Friday, May 04, 2007


This is a sprouting bean. Pretty potent.
I've talked about this many times but it bears going over a lot. The territorial fights, killing, stealing, torturing, man hurting man are not perpetuated by an elite group of criminal conspirators, not by the industrial military complex, not by kings and emperors, but by everyone collectively. It's in the bean. The germ plasm of humanity. Behavior that has been here from the start.

No amount of subpoenas, lost e-mails, marches and protests, criminal investigations, Hollywood and Bollywood movie stars, or even the occasional apparent enlightened leader will make it right. Revenge won't make it right, nor will the coming and going of political figureheads. It runs too firm in the line of inheritance. It's the current blueprint. There is reason for this. And along with the pattern is the antidote, available at all times.
It's not really the fault of the failed religions that tried to teach that murder is wrong. All of us insist on doing it anyway, and those who aren't actively involved are enjoying the theatrical spectacle on screens worldwide and daily. A phenomenal thirst. Astonishing. Yet the bean knows the difference between right and wrong.
Maybe time will work. Maybe mutation is the only way as conditions change and killing people becomes less desirable and effective. All I know is that the solution is within each one of us, and every single person on the planet bears some responsibility.
There are vast stretches of uninhabited land on the Earth, yet man chooses to live clustered and overcrowded, competing for space and water. With the next Ice Age population will probably move toward the equator and thin itself out. Then when the ice melts, the people can disperse again, maybe, just maybe, more intelligently.
I mentioned the other day that Pluto, the planet of collective evolution, will be transiting the final quadrant shortly. This is an opportunity, as Pluto spends 248 years circling the wheel, to gain some savvy. Some believe there is a spiraling progression, others don't see ultimate growth. No one really knows, but I think within the bean is a fundamental belief in improvement. I also mentioned the decrease in violence that has been continuing, for reasons that are still unknown. As Pluto finishes this circle, the planet will start all over again at Aries with a new cycle in development of survival skills for the human species, and possibly that always hoped for improvement. It makes sense to me. Everything in nature adapts to live successfully.
Meanwhile, it also makes sense to understand the leaders of the world as natural outgrowths of the whole organism. Societies create the governments suited to the conditions of the times. They go when the time is right. If people work in conjunction with the demise, to understand the cause of disease and work within and among themselves on the remedy, eventually I think there might be forward motion. Or upward. Sometimes health is necessary.


Anonymous meristem said...

you are so eloquent. Yes, let us not forget the Oroborous! There is indeed a deep wisdom, intelligence, whose patterns don't abide our moralizing and small-minded grasping for answers. You express that. There are dark gods and goddesses too, and we like to forget that. But where would we be without them?
Ebb and flow.....

When someone speaks truth with a capital T it makes my body vibrate and sing. That's how I know.

Thank you for reminding me that I am both just a bean and also part of One great organism.

4/5/07 9:36 AM  
Blogger Kadimiros said...

The emerging sprout looks serpentine to me. Maybe it's one of Jack's magic beans, about to take Jack to another level. :-)

4/5/07 10:40 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Meristem, once again you've done it. As a result of you appearing with the changes I'm experienceing, I decided to take the risks I know I have to, and endure the usual scattering when I tell the truth. They know not.
I've always been afraid to express my vision, and 99.9% is still witheld. A lot about the dark ones you just mentioned. The ones that reside in all of us and are pinned on the donkey elsewhere. I've always seen this in operation in myself and everyone around me. And the coverup. This is mild so far.

The oroborous spoke clearly to me and I decided to be true to myself and circulate my strength. To stop being afraid.
And to correct my spelling on the oroborous thread!

There is indeed a deep wisdom, intelligence, whose patterns don't abide our moralizing and small-minded grasping for answers.

you are kindred.

4/5/07 1:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Maybe it's one of Jack's magic beans, about to take Jack to another level. :-)

What a fantastic thought!! I've always loved that story. It combines the earthy growth I need with my heavenly aspirations.

A magic bean. My weekend theme.

The sprout looks serpentine to me, too, and filled with a power that surprised me, frankly. I wonder if this is the basis of all germination of life. Looking at this evokes a million sensations.

4/5/07 1:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The beanstalk and the new level are more accurate than you realize. Or maybe you do. Yes, you probably do.

4/5/07 2:13 PM  
Anonymous Juju said...

I've got a new internet connection and am down with a swollen knee, so I have the luck to check in here again. And I loved your image of us as Human Beans. Something to strive for. That fresh fierce breaking out into light.

I realized lately that often the kind of people I'm drawn to wear some of their darkness on the outside (that truth that Meristem speaks of) and what they repress is some of their goodness. I trust them more than people who are all sweetness and light on the outside but who hide and deny the darkness within.

4/5/07 6:16 PM  
Anonymous juju said...

And I have to mention the wonderful site of The Institute for Figuring. They have a project which is a wonderful conjuntion of art, science, craft and a desire to help the world. Women are crocheting a hyperbolic coral reef to call attention to the destruction of the natural reef. What is amazing is how crocheting so wonderfully approximates the natural shapes of the coral.

the website is

4/5/07 6:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Human beans!!!

Juju, what good stuff you brought.
I hate knee pain. I've got one in the hip right now that I'm hoping doesn't travel down.

what they repress is some of their goodness. I trust them more than people who are all sweetness and light on the outside but who hide and deny the darkness within.

I'm with you there, wise Saturn in Scorpio woman who sees in and through everything.

I'm so glad you stopped by. I promised my gallery owner friend that I would be down there tonight for 1st Fri., so I'm headed out to mingle and play some music.

Speaking of outside/inside, this tiny artist woman is so real it's unbelievable. Completely without pretense with a deep strong voice to match. When she expresses her appreciation it is so genuine I wonder why I tarry in the false dry fields. Contrast I suppose.

Take care of the swells and I'll see you in awhile. Will check the site. I love the name.

4/5/07 6:38 PM  
Anonymous Juju said...

We were planning on going to first fridays tonight but the knee prevents. Now I really wish I could go and catch you playing. Maybe next month. Have a great evening!

4/5/07 6:49 PM  
Anonymous meristem said...

I realized lately that often the kind of people I'm drawn to wear some of their darkness on the outside and what they repress is some of their goodness. I trust them more than people who are all sweetness and light on the outside but who hide and deny the darkness within.


I can relate (3 planets in Scorpio). I'm working with how this applies to me as an individual bean: spent way too many years and too much energy suppressing and repressing my 'darkness'. But I am human which means both darkness and light, right? How freeing to 'forgive' myself my humanness and let it out, love it, integrate it, be whole and soulful.

Thank you juju!

And as always, thank you jm. I wholeheartedly support you circulating your strength. Pleasepleaseplease share more of it!

4/5/07 7:36 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Meristem. How can I refuse? And lord, I do try. Sharing, man. Excuse me while I go grab my magic wand.

I'm glad you met juju. Her comments are always unusual and well-written, Full of substance. Very very refreshing. Thoroughly enjoyable to follow.

The 1st Fridays an Santa Fe seem to be attracting some national attention. I was there in the beginning and now the thing has a life and momentum of its own. Huge. I think it's a sign of the artistic renaissance I was expecting.
What's interesting is that it's in the Hispanic neighborhood. Another sign of their growing influence in America.

An interesting aside was a Jamaican I met tonight who told me that the Spanish colonists were much more tolerant of the African religious rituals in the Caribbean than were the English. Thus, a better feeling toward them and Catholicism now. Religion is deep.

I think the problem of how to express our dark side is one of the amazing ongoing challenges of self mastery, a Scorpio interest. Scorpio wants to come to grips with her desire. much like the ouroborous. Circulate it. A lot of Scorpios I know are particularly interested
in transforming sexuality into ? They'll show me.

Suppressing and repressing. Sounds like a tango. I think there is a key. The optimum amount of holding in so as to be truly powerful. The reserve is what adds the final dimension, maybe. Alchemy.

5/5/07 3:08 AM  
Anonymous meristem said...

Thank you for that. Just the twist of the prism that I needed. Am dancing with fire right now as many years of repression are being acknowledged and released. Had an amazing bodywork experience with it recently.
Alchemize deisire. Okay, yes, I needed that. Thank you, indeed!

Have a splendid weekend all! I look forward to more when I get back....

5/5/07 4:22 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

And let me guess:

Scorpio: I desire.

Am I right? :o)

5/5/07 5:03 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Juju, the pictures of the crocheted coral reef are interesting. Something very touching and unusual about them.

It reminds me of the antidote in the bean. Here we are consuming and destroying, while some are observing, admiring and copying. There must be enough of this to preserve things as we go. It's always a treat for me when this gets attention.

Here is a direct link to these charming oddities.

Deep Sea Yarns

5/5/07 1:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I was thinking about the Taurus-Scorpio axis and desire. I've always noticed in groups the marauding predatory instinct at work, beyond what it was initially designed for -- procuring food. I think we are in an intermediary stage of evolution as we come to grips with this and our resources.

Taurus feels desire and instinctively reaches for the object to satisfy. Scorpio likes the feeling of desire, so they often experiment with denial or delayed gratification. Abstinence is common in Scorpio types.

Pluto in our charts is often where we can't enough. Maybe there is sound reason for this.

As Pluto, governing this relationship with resources on the earth goes into Capricorn, I can already tell there will be restriction and control, maybe as the collective learns about the desire nature. Interstingly, partway into the transit, Uranus will go into Taurus to trine. In some ways, I expect some evolution in the infantile immediate gratification aspect of many. This country has a Pluto in Capricorn natally so she could be in the vanguard.

5/5/07 1:36 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

jm, I thought of you when I read this latest column from the inestimable Mark Morford. Pluto in Cap, here we come!

The Hippies Were Right!

5/5/07 1:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, it's happening and no one can successfully deny it. The next big political movement.

Nothing is a mistake and it's all connected. Now the hippie movement is realizing it's connection. We can't delete any event good or bad as we evolve. That's why the Iraq situation will prove its value in the end, and I think it was part of the natural evolution of the Islamic world that's in full swing now. We need this so the whole group can move ahead without this dead weight.

I was growing up in the hippie days, but I was more of a beatnik myself. There is an ongoing alternative link that will always express in society. A lot of people are missing it, but a good portion of the kids coming up right now are smart and concerned.

One of the biggest movements developing is the one toward locally grown food, and this is great. Whole Foods is leading the way in subsidies to small farmers. The problem is growth. They have to learn to sustain it, but that's what Saturn is all about.

The small farmers have to grow to compete while the corps have to diminish, which will happen from their own overgrowth and competition. It's always always in flux.

5/5/07 2:09 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The hard thing for most people to grasp is that the whole organism is one and it has survival instincts like every individual. If you ever really watch someone die, you can see the power of life, too. Or the earth coming to life in the spring. Or grass pushing cement.

All of this movement we are perceiving is from within and limited. If you took a tour through your own body for one day, you would be shocked and horrified as many are with collective behavior now.

One thing is probably certain. We are alive and will contnue in this vein, everything being designed to achieve this. The funny thing to me is how man even thinks he can wipe himself off the planet.

5/5/07 2:18 PM  

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