Tuesday, April 03, 2007

History Lesson

Applying poison with a brush. "Fashionable men and women powdered and painted themselves almost beyond recognition in the 18th century, at times leading to a bizarre contrast between the dictates of high fashion and the commonsense demands of basic hygiene. Both sexes painted their faces white, although the dangers of using toxic white lead and mercury were already known by the 1720's. The facial marks of smallpox were hidden by patches of black fabric. Conventional shapes, such as moons and stars, were replaced by fanciful lovebirds or tiny silouettes of the wearer's friends.Rouge, lipstick, and false eyebrows made of mouse skin were used by both men and women, and the loss of side teeth was disguised by little cork balls called "plumpers", worn in the cheeks to fill out the hollows. Above them all sat the crowning glory--a wig of impressive proportions."

Ahhhh, yes.......
The Dictates of Fashion.


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