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South Node in Libra or the Seventh House

The South Node in Libra defines an excessive attachment to approval and a clinging to dependency that holds one back from fully seeking a unique destiny. These nodeholders are caught on a treadmill of relationship. Their age old skill often keeps them trapped in apparently successful alliances, yet inwardly, they seek flight and freedom. Togetherness no longer makes them feel good about themselves, yet as soon as they are alone, they seek to escape once more into another one-on-one. Their motivation for action has always been a reaction to someone else's moves, and this now impedes their full enjoyment of life. They know they want to travel solo in some fundamental way.
Identity. These SNs are immersed in others' personalities to the extent that they they lose touch with who they are as individuals. They take their cues from others' opinions and often second guess their choices, even when they know initially they were right. They see everything from other people's points of view to the exclusion, at times, of their best judgement. They often associate their successes or failures with those of others, delaying the development of confidence in themselves. Old patterns lead them to seek out people with whom they can identify, but they usually find the differences becoming increasingly overbearing, sometimes becoming an internal battle for survival.

Under the gun of approval. The fear of displeasing people can be so strong with these nodeholders that they anticipate a metaphoric annihilation. Sometimes they will do the horrible deed, but feel such remorse that they change their minds and cooperate unconditionally. They often dissolve at any show of attention and forget their unpopular original aims, so vivid is their memory of harmony. Reshaping, covering up, smiling in agreement, pleasing and supporting constantly, eventually bring the Libra SNs to complete frustration and sometimes major conflict to bring about the inevitable and secretly longed for separation, and onward to their search for themselves. And back they will go to please again and again, wondering why the others aren't REALLY pleased.
Indecisiveness. Tied together with approval is the exasperating inability to make clear, fast, and firm decisions, feeling an uneasiness about the repercussions. They have difficulty understanding that their lives are entirely their own, to do with what they want. Others can fit into their decisions; they know this when at their best, but usually the reverse is the case, and they bend, twist, and contort to fit into the alien program, trying to rationalize and convince themselves that it will work out, and they will get their way too. Satisfaction eludes, they wait and see what will happen, staying busy weighing far too many options.
Excessive fairplay. The SN Libras are afraid of doing the wrong thing and not serving justice even when it hurts them to remain bonded to equality and fairness. Tat for tat, good deeds begetting endless good deeds, no act of sweetness unreciprocated, and never an unkind ignoring of another's demands, can leave these people exhausted, wondering why relationships end up unfulfilling despite this merry-go-round of cooperation. The exciting liberation of doing the not-so-perfectly-right thing remains out of their grasp as they become increasingly diminished in this outworn goodness of behavior. They've been kind enough. Too kind.
Fear of rejecting others. This terrifies SN Libras so much that they would 1,000,000 times rather be the rejected party. They stay in unrewarding situations waiting for the ax to be dropped by anyone but themselves. When by some miracle they cut someone loose, there are often doubts, regrets, and hopes that they can still get together again and work it out. The complete separation they know they need sometimes comes too late for a clean and satisfactory feeling of freedom. Recognizing the impossibility of satisfaction, and having the strength to act decisively are much needed characteristics in order for these natives to move ahead and discover genuine progress. The act of rejecting, itself, is an establishment of firm identity and confidence.

Conflict. There are many variations on this theme. Sometimes these natives fight frequently, sometimes they put it off until a major explosion occurs. There is an underlying discomfort with the disruption of peace and harmony, but the inability to refuse to compromise eats away at them, creating ongoing resentments. They often feel an initial impulse to stand their ground, but find themselves weakening as they fear the inevitable disagreement. They have a difficult time establishing boundaries, yet feel the urge to defend themselves as the lines drawn get more and more vague. The Libra SNs know all there is to know about maintaining successful relationships, and quarreling is a necessary part. The problem now is that they are drained by this effort, yet fear what they really want to do .... walk away. And best of all, keep the conflict from happening in the first place, unless self-initiated for good reason. Continual bickering keeps them trapped in burdensome explanations and justifications. They would rather act than explain. Apologies have lost their effectiveness.
Getting one's way, making demands, and winning. Speaking up and demanding decisions be made in their favor can be very difficult, especially when someone else seems to lose in the process. To be accused of being selfish is ghastly, but this is exactly what works best. Me first. It's not selfish in the way others think, it's smart and necessary. The competetive urge is as powerful as it gets, yet when push comes to shove, they back away from coming out on top. Always putting other people's needs before their own has become archaic. Doing what they want is paramount.

Loneliness. The hardest part of possessing the SN in Libra is the fear of loneliness. They think the desolation of being by themselves will be unbearable, but they frequently don't get far enough into this state to know if this is true or not. As soon as the slightest feelings of isolation grow, they run for rescue. At a very high price. What they fail to realize is the fact that they will probably not be alone at all. People will come to them automatically, especially when they sense the lack of neediness. The person who can be around the multitudes, yet be totally self absorbed if she chooses, exemplifies a great talent for these nodeholders to cultivate. The gullibility, the speedy response to others, and even a certain pleading quality they sometimes project, is gladly exchanged for this autonomy, as the time alone becomes full of life and vitality, the time together balanced and enjoyable, with ease of separation. The relationship with the self is the primary one.
Oversensitivity to the disharmonious needs of everyone. It'll drive you crazy.
The Libra SNs are bringing their expertise in compromise, cooperation, and support of others, home to themselves, stepping out of the confines of one-on-ones, to develop a full relationship with the self. The North Node in Aries. A great one.
Top: Carey Armstrong-Ellis. 3rd: Lynn Curlee. Bottom: Pompeii. Charred body in ashes of Mt. Vesuvius.


Anonymous AcousticGod said...

I was watching Jon Stewart's Daily Show last night, and he had on an author who'd written a book on Sequoias. I thought that was kind of neat. I don't remember the author or the name of the book. They always play repeats of the show the next day. If I catch it, I'll post it.

13/4/07 7:48 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

WOW! Since I'm acquainted with people with this Node this is so accurate it's scary! Well worth the wait, jm. You are so amazingly good with the Nodes..... Always awaiting the next installment with great anticipation! Yay, jm!! :-)

13/4/07 8:48 AM  
Anonymous Urania said...

Good piece of writing. You've really got that Libra South Node perfectly.

13/4/07 1:40 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks acousticgod. They are popping up everywhere!

Neith, I have learned so much from you, having the opposite nodes. I'd like to cover this in time. Thanks for your support on this, they are so close to my heart.

Urania, I like your site very much. This is exciting, the astro network. I don't know if you're aware of the fact that this is my node! it was quite an experience writing this one. I have watched myself diligently for at least 20 years fall into this SN behavior, and still I have to be vigilant. I have a feeling, though, that after this, I might notice some progress

13/4/07 2:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Btw, urania. I am as interested in the ascendant as I am the nodes. I think it's the most important point in the chart, and the key to self actualization. With this knowledge, along with an understanding of the Saturn position and the nodes, we have a chance. I thought I was the only one who read Schulman's little informative book. I agree with you.

13/4/07 3:05 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

I love it jm! And your thoughtful selection of illustrations remind me of tarot-style symbolism. I could visualize meditating on each of them. I hope someday you expand and publish this essay. You have a very concise way of writing and there is a need for straight-forward books on the subject of the nodes.

I met an astrologer today. Very colorful lady from NY. Taurus sun, leo moon, aquarius rising. It was fun to meet someone with a good knowlege of the subject. We're going to be keeping in touch with her (she does marketing for businesses and is opening a holistic herb store)so I can't wait to compare notes. :)

Well tomorrow is coming too early for me, Have a good night. Take care all,Juno

13/4/07 7:44 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

ARRGH! The 'just-one-more-article' bug bit and I happened upon this one. I hadn't thought too much about chiron conj. neptune. Happening right before the uranus/pluto square, this should be interesting...

13/4/07 8:28 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Juno, maybe later they'll look back wondering how they could have missed the knowledge of the nodes. Astrology is in big transition now. This is a good start. I've always been ahead of the pack. A book might be in the cards, and it will be a beauty.

It's odd to watch it all. People are amazed when they recognize themselves in the nodes, and the solution to life's puzzle. Yet, often they move right past this kind of knowledge, letting it slip through their fingers. At least I've seen this in my experience. Then they turn over all kinds of strange rocks looking for clues, when the directions are so often simple and straightforward.

But I do admit, it's next to impossible to solve it all. A little progress is helpful along the way, though.

13/4/07 9:43 PM  
Blogger jm said...

That's an interesting article juno.

the conjunction takes place near the degree of discovery of the planet Neptune, twenty-five degrees Aquarius. This will be the first planetary "return" of Neptune to its discovery position. If Uranus (the only modern planet that has made "returns" to its point of discovery) is any indication, a return represents an intensification of the archetypal influence of planet. For instance, when Uranus returned to its discovery position in 1865, slavery was abolished in the United States.

This return is also on the USA Moon at 27.

13/4/07 9:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Probably the greatest theme that will likely emerge during this conjunction is an emphasis on healing, mind-body integration, and ecological-remedial efforts.

Very interesting indeed. It goes with the Uranus in Aries and the Pluto square. I can see the signs already.
Thanks for dropping this in.

13/4/07 9:53 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I agree with Juno about the hints of the Tarot here, jm. :o)

14/4/07 6:40 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

This certainly resonates with me, a 7th house south node. In Virgo. With Vetex /moon.

Yes indeed.

14/4/07 5:22 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Tseka, you and me both. What in particular seems to fit?

Writing this might have changed my life. We'll see.

14/4/07 8:59 PM  

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