Monday, April 16, 2007

Stagnant Waters

Decay is essential to the continuation of life. It provides the fertile ground for new growth. Scorpio is associated with stagnant water, poison rivers, and matter which must be eliminated to maintain healthy systems; the birth and death cycle that continues eternally in natural rhythm.

This new moon in Aries with the coming full moon in Scorpio is worth paying attention to, since within the last year, the Aries-Scorpio theme has been repeated several times. Something is getting through. Aries with Scorpio is the sword that cuts away the decayed matter cleanly, swiftly, and completely, although it might have taken a long time to get ready for this decisive moment.

When Jupiter was about to leave Scorpio last October-November you may recall the great stellium that occurred with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. During that time there was also an Aries Full Moon. I remember it well. With this came the dramatic Democratic victory, heralding political change and an end to the decayed phase being endured. We are now experiencing more of this release as the lunation is digging deep into the pockets of our society to rid the collective of the waste. It's time to cut it loose and there is no better way than with an Aries New Moon.

The same course of action applies to people's personal lives. I'm deleting three specific things from my life and getting ready to forge ahead.
When I think of Aries, I think of the source.

Here is the roaring and tumbling, crystal clean and cold water at Gangotri, the source of the Ganges River. White and silver renewal. Invigorating life.
New Moon in Aries.
Top photo: Vivian Russell. 2nd: F. Wenders


Blogger Neith said...

I have to tell you, jm, that it took me awhile to realize what you were getting by the Aries/Scorpio thing . . . but when it did dawn on me it was a "duh, how could you miss that!"

16/4/07 9:35 AM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

Have a question for all you practicing astrologers..I currently have Sat opp natal sat and it will be turing direct on the same degree in two days. Any thoughts on how this functions?

Don't worry I'm sure I'll be telling you how it all turns out, astrologer's lab rat, I...

In the meantime, take care, Juno

16/4/07 10:14 AM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

I love the way you visualize the aries/scorpio thing jm. And again the pics are astounding...

16/4/07 10:16 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

Hi Juno!! Robert Hand does a great job with this aspect over on Astrodienst (you do have that website?!). This is the halfway point between Saturn Returns - the "reaping phase" . . . here is a portion of Robert's interpretation:

snip . . In a similar way, relationships that were not straightened out several years ago will also prove very difficult at this time and may very well break up completely.

If your affairs are working out positively, this influence represents a material peak in your life. By this time you have made the impact upon others that you were supposed to make. It is as if you have said to the world, "Here is what I am." Now, during the next fourteen years, the world will reply, "And here are the consequences of what you are."

16/4/07 11:07 AM  
Blogger jm said...

In keeping with this Aries arousal, I'm up most of the time!!!

The New Moon in Aries is connected to the Mars in Libra progression going retrograde in this country, and why we are stuck in Iraq.

The other news is just coverup. This is the underlying big issue. the collective wants out, but until we finish this process of elimination, we can't achieve this.

this altercation has been one this country's biggest lessons. It will all be seen in retrospect.

There is something deep represented by the current outgoing government that has been hindering our progress, and it has to do with our aggressive impulses and what we do with them, indicated by the retrograde. The military is in revolt. The whole thing is changing direction. The Mars is just around the station now, so it's a long laborious process.

This is also why we have no real leadership presently on the horizon. No one to lead us out. We will, but this process of release has to be complete in true Scorpionic fashion as Pluto leaves Sagittarius...foreign power games.

This lunation is Mars-Pluto, usually associated with ruthless power plays. The other side is the use of the Mars to help us. Whatever gets in the way of Aries will be thrust into. This is why I've emphasized the cutting away of the diseased parts, so we can go ahead with another incarnation, indicated by Pluto across the USA ascendant.

It's all beautifully connected, and opportunities keep coming one after another. This is a big one.

16/4/07 11:36 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Now, juno.

This is also a big deal. Saturn going direct and on into Virgo.

Whenever a planet stations on an exact degree it's very important. What adds to this even more in your case is the fact that these planetary positions rule your 5th/11th nodes.

The collective calling indicated by your saturn in Aquarius, which includes your one-on-one partners (7th house) is being fine tuned now. So there is a calling for you to forego some of the personal attention and spread it out among all of us, which you obviously have been doing.

The Saturn shows a series of one-on-ones within the group.
Saturn in Aquarius also is a block to intellectual confidence, and now is the time for this to be recognized. Your insight and your unique perspective.

This is part of it, but I know personally that whenever you arrive I'm in for stimulating conversation. Now, more than ever. Maybe you used to run away at times from the full expression of this, but not now. The station will guide you in this last opportunity for 29 years.

This station is something to watch closely all the way around, as those in the spotlight are looking dimmer and dimmer.

16/4/07 11:57 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Another issue with Saturn in Aquarius is authority.
Uranus-Saturn. Freedom from the internal voice of old. On to progressive pursuits outside the traditional system.

With the SN in Capricorn there is a weariness with those who think they can control, along with a reluctance to be in a position of authority, remembering past lives in this capacity. Freedom all the way around is the urge, but put to use for the benefit of the group.

There are many levels of this in your life with all the Capricorn and Aquarius, but now is a big step in that direction in preparation for the upcoming Pluto transformation.

16/4/07 12:06 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

Thank you, jm and Neith. You have give me some valuble information to mull over ad meditate on. I do feel like that robert hand description. I have all my art and creative ability out o the table right now, everything from painting, to baking, to's like I have thrown every creative outlet that I would enjoy doing for the rest of my time out into the universe to see how it is find out what 'sticks' so to say. Personally, I like having it all...:). I percieve this sat going direct as a place where a lot of energies that have been building up since dec are released. I see sat entering my second house as a opportunity to get a lot of work done. I'll probably have to work anyways, it might as well as be enjoyable and a conscious choice.

I'm enjoying the energy of this aries full moon -a fresh start aspect-trine with pluto with it's rebirth themes...thank you for the perfect meditation to ponder today..

16/4/07 1:29 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

And thank you again jm, for the nodal insight...hadn't thought of it from that perspective before, it certainly gives another dimension to the aspects...

16/4/07 1:30 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

That photo of the Ganges is just amazing. What a difference from the slow, dirty and silty river we see more often!

jm, you may have competition on your nodes book from Jan Spiller. I ran across her book "Astrology of the Soul" today. It's readable but she's got nothing on you for turns of phrase and photography.

16/4/07 4:31 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, thank you! I'm so glad you found Jan Spiller. I like her book and I use it as meditation sometimes; just opening up to the SN in Scorpio and see what pops out.

I lived in an ashram near Gangotri and the river was so beautiful and clean. Best drinking water I've ever tasted. The source is clean, the mouth, dirty, so it goes. Yin-Yang, you know.

16/4/07 4:55 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Jm, your observations light up my life! All of you here really teach me things. I'm enjoying looking at the patterns and cycles... I am so very grateful.

I'm getting used to Pluto dancing with my Ascendant. I think I have died multiple times in the last four months. Every time I emerge I feel a big phhhhew! I'm glad you're burning brightly, Jm :)

16/4/07 8:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Hey chrispito. I'm having big Pluto problems too. But it's been so many planets it's like theater of the absurd at this point. It's opposite Uranus at the moment.

16/4/07 8:44 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Chrispito, Jm
My Pluto buddies.

My son said much the same Chrispito, when Pluto went over his asc a couple of years ago. Now it is on his Neptune. It's all in the family - this Pluto drama. My sag planets and MC have been visited, now it's my Sun. My mother has Saturn conjunct Moon at 27 Sag. The family is transforming together, like it or not. We just become increasingly philosophical....

16/4/07 8:57 PM  
Blogger jm said...

We just become increasingly philosophical

The perfect solution.

We should start a philosophical society of Pluto experts.

One Pluto drama has been dragging on for over a month and WILL NOT reach a conclusion. Maybe tomorrow??????????? Please, please, please.... If there is a something or other in charge.
It's been years in the making so I should be patient.

Does Pluto keep testing our limits? Expand them exponentially?

16/4/07 9:25 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Ah!! Tseka!
Pluto has brought me the most amazing blessings in my life. It is phenomenal. I have been slowly building knowledge over the last couple of years, and I just figured out Pluto is in my life for the long hall.
A bonus is that I easily forget the pain...have you experienced this?

I say I've died, but it is so beautiful to feel this way! The only thing I find a tad embarassing is the long-distant stare I seem to have adopted when things go wonky. It just goes on forever!! My stare and the transit! LOL!!

17/4/07 1:03 AM  

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