Saturday, April 14, 2007

Warning! Approach with Caution.

Mars in Pisces is one of my least favored transits. It crosses my 12th house. I know I pride myself in having a tolerant attitude and generally positive outlook, but I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE.
My girlfriend just reminded me about the experience two years ago, I was that memorably bad. But the damned thing was retrograde. Cut me some slack! I'll try to do a little better.
Mars is energy, vitality, aggression, and selfness. In this vast collective liquid is not usually where he wants to cut a swath with his sword of triumph and conquest, disregarding the needs of everyone, let alone anyone. Mars' sharp, pointed, thrusting fiery energy dissolves in the Neptunian sea, losing direction and force. Neptune, however, can use this dynamo to further his aims, whatever they might be. And Mars can even perform some inspired magical acts, with grace added to his usual aplomb.
Wherever Mars is currently speeding through the chart there is increased activity in that sector, excitement mixed with despair, possible quarrels, unexpected aggression and then retreat, and probably a lot of confusion. Mars in Pisces forms a convoluted path, providing an opportunity to experience things from different angles, perhaps with sparks from the netherworlds. The following might give you some ideas .... what could happen as this mighty fiery one tries to navigate the Pisces waters in your charts.
1st house. Here the whole persona is affected, with energy levels going on wild swings, and vacillations between moving out and retreating. Mars wants forward, Neptune couldn't care less what direction you think you want to go. He would prefer you escape into your dreamworld if at all possible, but Mars would caution against being misguided at this time, and following shadows and unseen entities, unless you thoroughly trust them, of course. Despair at any lack of vitality should be ignored. It will pass. On the other hand, an arabesque in the evening sunset would be good for the body.
2nd house. If you happen to have a fistful of dollars, watch out. They can easily dissipate with the frittering Neptune up to his old tricks. This gives an entirely new twist to the idea of 'money laundering'. But a beggar on the street could be the lucky recipient of one of these bills, with Pisces tugging at the compassionate steak that could be in there. Of course, there is also the possibility of the dream deal, and certainly beautiful things to purchase that will add grace to the life. Even a boost in self worth is within grasp, if degradation is kept to a minimum. Your worth could be infinite for a moment. Getting them to see it is another matter.
3rd house. Misunderstandings, breakdowns in communication, and out and out lies are potentials with Mars through this fun house. Being the home of siblings, there is always the chance of discord occurring there, but the reverse could happen, and new lines of exchange can open up.Sometimes connections are unable to be completed, or fade in and out, as you seem to be trying to communicate with a ghost. Or you have to explain things a thousand times. And the car, or the minivan, or whatever it is that carts you to your destinations ..... these creatures occasionally go on the fritz. It's also happened that the dream car appears. However it works out, getting from here to there can have complications. On the other hand, poetry and inspired ideas are anxious to bounce out from a Pisces third house.
4th house. Make sure you have a backup supply of Kleenex, preferably purchased on sale. Sadness is common with Mars in Pisces through the 4th. Accumulated hurts and sorrows can be aroused, along with the usual 4th house fears, now really revved up. Retreat is often desired, but this can lead to beautiful moments in withdrawal away from the commotion and frenzy of the outside world. With this desire, sometimes comes an urge to make the home more spiritual and add gorgeous touches to the environment to soothe and remind you that not all grace is lost in this brutal world. There are pockets of gentleness somewhere.
5th house. A ticket to melodrama is often included with Mars in Pisces through the 5th. Then again, the most inspired performance ever seen is a possibility, either by you or the favored actors. Dissipation in partying can happen if you are that type, and if you gamble, you could hit the jackpot or lose it all. The children can present huge problems or they could entertain at the family reunion, keeping them jumping and clapping. You could get the lead in the play you've been dreaming about for ages. A good thing, too, when the love affair dissolves and the broken heart needs a new infatuation. Or you and the new love will have an unforgettable night of theater. In any case, the show must definitely go on.
6th house. So the routine goes to pot, or doesn't seem so satisfying. So what? And things can easily start going haywire on the job, if someone doesn't pick up on the fact that you just figured out the best way to get the task done. Or they could criticize you for being sloppy, not seeing their own inability to keep it all in tight order. If you lose a job, you could just as easily find a temporary ideal one. If things fall apart, they could just as easily magically realign. Can't tell. One of the best things to do in all of it, is to remember the purifying spiritual moments always necessary for Neptune-6th house types. Routine as religion, work as worship.
7th house. Don't marry him. Give it a few weeks. But a spiritual retreat might work out well. At any rate, try to keep your wits about you, not completely unattainable... really...with a Pisces 7th house. If the intact partner is troublesome now, it will probably correct itself soon. Briefly. And if she wants to bring out her old guitar and sing love songs to you at midnight under the moonlight, by all means encourage her. If you can't win any arguments now, rest assured, that probably no one will. And if you want to find love on an ocean cruise, you just might.
8th house. Do not go crazy. Drown in paranoia. Get weak from hypercrisis. Feel like murdering the ex. It's not as bad as you think. Even if you lose a fortune. You could just as easily inherit one. The minideaths of everyday living, along with the big ones, can be understood in the whole picture of existence. The eternal transitions. Even though Mars can whip up psychological discomfort in this sector, he can also bring truth in illumination with Neptune. The pain can be managed, as usual. So can the joy.
9th house. I highly recommend not going to India to see the guru just now. In fact, the pundits at home should be taken with a grain of salt from the Neptunian sea. In and around the professed guidelines to enlightenment, though, are some real glimpses into other dimensions. The words might just penetrate now with a longed-for meaning that previously eluded you. On the other hand, one of those sea cruises with a saint on board might work. And if that fails, then you can always talk to the dolphins. They'll tell you the truth.
10th house. If the top of the ladder just disappeared, do not worry. It will come back. You don't have to transcend the earth plane entirely to achieve your goals. You might feel like chasing the illusive rung especially fast now, but I would imagine, the destination will keep moving one step ahead. In the meantime, the feats you've already performed are worth admiring. Maybe someone above you will recognize your distinction, if they're not occupied with dissipation and failure themselves. Confusing power struggles are nothing to be alarmed at. The authorities are just as lost as you are. Reaching for heaven is a stretch, so it will take time.
11th house. Do not despair about the human condition entirely. It will seem better in a moment. I know you wish you could do more, but just feeling the struggle is really enough. Of course, any amount of volunteer work, or help extended toward the unlucky and downtrodden is more than most do. At the same time, it's easy to go overboard with your own visions and then dip into disillusionment, but it all evens out. Some of it can actually come into being, sometimes when you least expect it to. Keep wishing, and in the meantime, inspired gatherings with your enlightened companions can do wonders as we all search for progressive, good-hearted connections with our fellows. Somebody's got to do it.
12th house. Don't ask. Just grab your life preserver.
The worst can happen with Mars in Pisces, or the miraculous. Hard to predict. And don't forget Uranus and the North Node, now in Pisces, along with the Saturn-Neptune opposition. Good luck all you deep sea divers. And best of fortune to you surface snorkelers, too.


Anonymous Joe said...

Looks like the Baba Yaga has made an early-morning appearance. Have you ever seen the artwork of
Ivan Bilibin
? It reminds me of an old fairy tale book I once had. I wish I had it still.

I have Pisces in the 11th, no planets in the natal chart, but your description there is apt, as always. :o)

14/4/07 5:47 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe! How did you know?? Great link. I love Baba Yaga. Very good synopsis.

Years ago Kadimiros sent me this article about her, that goes into the psychological significance of the myth.

As women, we are confronted throughout our lives with unavoidable body messages regarding the uniqueness of our form and the inevitable changes that characterize aging and the passage of time. Although aging presents difficult challenges for both men and women, women confront some specific difficulties because of their gender. In traditional narratives, the end of biological fertility has relegated women to the status of "old women" who are stereotypically viewed as poor, powerless, and pitiful in our sexist and youth oriented culture. Baba Yaga, often referred to as the Black Goddess, and Vasalisa, often representing Sophia (Matthew's 1992, p. 289-90), are intrinsic to the psyche of girls and women because they shows us that the illusion of form can hide wonderful qualities within.

The Crone as Heroine

14/4/07 2:32 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

One good link deserves another! :o) Thanks for that one.

Not sure how I knew... recognizing things like this is probably instinctual. She could also be Strega Nona, the Italian witch.

14/4/07 3:46 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm going to look Strega up when I return. Don't know her, but I'm interested. Amazing how the same figures appear everywhere. How real are they? Are they wired in our consciousness, or is it imitation? They seem to offer protection.

14/4/07 3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought Baba Yaga when I first saw the (great) illustration too. Then I came to visit this here comments section and found that I am not alone! Was told the story in 2nd or 3rd grade and the storyteller was very skilled. I've never forgotten the images I conjured of her strange and magical, if forboding house on chicken legs.....
She must surely be a universal force in the world...


14/4/07 7:49 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Oops, my bad. Strega Nona is the witch in the Tomie de Paola story. Now why am I still thinking Strega?
Maybe it's because the de Paola character resembles this one, but in a more kindly way.

Notice her threading some kind of loom. In the lower left corner, there's something that looks like an eye of Horus.

Compelling, this one.

14/4/07 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Curiouser and curiouser! This source explains the Baba Yaga's strange means of locomotion:

Baba Yaga guards the Waters of Life. In Slavic oral traditions, Baba Yaga was the old crone of autumn, who lived in the last sheaf of harvested grain. Fittingly, the woman who bound that sheaf would bear a child the next spring, for the old Baba was also guardian of the fountain of the waters of life. She was believed to row her cauldron through the air with a broom, steering with its pestle. This suggests she was the preserver of herbal knowledge and medicinal healing. By the middle ages, legend had transformed her into the traditional fairy tale hag or witch, said to steal and devour children. Baba Yaga proves this rule: The more authentically powerful a goddess is to a people, the more strongly she is reviled by patriarchal propaganda. Thus the wise elder, repository of the tribal knowledge, was diminished into the redundant, valueless spinster.

14/4/07 8:16 PM  
Blogger jm said...

forboding house on chicken legs

I love this!

Very very interesting joe.

What's also interesting is how youse all knew it was Baba. Seems like no matter how the story was altered her good traits still get through. Mythology is magic, no matter how much some people run from it. We need it now, especially, I think.

14/4/07 9:08 PM  
Blogger jm said...

She must surely be a universal force in the world

Yes, I do believe so. And now with Pluto in Capricorn and the growing population of oldsters, plus the rise of women, we'll be seeing more of her.

14/4/07 9:12 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

Beautiful, thank you

15/4/07 2:24 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

Now I don't find Mars in Pisces difficult at all but Mars in CANCER!! EEK! It may have something to do with it squaring my Moon in Libra as Mars in Pisces squares your Moon/Jup plus Venus/Uranus. I'd want to duck too . . . :-)

BTW . . . Mars in Cancer is going Rx in November & direct in Jan '8. That may make life interesting for in this country and our "fearless" leader . . .

16/4/07 9:14 AM  
Blogger jm said...

The Mars retro in Cancer is going to be very interesting. A completion of the cycle when we elected him last, with Saturn in Cancer. Mars is the cut, again. This will do it.

I've mentioned this retro many times because of its importance right before the next election and letting go of our past. Hard being Cancer cling-ons. Prep for Pluto in Capricorn.

I've also talked about an interesting and important factor about this being a bridge to the future. I will reiterate.

When Mars goes retro in Cancer, Pluto will be at 27 Sagittarius. Mars will go back and meet Pluto in a Gemini opposition.
When Mars turn direct in Gemini at the end of next January, it will meet Pluto once again, but this time Pluto will be just in Capricorn. Then Pluto will dip back into Sag again for the election and on permanently to Cap right after.

Thus the bridge. Perfectly beautiful and orchestrated. Again connected to our Mars retro progression.

When Saturn was retrograde in Cancer last election, Sagittarius Kerry came along to offer a new adventure for this Sag rising country. A new journey. We were afraid to go with this backward motion occurring. After the Mars in Cancer, we should be ready.

16/4/07 12:31 PM  

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