Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fruit & Genius

Yes, it is a miracle. Isn't it? 3 sweet and luscious oranges delivered on time from faraway places.
The genius of transportation.


Anonymous chrispito said...

I find the genie motif very interesting. One orange for each wish?

15/4/07 12:24 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Me too chrispito. Genies are a popular image and came out of the rich literature of the Middle East. Where would we be without them?
I'm going to make my wishes, instead of putting it off like I usually do. I seem to pick things that require effort.

15/4/07 2:32 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

I wish to live in a time and place once more where having a wood-burning fireplace is possible. I wish to write a book with photographs about my father. I wish to bend time so I get just a little bit more time at night to play and still get a good night sleep.

Good night...

15/4/07 10:31 PM  
Anonymous juju said...

jm -- I have no idea where mars in pisces is in my currrent chart -- but I know I have it retrograde in the sixth house in my birth chart. Can I read your sixth house description as relative to my natal chart?

And just wanted to mention the sequoia book that acoustigod referred to -- haven't read it, but read an excerpt from it in the New Yorker -- it was truly fascinating - there is a whole different world up in the canopy at 300 feet. I'll try to find the name of the book -- might be worth getting from the library.

Had a nice sauna tonight at a friends and I'm yawning madly. So will check in again manana.

15/4/07 10:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Juju that sounds wonderful! I love relaxing with people this way. A lot comes out in the hot tubs with everyone I talk to.

Yes. Read the 6th. That's where Mars is now, and it's a Mars return for you starting a new 2 year work cycle. Adjusting routines, getting healthy, things like that can be done now.

I have Mars and Neptune in the 6th, which is a lot like your Mars in Pisces there. Some routines, if inspiring, are easy for me to maintain, but other daily maintenance tasks are awful. I let a lot slide, thinking I'll get to them later. I'm interested in your experience.

15/4/07 10:58 PM  

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