Sunday, April 01, 2007

Full Moons, Relationships, Intellect, Ideas, and Ideals

A beautiful near full Moon shone from the deep indigo sky tonight, surrounded by silver clouds, arousing my thoughts.
This lunation ... new Moon in Pisces and the full in Libra .... is calling attention to relationships, and the mental sharing that is so much a part of them. This is when the desire to draw blood, prevalent much of the time, vanishes for some, as idealized love and kindness take the spotlight, among the guns and the bombs worldwide, outside the vulgarity of the public arena.
Some lament the advent of the written word, but here we are, minds pregnant with ideas, waiting to find receptors in other people's consciousness. Some are eager to embrace the lull in conflict, forgetting the loneliness of Aries, to remember the Piscean mystical urges combined with the Libra love of communication. Books, plays, songs, poems, paintings, theories and all the finer human expressions are Libra's domain, and with this full Moon comes an opportunity to exchange these experiences in a civilized moment. There is a genuine interest in traveling the landscapes of friends and lovers. Combined with Pluto deep in Sagittarius, this is a good time to expand our knowledge together.

The Library of Alexandria in Egypt, built over 2000 years ago, is of great importance to library history. Egyptian Pharoah, Ptolemy, was a curious man who not only wanted to learn about his own people, but also wanted to understand people living in other countries. He ordered a Greek scholar, Demetrius of Phalerum, to gather a collection of manuscripts from around the world. His successors, Ptolemy II and III, continued his work and the library grew. How the Library of Alexandria was destroyed is a mystery, but many historians believe it was ruined by fire.
Today, a new library, the Bibliotheca Alexandria, has been built on the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria's Eastern harbor. When it opened the library had 200,000 books. It will eventually house over eight million.
Under this Libra Full Moon, with spring around the corner, I'm celebrating my new and old relationships, and the future ones arriving. I plan to continue enjoying the mental connection I have always found with people, and the great libraries of information they so enthusiastically share with me, along with the fine pleasures of togetherness. I have a Mars in Libra, after all.
Illustrations: Renee Graef


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