout life, as a sort of death, sometimes literal, is required. Pluto is now in the center of our galaxy and I think the movement of Mars has more significance than ever, as we learn what birth and death are all about. Is Scorpio an enemy of Aries and earthly life, or an ally? Will Baghdad teach us well?
Pluto was discovered in 1930 and with it came the knowledge of human destructive power, unleashed in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. My theory is that this event profoundly influenced humanity's path, Pluto being the planet of evolution. It appears to me that the witnessing of this power turned people away from nuclear holocaust permanently, despite the games and posturing, and I also think this is behind the decrease in worldwide violence, which I think will continue. The recent diminishing of Pluto's status from planet to dwarf planet is indicative as well.
So as Pluto now transits the Galactic Center and the cradle of civilization burns, what are we to do? How does the Aries dance of life go with the Plutonian one of death and transition? We shall see.

Another reason Aries is so important now is the upcoming transit of Uranus lasting 7 years. An ending is occurring currently in Pisces. Uranus is connected to the political systems of the collective and another beginning is just ahead. And not surprisingly, a spacecraft launched in a mission called  New Horizons is due to land on Pluto in 2015, while Uranus is in late Aries.
"It's like the old days," said Alan Stern, principal investigator for the mission, called New Horizons. "We are going to the frontier." Stern calls New Horizons the first exploration of the third zone of the solar system, the region beyond both the terrestrial planets and the giant planets.
The movement of Mars will continue to be interesting and important for some time, as the human learns new ways to survive. I love the game, myself, being a mighty Aries rising. Come on in Mars! Make yourself at home.

Monday, May 14, 2007

South Node in Scorpio
or the Eighth House

The SN in Scorpio is primed for disaster even if the passage of years diminishes the occurrences of these catastrophes. There is an excessive attachment to pain and crisis and a heightened emergency preparedness that now merely drain her energy. The fires of hell have been Home Sweet Home and agony-ecstasy the customary state of being. She is so habituated to growth through suffering, that when peace arrives, she stays tense and frightened, anticipating the return of pain, and fearing stagnation and boredom. The extremes of visceral sensation have been so intrinsic to her vitality that she misses the median where the cultivation of simple pleasures in an earthly garden awaits. She knows she must calm down.

Panic and turbulence. The Scorpio SN has spent her life playing the supporting part in other people's most difficult experiences. The first one to the hospital bed or the jailhouse to rescue those she is in bondage to. The telephone ringing sends adrenalin coursing through her body and her heart pumping wildly. Even the wind rattling the doors reminds her of impending doom. Thoroughly familiar with the deeper parts of the character, she now wants to meet the selves closer to the surface and connected to the senses for no other reason than pleasurable sensation, minus the emotional storms.

Hurt. The SN Scorpio has vast experience exchanging interpersonal hurts, but now they no longer serve a healing purpose. She pushes to the extreme, exploring every deep crevice in hopes of finding the relief that now eludes her in this continuing sharing of torments. She wants to leave well enough alone along with the sleeping dogs, but impulse drives her to turn over yet another rock, even knowing exactly what she'll find. She can no longer help people with their pain as she once did, but has a calling to experience her own pleasure instead.

Envy, resentment, and jealousy and revenge. The personal intrigues that most everyone is embroiled in have become useless to this nodeholder, although she is a master of them and finds herself involved even when she knows better. She would like to be free from these dramas, but the lure remains and frustration builds when she finds herself there once again. Longing for what other people have is senseless, playing one against the other is fruitless, and revenge will do nothing but bring pain upon herself. She realizes she should be entirely absorbed in productive ventures of her own, and wants more that anything to stay out of other people's business when these exchanges are going on. Personal gain and self satisfaction are her only real options.

Witchcraft and the spook factor. The SN Scorpion has ancient memory of brutality and abuse of power in the name of mysticism and religion. She knows what people can do to frighten other people. She's been in contact with these misuses of psychology and senses when they are being employed, knowing the best tactic is to stay far away. More than anyone this native wants paranoia to be abandoned in herself and in everyone around her. The use of fear as control over people is particularly abhorrent to her, but when she tries to intervene, she finds herself unable to help stop it. The best thing is probably avoidance and cultivation of calm and confidence, staying gracefully out of harm's way.

Merging and bondage. The abandonment of boundary is one of the hardest habits for the SN Scorpio to break. Her survival used to depend on being completely tied to another and support was achieved through self sacrifice and abnegation of personal desire and will. Some even can feel the shackles of bondage almost physically. There were payoffs in earlier times in this exchange, but now complete release is the only way for her to thrive in her life. The fear of being cut off from the source can be terrifying, but if it doesn't happen by choice, it will often happen by force. It really doesn't matter as long as she realizes that the only way to fulfillment is through self support. Ultimately she will welcome the release.

Crime, abuse, torture, and prurient rituals. One of the worst memories this SN has is of human behavior at its lowest levels. She understands fully what the creature is capable of and has probably experienced some of it first hand. She sees though everything and knows what people are up to. No amount of superficial image making can fool her and trust is hard to come by. She knows the bottom will drop out eventually in many cases. This serves her well as protection but the goal should be preventing the worst from actualizing. Either staying away or getting out in time works best. The more she masters this, the more she finds trustworthy companions, and enjoyment with herself. She no longer needs to watch incessantly and decry the human behavior that everyone else does because she recognizes how each and every one is capable of the same thing. Her best recourse is to let what trouble needs to come in, go away just as quickly. Letting it go by is the best, understanding that the others have to learn through experience what she already knows. She knows too much.

Death. This SN has knowledge of this feared and inevitable human event more than most, but now her involvement can sometimes impede the learning of others. Sometimes she even stops attending family deaths and funerals, since others need to take over the task and experience every aspect themselves. She is no longer needed and her development is not dependent on this learning. While people rush momentarily to the side of the bereaved, the SN knows exactly how short lived this will be, and how little they really want to be involved. But they will be. Her job is done. She's accompanied others enough through death. The ones in the classroom are really more effective, anyway. Some of them.
What's mine is yours. This person often gives everything to the other. The fear and neediness lead her to throw all of her life force into relationship, not to mention all her belongings. She sacrifices things she loves and wants in the rush to pour energy into her partner. She really doesn't see any reason to withold assuming she will be cared for with this arrangement, but when she finds herself on her own, she realizes how much she has neglected her own wants. Some don't couple and do live and provide for themselves, but once the floodgates open, they usually give it all.

The emotional slaughterhouse. The manipulations have reached their limit with this node and she is ready for an end to psychoanalysis as the way of coping with all the interpersonal agonies she's so accustomed to. People will do what they do and heal their wounds in their own time at their own paces. What was once necessary involvement has become interference as she prepares now to take things as they are, forgoing the trip down into the depths of depraved human behavior. A ticket for a pleasant cruise is waiting at the desk when she is ready.
Magic. Everbody loves magic, but the SN Scorpio has relied on it too much. Seeking signs, psychic advice, portents, spirit guides, and all these things to make decisions and moves is no longer always wise. If she wants something, she should just go and get it. Not wait for some mysterious sign. Same thing with avoidance. She can now trust her own instincts and judgements. She is leaving the mystical world to some extent to join the pure sensation of the empirical. She's coming down to earth, and no longer needs otherworldly dependence. She can certainly still enjoy the fantasy world, but should not make her life decisions based on this.
Healing. She is a master. The world of shamans, surgeons, witch doctors, medicine men, magicians and all assorted healing technicians was hers. Now it is time to leave the job to those coming in, as she learns self centeredness and detachment from the pain of those around her. Fearing insensitivity, she still responds to the cries, but the truth is, she really can't help them as much as those learning and yearning to share these experiences. What can go unrecognized is the fact that by attending to herself, she will continue to heal, but in a much easier way. The SN in Scorpio is off the hook. Even her own.
The SN in Scorpio is bringing her skills in healing and supporting other people through trauma, back to heal herself while she minds her own business, and enjoys life in her own dimension of peace, pleasure, and contentment. How? Next with the NN in Taurus.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Top of the Morning Blogland!

And a fine one it is. A sunny spring brunch with an extra treat.
I feel good and hope to be getting even better as Mars zips along into Aries. I want to celebrate with you and tell you a little tale.
Being a human mixed(up) bag I have some pretty bad traits. Yes, it's true. One of my very worst is being a righteous, holier than thouist, know-it-all. Sagittarius is notorious for this. I was born with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius in the 9th house, in a grand fire trine, tip of a kite formation. The die was cast.
People often abhor this characteristic in me, and some even hate me altogether because of it, and the churchy hierarchical pomposity of Sagittarius that sometimes emerges. Jupiter is not known for shrinking. But the other side if this coin is the ability to provide a little inspiration, which I've always done. It will take a lifetime to master this and provide fiery spirit consistently and effectively, without making them mad, preserving my life until a ripe old age.

Friday night I had a bout with one of my daily Mars in the 12th attacks. Extreme pain complete with a mini panic attack and dizziness. I couldn't sleep with all the fear and what-not, but when I finally did doze off, I was awakened with a jolt by a dream.

A comment appeared on my blog blasting me for being such a know-it-all. I immediately went to delete it, to hide my embarrassment so as youse all wouldn't see it. But I quickly changed my mind and decided to have a chat with the man. I said to the gentleman, "Yes. What you said is true. But I know I will continue to be this way. I will work with improving the problem." While we were chatting, a violent storm whipped up and a huge turbulent wave came over us. The structure I was in was so solid that the wave washed over and left me completely unharmed. A calm followed and I peacefully continued discussing my character flaws with my detractor, who was becoming more and more amenable.
The end
Do I try to shove this under some phony meekness, or do I let it fly and find its own equilibrium in time? The other negatives too? Can I trust them to work themselves out?
In many ways I'd like to get down with some funky blues and dance, leaving it to the Saturns in Sagittarius who are really cut out to do the job. The great teachers. The knowingest of the know-it-alls. Saturn is a slow poke, but it's worth the wait. If you need any pointers along the way, I can help you out. In between jitterbugs and shuffles.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Molding Character

Some say the human was created from clay. I don't know about any origins going back that far, but I do know how much I love the substance, and what pleasure I feel in a potter's or a sculptor's studio. The smells, the sights, the unformed coming into being, shaped by human touch.
I've always been interested in improving myself, smoothing over some of the problematic flaws, while concentrating on developing my assets. When I discovered astrology I was thrilled with the chance to use such a tool in my quest for self mastery. The horoscope is a map of the psyche and the continuing movement of the planets through transits is the opportunity to work with this map consciously, to achieve what we want and get the most from our lives. Life is willing to cooperate, I know.
Years ago I counseled others but realized that I was mostly ineffective, so I turned back to myself, figuring it was my only real chance for success. I give advice now when asked, but I don't seek to interfere with people's direct experience and their self discoveries. So many astrologers warn people of impending misfortune, but I found that these things happen anyway, and when they do, they are intrinsic to an individual's progression. An astrologer has no way of knowing what lessons are required in a person's life, in terms of events. So when I see a hard aspect I don't warn, I try to discuss options in approaching the tensions, expressing the view that what will happen is necessary and manageable. And I don't know what that is. Fear steals strength. Preparation builds it. Fine line. It takes skill and practice to perfect and communicate this. It takes reverence and mindfulness. Most of all I try to connect the events with the psyche and the path to self determination.
I am in a position right now of frustration and optimism. Frustration when I see how much information the astrological world has that could be put to better use by and large. The optimistic vision is that people will collectively use it for character development. This will lead to societal improvement and eventually better political systems. A better life for everyone.
Many astrologers are preoccupied with proving what they know. Some with superficial entertainment. Some with confusing predictions that never come to pass. Personal glory is indeed attractive. The knowledge is highly impressive, but what I hope for is that eventually all this effort and study will be used primarily to help direct the group to its best expression. Recognition and glory will come automatically. It's an important job, being an astrologer, and a beautiful, precious contribution when done well. I know I want to be as good as possible and relevant to my time in history. Imagine the power if all astrologers were fully engaged in the pursuit of humanity's improvement. Or even most.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Pluto Hath Done.
Bring out the Trumpets!

In the middle of last century, there was a neighborhood in Denver called Five Points, which was a predominantly Black area and a jazz mecca in America. It was one of the most vibrant cultural centers in the country and the greatest musicians of the time frequently played in the hopping jazz clubs. It was named, "The Harlem of the West."
The neighborhood declined into a crime-ridden near wasteland until a few years ago. Now the renaissance is in full swing poised to get even bigger next year.

With this revitalization has come an interesting development. The emergence of the new "creative class". Saturn through Leo opposite Neptune has helped. These people are behind the evolution.
Here's what's also interesting; the ethnic change in distribution, which I attribute to Pluto's transit of Sagittarius. Here's the breakdown.
1960: Black 37.3%, white: 58.2%, Other: 4.5%
1990: Black 36.6%, Latino: 41 %, White: 19.6%, Other: 2.8%
2000: Black: 25.4%, Latino: 42.9%, White: 27.4%, Other: 4.3
As you can see, the white folks moved out, then back in, and along with the Latinos and others, formed the most even distribution yet. This can't help but profoundly influence the culture, and the blend is a natural development.

When Pluto transits Capricorn, I think we will see an emergence of this creative class, as old traditions are reworked, and decaying parts of cities are rebuilt from within with the citizens' own funds, and changes in the ethnic power structure. The top of the pyramid might disintegrate, but the bottom is already being reinforced as our nation moves ahead.
As a jazz musician, I am delighted. Bring out the tubas too!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Road Ahead

I came to the Internet when my own path became clouded. I joined the confusion when I knew time was needed to sort it out. Now the path is becoming clear again as this Fool is back on the precipice to begin another cycle. Another chance is recognized, and in my middle age, there most likely won't be many more like this one. I'm leaping.

No one knows what is, and what will be happening to the human race. Don't be fooled. There are no prophets, ancient or modern. No patterns, eclipses, numbers, synchronicities, sudden shifts, or anything like that to rely on for answers. The answer lies in the understanding and actualization of your own path.

When each individual comprehends the fact that s:he is the mythological hero of the story, then the collective will reflect this advancement. Not until then. Change comes gradually and no big shifts will be noticeable. At first it might appear that way, but soon the gradual progression reveals itself again. This is actually a great thing. It gives us time. The slower it goes collectively the more time we have for our self development. The story unfolds and maps itself.

Astrology is just a guideline, but it's a good one. I can't repeat enough the importance of the Ascendant in the birth chart, and the transits to both this point and the planet that rules. It has everything to do with your own path. The Ascendant in its entire configuration is the unique role you play in an earthly incarnation. Most people don't identify with themselves, and this is a large part of the group confusion, and subsequently the selection of faulty leaders who perpetuate the disorder. While it's somewhat of a comfort to identify with the group, this has its limitations, for no matter where the collective is going, you are going elsewhere to some extent within the parade. Those who have this well established, are often in a good position to join with, enjoy the comradarie, and maybe even occasionally provide a tiny bit of guidance, always knowing that where we're headed remains a mystery. Where we are is probably one too. You are your own best leader. You have the knowledge.

Monday, May 07, 2007


I've been hangin' round this town
Diggin in the dirt
Now I got my feet
Firmly on the earth
I've been there and I've done it and

I'm old enough to know
I can do what I wanna do.
And go where I wanna go.
So if ...... you wanna do what's best
Shut your mouth and give it all a rest.


Who got into my chocolate?? I'm not much of a crime enthusiast so I'll probably never know. To be completely honest with you, I'm not much of a chocolate eater either. So let bygones go. You're off the hook!
Carry on.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Universe of Trees

Life is fascinating and so is human imagination. This reminds me of my wise elfish friend in India who called cauliflower the lungs of the earth.
I'm a very simple astrologer. I look for repeats of configurations when I read charts. Two, and I have a possible conclusion. Three, a definite.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Music and Society

As an artist, and much to my horror, I keep up with the trends of society. I'm a blues-jazz musician and in the last few years it has been next to impossible for me to stay in public places for long due to the pain of the piped in music. The advent of the subwoofer added to the problem. Forget dining out. Gagging is not to my liking. The domination of the sounds was everywhere, often cutting off human communication.
Last Friday night I noticed something peculiar when visiting downtown. The music that wasn't live was coming from computers, and this made all the difference in the world. It diminished the power and people were communicating like wildfire. In one gallery it was killed after awhile in favor of poetry readings and other spoken recitations. Instead of forcefully filling the rooms and shrinking the people, the sounds were localized in a tiny box. People are finally able to ignore it.
When I moved to town 30 years ago, a large pedestrian mall was just being completed in the core of the city, changing life permanently. Musicians appeared and street theater came back. Chess games are going on day and night, horses clop along pulling coaches, and art is dispersed throughout the area. It's no longer a thing of the parks, but part of the basic city beat.
Street theater has always been a large part of social expression, and in my town, this is coming back in a huge wave that has gathered its own momentum. Live music is everywhere now, and increasing exponentially, finally replacing the corporate infiltration and joylessness of recorded sounds. I think people have had it. Saturation point. The human pulse is awake.
But the crowning experience occurred last evening when I made a pitstop at my neighborhood thrift store. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed a bar I'd never seen before. Being a musician, I'm always curious, so I ventured forth. On the windows were painted pictures of piano keyboards. Out front was the banished smoking group firing away, and after passing through the cloud, I walked through the door to find an ordinary American bar, typical in every way. A gigantic screen was in the back broadcasting the Sat. night boxing match. Men in shorts were joyously punching each other. Patrons were sipping their drinks waiting to see who was coming in. There was one big difference, however. In the front and center was a stage with a brand new shiny black grand piano, dignified, proud, and poised in anticipation.
Very odd. Some would say bizarre. Capricorn ahoy? 

Friday, May 04, 2007


This is a sprouting bean. Pretty potent.
I've talked about this many times but it bears going over a lot. The territorial fights, killing, stealing, torturing, man hurting man are not perpetuated by an elite group of criminal conspirators, not by the industrial military complex, not by kings and emperors, but by everyone collectively. It's in the bean. The germ plasm of humanity. Behavior that has been here from the start.

No amount of subpoenas, lost e-mails, marches and protests, criminal investigations, Hollywood and Bollywood movie stars, or even the occasional apparent enlightened leader will make it right. Revenge won't make it right, nor will the coming and going of political figureheads. It runs too firm in the line of inheritance. It's the current blueprint. There is reason for this. And along with the pattern is the antidote, available at all times.
It's not really the fault of the failed religions that tried to teach that murder is wrong. All of us insist on doing it anyway, and those who aren't actively involved are enjoying the theatrical spectacle on screens worldwide and daily. A phenomenal thirst. Astonishing. Yet the bean knows the difference between right and wrong.
Maybe time will work. Maybe mutation is the only way as conditions change and killing people becomes less desirable and effective. All I know is that the solution is within each one of us, and every single person on the planet bears some responsibility.
There are vast stretches of uninhabited land on the Earth, yet man chooses to live clustered and overcrowded, competing for space and water. With the next Ice Age population will probably move toward the equator and thin itself out. Then when the ice melts, the people can disperse again, maybe, just maybe, more intelligently.
I mentioned the other day that Pluto, the planet of collective evolution, will be transiting the final quadrant shortly. This is an opportunity, as Pluto spends 248 years circling the wheel, to gain some savvy. Some believe there is a spiraling progression, others don't see ultimate growth. No one really knows, but I think within the bean is a fundamental belief in improvement. I also mentioned the decrease in violence that has been continuing, for reasons that are still unknown. As Pluto finishes this circle, the planet will start all over again at Aries with a new cycle in development of survival skills for the human species, and possibly that always hoped for improvement. It makes sense to me. Everything in nature adapts to live successfully.
Meanwhile, it also makes sense to understand the leaders of the world as natural outgrowths of the whole organism. Societies create the governments suited to the conditions of the times. They go when the time is right. If people work in conjunction with the demise, to understand the cause of disease and work within and among themselves on the remedy, eventually I think there might be forward motion. Or upward. Sometimes health is necessary.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Edible Gold

Many years ago I worked in a little cheese shop and late one afternoon several large rounds of imported cheese were delivered with much fanfare. Among them was a Parmesan from Italy. It was hoisted up onto the ledge where a long, sharp, shiny silver knife was drawn and deftly inserted into the hard seasoned rind. A wedge was cut and before me was one of the most beautiful sights ever to be seen. Pure, rich, moist edible gold.
I put some into my mouth and knew I was immersed in what would probably be a once in a lifetime experience. The first one in the Parmesan.
A secret cave.
I can't even describe the sensation and flavor on my tongue and teeth. I wish all my friends could have this experience, except the cheese haters, of course.
Oh, was that ever good. How priveleged I am.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

War and Metaphysics

In case anyone is worried about the Middle Eastern war we are laboring with and the out-of-control politicians, I have a few words.
The trap was illuminated in yesterday's veto of an exit exactly under the Scorpio full moon. The situation casts a pall on everyone's lives in some way, no matter how detached the individual is. Relief will come eventually.
The United States will not be getting out of Iraq until the lesson is completely learned and the elimination of the Republican Party in its current incarnation is accomplished. The war started at 29 Pisces, destined to go nowhere. Mars is transiting Pisces now. Uranus (liberation) gets to 29 Pisces in May 2010, and again in March 2011, with Mars joining. The exit started at the entrance under these conditions, and in the next couple of years things will be changing as Saturn heads to the USA return in Libra and Pluto goes into Capricorn. There is a plan. A bigger issue is at work in the area than what is obvious, and all the participants have destinies gradually unfolding.

There is a good reason for this drawn out exit. It is a culmination of horrendous foreign policy decisions as Pluto leaves Sagittarius (foreign lands), and this country is scheduled to change direction, as her Mars goes retrograde by progression, and the conflict comes home to solve her internal problems. The debate has already started as the halls of Congress are reverberating. The real debate is forthcoming. The transformation of this nation's own natal Mars is complete after the Pluto opposition, but will take time to come into full manifestation.
In the meantime, it is the height of wisdom to realize that all of these politicians are mere pawns in the cosmic strategy.
Pluto will soon be transiting the last quadrant of the wheel affecting collective consciousness. Violence is steadily trending downward in the world, and Pluto, being in charge of collective evolution, could be guiding the people toward progress, however infinitesimal from an individual perspective. We will see. I find the metaphysical angle to be fascinating and informative, as I make the most of my life within the world at large.