Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Moment of Reflection

Today Pluto is in the middle of its four month stop at 28 degrees and has officially gone retrograde, on its journey back to the center of our galaxy for the last time during this revolution. Fitting that the Moon is in Scorpio. The dissolving North Node in Pisces is exactly midway at 15 degrees.

Things came to a standstill for me today, and with the Scorpio Moon, I know another ending has arrived. Perfectly timed, holding the opportunity for new directions.
Circumstance reveals as usual.

Bridges, gates, and arrows, are what I associate with Sagittarius. Portals to a larger dimension. Higher aims. I pause. Take a moment to reflect and prepare for the continuation of my spiritual journey, leading me where? ..... I know not.

I'm on the bridge, I discover, drinking in the quiet of the woods. 


Blogger Tseka said...

Beautiful post JM.

I have been feeling it...the tension of the square pulling. Pluto on my Sun.
There is something else that i have felt, the original patterns which made me seek out astrology: those points from the old August 11 1999 eclipse. I feel the throb the pinch the tension, then predictably Michael Lutin points out that eclipse again. But this time several other articles fell into my hands in that synergistic way that says pay attention. Philip Sedgwick had this to say on his blog, "On Thursday Venus stands directly across the sky from the midpoint of the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers (Z/ZS, 14 Scorpio 26). This amazing intersection represents the inclusion of all known information in a way that cultivates an operational philosophy toward life that applies pure alchemy to all efforts."

Aha the hot scorpio midpoint.
Esoteric stuff for sure!
Repeating themes we discussed about the "bridge" -Ullr / Hel and Tyr / late Scorpio last Solstice.

4/4/07 7:48 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

From Valkeapaa:

554. Life
receives, resists

if it holds
if not, it wasn't
worth more
the moment it held
a bridge to life

4/4/07 7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you again and again for sharing your beautiful perpspective and inspiration.... And those images! You have a gift for finding them that I am in awe of.

Just thinking as I sat on my front porch (in North Cackalacky!) about "illusions" as I watched the moon rise. What we are really witnessing is the Earth's movement as she turns on her axis.
I don't know what that means but it seemed poetically significant at the time.

I am intrigued by the Galactic Center. It is a thing I never heard of until recently. It seems a very powerful place somehow. Where can I learn more about it?


4/4/07 7:55 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

HI jm! Hi Tseka! Hi Meristem! Thought I'd drop by tonite and see what you guys were making of the current energies!!!

4/4/07 8:12 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Juno don't go yet
i left a message for you at the "cave" do you ever check there????

4/4/07 8:25 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

I'm here! How are you doin! I guess I haven't found your message. I need to go back over (if I can remember the password:) ) and spruce the place up. I'm working in a cajun restaurant right now, mostly doing the baking. Talk about saturn moving into virgo and the second house. I'm already feeling it. I get up at 5 AM, go off to bake, then go to the shop and do that until 6.

But I agree, the current energy is pretty distinctive and intense, much like that Aug 11 eclipse...

4/4/07 8:51 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Juno! i was overjoyed to find your posts!!! here and else where. I can only give you a quick kiss i am glad for your news and intense barely begins to describe it eh? mars just came roaring into my first house as if .. let's hope i can put it to good use. I am away but will look for you, meanwhile via the magic of whispering wineglasses, cheers.

4/4/07 8:59 PM  
Anonymous juno jones said...

G'night Tseka! Glad you are well and happy! Good luck with mars! Cheers!

4/4/07 9:07 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Tseka, Meristem, Juno.

Something came over me about all of this, and I gave it some thought.
I decided to wait a moment, rather than run off on a half-cocked Aries departure from everything, which I am sometimes known to do. Freedom is on my mind, but what exactly that is, remains to be seen. Patience is called for. These soulful comments are beautiful.

Aha the hot scorpio midpoint.
I knew there was something about this Scorpio Moon.

receives, resists

if it holds
if not, it wasn't
worth more
the moment it held
a bridge to life


Juno, we'll talk soon! Lots on my mind about the situation.

4/4/07 9:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

It's quite fascinating, really.

I feel the throb the pinch the tension

I think the Sagittarius is a question of allowing guidance to prevail now, including the throbs. It's not easy with Aries in the mix, who wants things to move in a certain way, and can throw in the wrench of tension. I've noticed a restraint around the Aries this time, or at least not such a sure direction.
There's a grand fire trine going on, lots of inspiration, but with Jupiter and Pluto in Sag at this point, they are dominant. Tests of faith are on the menu until Pluto leaves.

To add to it all, Mars is just about to go into Pisces; Friday. And boy howdy, will this ever exacerbate our Pisces NN/Uranus,the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, and the Saturn-Nep ooposition. Confusion and faith full speed ahead.
Probably not the time for major decisions.

4/4/07 10:35 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Tseka...I remember that eclipse fondly! I even took photos of it which turned out quite well, if only I could find the negatives. I didn't know much of astrology then. Almost none.

What I remember about that time was that, shortly after the eclipse, I participated in a drug-trial (in a research hospital) and received a sum of 1200 English pounds which I used to fund a trip to Australia. Then I quit my job. Then I dumped my boyfriend. Any thoughts?? :)

I feel happy I have found you all here. I am finding new ways to communicate and it helps me feel that the universe is still, indeed, friendly.

4/4/07 10:48 PM  
Blogger AcousticGod said...

14 Scorpio 26

My Uranus/Neptune midpoint is at 14 Scorpio 20.

5/4/07 12:40 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I am intrigued by the Galactic Center. It is a thing I never heard of until recently. It seems a very powerful place somehow. Where can I learn more about it?

The astronomers actually describe it well. You can research it on the Net.

I think the center of anything is powerful and significant, wherever that really is.
There's a black hole in the GC and some interesting facts about it. Black holes I've been taught, suck in detritus from the making of stars. An astronomer once gave me some fascinating specs on this particular hole.

5/4/07 4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You can research it on the Net"

I say to myself "DUH!"

Thanks JM!

5/4/07 8:41 AM  
Anonymous norma said...

I love the beautiful photographs, paintings, and cartoons that you have on your blog spot how do you get them on there?
My e-mail is norma_y_eli@yahoo.com

5/4/07 4:49 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Norma, I am so happy you commented. I'm immersed in a surprising journey through these pictures, and sharing them is a great and newfound pleasure.

I simply search through books and magazines, then scan them and upload them.

The major thing is the cropping, sharpening, and color and light adjustments I do.
Experimentation is the key. It takes a little experience to know what will work in the upload and what won't, but that comes.

Thank you so much for your input.

5/4/07 5:32 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh, I also edit with the paint program in windows. Sometimes specks of light needs to be colored before the upload, since it looks like a flaw if not filled in. That varies.

5/4/07 5:35 PM  

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