Tuesday, April 24, 2007

North Node in Aries or the First House

The North Node in Aries is seeking encounter with himself. After years of looking for his reflection in others' faces, he finally has come to the clear and still mirror in which his own face appears. The separation that existed for so long brings ecstasy to this meeting. The person he recognizes as the one he's always wanted.
While the SN in Aries has grown weary of looking at his familiar visage, the NN doesn't yet know this person, and only wants to look longer and further to make his aquaintance. Every NN in Aries knows exactly why Narcissus fell in love with himself so rapturously, innocently, and completely.

Survival. The NN Aries is here to live. He often comes from some weakness in the family line and a renewed vigor is found in his protoplasm, as survival is paramount, and he surpasses those before him. The challenges of living do not daunt him as he grasps life and gets ready to ride. His senses are keen, his mind is alert, his reactions are quick, he's excited to be alive.

Dominance. This NN is unafraid to charge fully into his environment and take control of his immediate surroundings. The turf is his, and while other people can easily deal out abuse as they establish dominance, the NN Aries has the skill to be the top dog with elan, sincerity, and rightness. He knows he is the best in many ways and is motivated to prove it. The world respects his position and falls in line behind him knowing they will be expertly led. The more the Aries accepts and uses this urge, the better off everybody is. Shrinking and following is a dead end, only shortchanging the group, which always needs leadership in this fundamental in-the-field way. He is the scout, ahead of the pack, looking out for its safety. Vital to its survival, as well as his own.

Aggression. The immediate uninhibited thrust into experience is the right of an Aries, and the way he performs best. Timidity is not in his interests. Many abuses of aggressive behavior have been noted by the experts, but not with this NN. He was designed to butt his way through, leaning into the environment with no holds. If people get hurt, it's their doing. They should not get in the way. He's on his own path, not intentionally targeting anyone else, so the best place for others to be, is beside or behind him. When this nodeholder triumphs over the fear of bothering these others, he's on his way.

Search for identity and the fire within. Early on when the NN Aries is defining himself through people, he knows it's only a matter of time before circumstance pushes him out in search of his own perspective. After the initial encounter with his reflection, he progresses to the study and testing of the things he can become. His identity is so undeveloped that he can actually create himself to his specifications. Once he extricates himself from what he thought he was in people's eyes, and possibly after fear and confusion, feeling so naked, he starts to perceive himself from his pure responses, exclusive of others' input. This is one of his greatest joys; knowing his singularity no matter how much it conflicts with popular opinion. And it often does. No one sees through everything more precisely than the Aries NN, forming his own opinions, making his own judgements. Knowing he is right.
Coming from the loving and cooperative air element, he is embracing the instinctive fire of personal actualization. The fire burns at its hottest, brightest, and most intense in Aries. He is inspired by himself.

Strength, vitality, potential energy, and power. The Aries NN is discovering his strength and feeling his muscle. Like a newborn animal that must stand immediately to survive, the Aries NN has this much determination. Having given a great deal of power to others, he now is ready to use it for himself. The fear of denying them can sap his strength until he realizes how much there will be left over to help people anyway. The internalizing of this power in order to manifest his unlimited potential is the option. Aries is the metal in the life-giving blood that flows unimpeded in his veins, creating vigor that flows from himself into the world. He is primed and capable of great feats, surprising when unleashed, and highly creative when unrestrained. Ambition is at its highest point in Aries.
Courage, confidence, and will. The fearlessness that defines Aries is at its best in the NN. Intimidation by others or feeling beholden to them has grown useless, since these demands and desires are out of synchronization with the Aries NN's destiny. Once he establishes his solo path, a newfound belief in his abilities emerges with great impact. He knows he can do anything if he decides to do it. The world bends to his demands as people recognize the force they are encountering. When he takes charge, things work out not only for himself, but everyone in his realm.
Leadership. At first it can be terrifying for these nodeholders to lead individuals, not wanting to be responsible for any misfortune that comes their way. But after years of seeing them constantly misled, some feel the urge to step in and take over, rather than watch the group sink under faulty guidance. There is frequently a purity to the Aries fire that people trust. He maintains dominance not by punishing or belittling the people he's leading, but by clear directed action, arousing them to follow. He might not be a great administrator or a cooperative part of a complex system, but the job of leading others out of danger, or to an improved situation, is his. He has the confidence if he doesn't slip and get misled himself. The world moves ahead in his care, although he might choose to remain solo and leave the group entirely behind.

Independence and pursuit of his own aims. Going off alone is vital to the NN Aries, whether he's leading or not. After lifetimes of supporting the creative ventures of other people, this native is bursting with potential, talent, and goals of his own. Many things interest him and now he has the time and space to follow his desires. He can finally develop his skills apart from social pressure. It scares him to leave the heat and noise of the crowd, feeling like the people will disappear and leave him lonely, but the only way he can pursue his vision is to separate at least temporarily. The crowd goes nowhere in reality. He can rejoin at any time. But he often discovers that the more he entertains himself, the less he needs the rest of them. And when he does go in for connection, it's with less dependency and more pleasure, especially as he shows off his new and improved persona, that gets better with each journey out.
Participation without drainage. Often when the NN Aries gives too much, he feels drained and loses the joy of participating. He goes off resenting people and feeling ignored. As his independence grows, however, he finds genuine enthusiasm for socialization returning, and the empty drained feeling turns to energy and robust enjoyment. He finds out how much he, as an individual, has to contribute and wants to go back and do it again, better than ever.
Real respect and approval. In the beginning when people admire this NN person, he often changes the subject being so used to flattering others for his survival. As he develops his identity and confidence, a new kind of approval comes, much more substantial than he knew before. This makes the effort all worth it.

Supporting beam.The age old habit of jumping to give energy away no longer works as the NN in Aries is now ready to completely support himself. The inner steel of Aries is his to own as he finds strength unavailable to him previously. But far from abandoning companions to flop in weakness, they also miraculously thrive in his aura, much more than they ever did before. It happens automatically, with no effort, as the Aries life force expressing itself becomes exponential. He is now the central beam in his own house, firm and indestructible.
Facing challenge and trusting impulse. The NN in Aries is undaunted as he welcomes any experience that comes his way. He knows he can handle it. While before he often halted and second guessed himself, now he is prepared to go directly into life knowing his instincts and decisions are right, his moves accurate, and his competence unquestioned. He can do it.
Honesty. One of the finest traits of this nodeholder is his honesty. He sees the pretense all around him and remembers well the need to compromise the truth in order to gain approval. He is now ready to abandon this practice and fully express his likes and dislikes no matter what the consequences. The freedom to be his genuine self is one of his greatest joys, and other people are often entranced by the clear light that emanates from his eyes and his refreshing ability to tell it exactly like it is.
Autonomy. This person's life is his own. He has carte blanche to do what he wants to do, when, where, how and with whom he wants to do it ...... go where he wants to go, and be who he wants to be. No one else gets this ticket but the NN in Aries. He's payed in full.
Top: Orem Sherman. 2nd: Gregory Alexander
3rd: Sonja Bulaty and Angelo Lomeo


Anonymous Midara said...

Thank you so much for this. I am currently on the path to discovering and using my own North Node in Aries, and this is truly inspiring.

24/4/07 9:31 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Jm this has nothing to do with your post (lovely). I just found out my mother-in-law has Saturn in Leo. I feel crazy for not having noticed...not only that, she has Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Leo.
She has spent 30 years caring for her mother nad husband (they all live together). The eternal care-giver.What do you make with all that Leo???

24/4/07 11:53 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Midara, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate this. I added a section on honesty at the end, one of the most important ones. There are so many of you out there and it's a treat to hear from you all.

25/4/07 1:25 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Chrispito, that's so much Leo I don't know where to begin. You tell me. What's she like? Do you like her?

25/4/07 1:29 AM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Mornin' everyone. Welcome Midara! Jm's place is fabulous, isn't it?
Jm, that's so much Leo, I know. I am feeling strange that I didn't pick up on it being her second SR, as it is my first...She is a devout Christian (which makes me a bit nervous given my history).
She always wanted children but married a man who already had three and never wanted them to feel that she loved 'her child' more, and so didn't have any of her own. Her new husband became sick with a permanent, degenerative disease almost immediately after they married and she has been his primary care-giver ever since.
She also has lived with her mother since her father died and they lost their farm (about thirty years ago).
I feel like she comes from the school of hard knocks. But she's always friendly, asks lots of questions, is very positive. I do like her, but I always feel nervous around her. Actually, I feel like I must also keep up the 'life is great and god is good.'
She won't ever call to say hi, but is always friendly to talk to when you call her. She's busy. Always moving. Her mother and husband really, really need her and they would both be in permanent long-term care if it wasn't for her retiring early to look after them. (She gave up university after her parents lost their farm due to her father's proud refusal for financial help from the government to keep it going).
She's told me that she feels like her husband's first wife had all the best (as in healthy and vital) years. I think she's right, in a way.
She is amazing. But as for emotions, they are hard to read. Do I like her? Yes, I do. But I feel like I will never become really close to her, and I admit to feelings of inadequacy and feeling left out. My partner and I live further away and have no kids and aren't married (as is his sibling). Hm. Makes me think of sending an email to say hi...
Anyhoo, it is a grey day and I am going to spend it making a dress out of some lovely floral fabric I bought!

25/4/07 9:01 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

jm, I just want to tell you AGAIN how wonderful these posts on the Nodes are!! :-)

I sent the links for this one & SN in Libra to a couple of women friends with these Nodes. Not surprising i have connections with people w/these Nodes with all my Libra . . . . it is tough to watch how these Nodes play out in real life.

25/4/07 9:57 AM  
Anonymous meristem said...

You are so eloquent JM...

So much of this resonated with me though my NN is Pisces. But my moon is in Aries -though only one degree in- and the challenges and journeys of this NN correspond so much with what I have recently been awakening to in myself. How I love that, the divine timing.
Is there any relatedness? You were telling Joe that the nodes are mathematical something or other and different from the planets and their placements, they seem to cover more space and time...

25/4/07 10:45 AM  
Anonymous -pd- said...

jm, I just dropped by to say again, THANKS -- these are "my" nodes. I read your words yesterday -- feeling myself vibrating as I did so -- and printed them out for study and refernce. That's all I can say right now, as I'm on a short work break.

25/4/07 1:05 PM  
Blogger jm said...

it is tough to watch how these Nodes play out in real life.

You're tellin' me neith.

But my moon is in Aries

A lot of this applies to Aries in general.

the challenges and journeys of this NN correspond so much with what I have recently been awakening to in myself. How I love that, the divine timing.
Is there any relatedness?

Absolutely. The NN is transiting in Pisces now so you're having what's called a nodal return, as it comes back to its orginal position in your chart. This Pisces is in conflict with your Moon in Aries--Pisces being retreat, Aries aggression. So pushing out and pulling back is the name of the game, with the aim of pushing out the spiritual, inspired part of yourself. This is happening clearly. This Aries node resonates with the Moon. It can be uncomfortable to fully reveal this part but you get used to it and it comes easier and easier. Virgo is accustomed to straightening everything out in small practical ways, but now doing this with broad strokes and emotional inspiration is the ticket. Still the fixing occurs (as in the dragon story), so it's equal either way, but the poetic feels better and engages you more fully. The Aries moon is the leadership aspect and the emotional strength.

The Moon being at 1 degree is the whole story. Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be there very very soon so you are getting ready to deal fully with your mother, your womanhood, and your inner strength. Aries Moons are like Amazons. They are the height of female power and know how to compete in a man's world. They are like men, and early in the life this can cause inner conflict. They feel that women have every right to be at the top, but it's different from the mouthing of platitudes about this that most women do, being really unprepared to face it deep down, some even being comfortable in the subservient role, but won't admit it. Just smoldering anger and resentment develop instead of going into the fray, hoping to bring 'men' down, which ain't gonna happen. The Aries IS ready. She's born ready.
I'd like to know your experience with this since I also have this setup.

As an Aries rising with the NN I've always felt that my progression in the world is entirely my own doing. No one is holding me back but myself. In fact, conversely, the world receives me well when I'm at the top of my Aries game.

Pd, concise and good words.

25/4/07 3:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

it is a grey day and I am going to spend it making a dress out of some lovely floral fabric I bought!

You sew!!!!!!! OMG!
We're going to have to talk about this chrispito.

25/4/07 3:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You were telling Joe that the nodes are mathematical something or other and different from the planets and their placements, they seem to cover more space and time...

This is very interesting meristem. Well put.

The nodes are where the orbit of the Moon crosses that of the Sun, so they exist only as moving points in space. The idea that they are more encompassing is a great one. I think this is true.

Some think that the South covers all of time, past lives and such, and the North maybe all of the future, in that it signifies our unlimited potential more than any planet.

This is why the NN in Aries exemplifies the very best characteristics of the sign and these people can get the full magnitude of Aries power.

Here is the original introduction to the nodes:

The Magnificent Nodes of the Moon

25/4/07 4:29 PM  
Anonymous meristem said...

A million thank yous for sharing your grace and wisdom.
What you expounded upon feels exactly like the threshhold I am in the process of crossing. The fullness of womanhood and the attendant strength from a true and deep place seems to be beckoning. I have indeed been an emotional warrior of self (I have always felt it but I can name this now). I and my inner light have guided me out of the dark deep, constantly telling me, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes with full screams, "you're not supposed to feel this way (self-loathing, paralyzing insecurity, major emotional repression then depression, etc.). You are a buoyant spirit and you must let your light shine." I have come a long way and am ever thatnkful that I was supplied with the tools to nuture and grow myself this way. Yes, I am coming into a recognition of myself as Warrior. I am ready to embody it rather than long for it. There was no template for this in my family. And it has been frightening and lonely but I also feel very strong and embrace it now. Now I want to share it more fully. Coming out into the world with it after traversing the inner frontier for many years.

Your integrated wisdom and desire to share it has helped me so much because I am reminded that I am not making this up. The validation so often comes after the lessons are learned, the journey is made. Beacons and signposts to say, "yes, you are indeed on the right track and are perceiving correctly."

How fortunate I am to have been guided here to your magical meadow.....

I would like to ask you to clarify what you mean by 'fixing' here:
Still the fixing occurs (as in the dragon story), so it's equal either way...

And by the way, I hope you are taking good care and feeling the love as you deal with your own present challenges, my dear dragon!

25/4/07 6:23 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Yes, I am coming into a recognition of myself as Warrior. I am ready to embody it rather than long for it.

I love this.

This dragon is reuniting with her strength, partly because of your words.

Virgo is the maintenance man who knows exactly how things work and what to do to repair them. Pisces is spiritual emotional repair. Many good psychological therapists fall into this category.

Sories, songs, myths, dreams, etc. are part of the MO of the spiritual repairman. A much more diffuse technique, using unseen powers, more than the pure Virgo. I love the Virgo-Pisces combination.

In terms of my experience, I have reason to believe that the lows are swinging up in a wide arc in my life to the highs, but it will be slow and steady. So your dragon story verified this (the timing was TOO accurate), at the same time reminded me of the patience needed, knowing with confidence that this is reality. You bringing in the mystical with the practical was just the potion I could use.
So thank you, medicine woman.

25/4/07 6:37 PM  
Blogger jm said...


The concept of a never ending story is a beautiful and accurate descripion of life's processes. Perfect.

25/4/07 6:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Another thing I want to add is this. People are often criticized, humiliated, punished, and made fearful about traits that are in fact there. What is missing is attention to the assets. If we bank on those, often the negatives automatically fall into line. I think it is of utmost importance that we encourage one another and point these out honestly, and not by false flattery. Aries especially knows the value of great skill and to help people develop their potential, makes them feel good, aside from making a better environment altogether.
I've always wanted people to be their best, because it makes it better for me. So simple.

25/4/07 6:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh, and Btw, meristem. There is more to the dragon story, which I'll tell you when I return. next installment.

25/4/07 6:58 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

I have a friend who has NN in first house. She is sun sign pisces, cancer rising. Very watery in many ways. BUT she has NN and moon conjuct in leo, 1st house. So she can be SO strong. And always in a good cause. She is a high school special ed teacher in a small rural school district. I'll send this along. I know she'll see herself. Thanks,:)!

25/4/07 8:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks for the input on this juno. Good gal, good story. NN in the first is the strongest. Mixed with that empathy, people around her got lucky.

25/4/07 9:30 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The Dragon Fix. Chapter 2.

My mentor as a dramatist was a Leo Dragon (Chinese astrology).
When I wept so uninhibitedly in the Neverending Story over Artex, the horse, the child in front of me thought I was overdoing it, I think. The Dragon was there, too, though, and he thought it was a fairly acceptable moment. You know, self expression and all.

26/4/07 3:24 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Another thing I want to add is this. People are often criticized, humiliated, punished, and made fearful about traits that are in fact there. What is missing is attention to the assets. If we bank on those, often the negatives automatically fall into line.

This is exactly what I experienced and exactly what the study of my chart has done in the end, helped along by you, jm. :o)

26/4/07 4:33 AM  
Anonymous meristem said...

Thank you for sharing more about the dragon and its significance for you. (My dad gave me a Chinese astrology book recently, I'll have to look into that.)

All I knew, of course, was that the dragon seemed to characterize my sense of you, from what you have revealed here, and that, though it felt personal, I had to be brave and share because though I could have no idea its significance for you, the little intuitive voice said there might be a gift in it for you. And whew! I'm so glad there was!

your humble messenger,

26/4/07 7:17 AM  
Anonymous meristem said...

What is missing is attention to the assets.

And yes! by all means, glass half full. Why look only for what's missing and then 'missing' all that's there is!

26/4/07 7:19 AM  
Blogger jm said...

This is exactly what I experienced and exactly what the study of my chart has done in the end, helped along by you, jm

Joe it's been a pleasure sharing my knowledge with you, since rarely do people pay this much attention and find the ability to absorb, understand it, and use it the way you do. And take is seriously. It makes it all worth it for me.
The underestimation of its potential and, of course, the cheap desecration of this dignified study pains me.
This is the down side of the Net as I didn't have to deal with unskilled, astrologers before, so I'm learning to try and ignore the preponderance and misguidance. I've learned through you that that some want the real thing.

26/4/07 2:38 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Meristem, there's even more to this dragon who was instrumantal in my actualization as an artist. He impacted the environment with his skills more powerfully than anyone I've known. He taught me.
The path has been difficult as far as performance goes, because of my Saturn in Leo in the 5th. The timing was spectacular. Saturn is just passing over my original Saturn by transit now, and Neptune, the dream master is opposite. The magic is real.

26/4/07 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I've learned through you that that some want the real thing.

I accept no substitutes in life, whether it's food for the body or food for the mind. :o)

26/4/07 3:52 PM  

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