Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Edible Gold

Many years ago I worked in a little cheese shop and late one afternoon several large rounds of imported cheese were delivered with much fanfare. Among them was a Parmesan from Italy. It was hoisted up onto the ledge where a long, sharp, shiny silver knife was drawn and deftly inserted into the hard seasoned rind. A wedge was cut and before me was one of the most beautiful sights ever to be seen. Pure, rich, moist edible gold.
I put some into my mouth and knew I was immersed in what would probably be a once in a lifetime experience. The first one in the Parmesan.
A secret cave.
I can't even describe the sensation and flavor on my tongue and teeth. I wish all my friends could have this experience, except the cheese haters, of course.
Oh, was that ever good. How priveleged I am.


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