Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teaching and Achievement

Gemini governs early school years and Capricorn, achievement in the world. This lunation, new moon in Gemini and full in Capricorn, brings to mind the wonderful teachers who have encouraged me through the years. I loved them all, especially Mrs. Haynes who gave me a never done before 100 on my report card in ...would you believe it? .... spelling!

Here is Miss Ida Heatherspore, my 4th grade teacher. She's a Sun conjunct NN in Gemini, with a Moon in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, and boy, is she ever lively, as you can see. She encourages creativity above all, and there is a neverending array of exciting projects going on in her classroom. We called her Miss Heather.
Geminis have a tendency to act as equals with children, they are just miniature adults after all.

The parents are amazed that their children are so anxious to go to school when they have Miss Heather, and the kids have been know to cry copious tears when down with the flu and unable to attend the festivities. I liked music class the best, of course. We made up our own songs and the school spawned a few fine composers.
Many of her students have gone on to great achievements and they always remember Miss Heatherspore in their speeches when receiving their awards.

Here's a current student in miss Heather's class, Albert Gogglesworth. A Pisces with Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus on the Ascendant. Quite the inventive fellow. This is his equidistatorial universal time plantescope. Only a few minor kinks left to work out. He will go veeeerry far, no doubt about it. What an inspirational teacher, Miss Ida Heatherspore.
So glad I had her.

Illustrations: Guy Francis

Friday, June 29, 2007

She's Back by Popular Demand!!

The astonishing Gloria Du Vane giving three sold out performances at the Paramount Theater. She does an unforgettable rendition of the great Fats Waller tune Ain't Misbehavin'.
You won't want to miss this one!
For information call 456-654-4567.
Illustration: Christopher Fowler

Evidence of Brain-fry

Yes. It's a possibility.
I used to be an ace speller. I could win any bee in town, and you know what's happened there.
But this tops all.
The other day I spent a couple of hours in a building without my car keys, unbeknownst to me. They were outside on the car. In the trunk keyhole. In the lot. Unusual for me. So I began to wonder why the discombobulation, and I came up with these possibilities
a. Substances that have traveled through my body
Uranus in Gemini square Mars
c. Experiences that have traveled through my body
d. Cyberspace
e. Comments
f. Manifestations of the natural progression of time
g. None of the above
I believe I'll have to ponder this awhile longer, but I was thinking..... at least it's not like my grandmother who forgot all of her children's names permanently. She had eight.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've decided that the future of my country and mankind is a moot point. The best I can do is recognize some redeeming characteristics presently.
I love fabric and clothing, but lately I've been wearing nothing but jeans. Yesterday, in a moment of departure, I put on a royal blue rayon skirt, midcalf length, with a nonspectacular blue top. Nicely designed. Good neckline. But nothing noticeable.
Late last night, feeling relaxed, I stopped in the grocery store and headed for the bakery department. Hardly anyone around. On the way I passed a lone woman who turned around, face lit up and exclaimed, "Oh, what a beautiful shade of blue!" Surprised, I smiled and agreed.
It amazes me sometimes, people's open responses. And how much they love color. Or something.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Jackpot

Brother can you spare a dime?
Taurus is touch. The Taurean wants to hold and possess the material elements in life. Mars wants to retrieve. The grip can be strong with this combination, the drive for material pleasure, potent. Taureans wants to see empirical evidence of their efforts and substantial proof of the value of things. Taurus likes money.
Along with the square to Venus in Leo, bringing indulgence and/or creativity and productivity, is the quincunx to Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. If ever there was a desire for the jackpot, this is it.
Jupiter in Sagittarius is abundance and belief in good fortune. Attitude. Pluto and Jupiter are concerned with wealth, whatever that means to a person. Since Taurus is tangibility, many people will be thinking about how their attitudes translate into material pleasures. This, of course, need not be cash, but some manifestation of the bounty of life. Generosity is as it does, however, and the entire relationship with give and take could be up for consideration. And satisfaction with what one has.
The quincunx of Taurus and Sagittarius can also bring desires for real evidence of this alleged God and what actual things one can worship. Our personal icons. This is especially relevant as Pluto finishes in Sagittarius and people are more in touch with their deeper spiritual longings. It's always been tricky, the marriage of material desire with religious, and we can see now how it's been abused by the churches of the world.
But desire is desire no matter how you look at it, and there usually has to be something to grasp and worship, accompanying a wish to prove morality and goodness in terms of abundance. Granted many questionable types are wealthy beyond measure, but I'm sure the deficits are bigger than you know.
It's entirely individualistic. No use to envy what anyone else possesses, and not to fear reaching for what one wants. Knowing what that really is, is the key.
Posted by Picasa Illustration: Diane Palmisciano

Mercury Goes Backward.
The Past Goes into the Past

Sometimes Mercury retrograde in Cancer can upset the stomach a little, so I've prepared a remedy for anyone who needs it. Guaranteed to solve minor family dilemmas or your money back.
Wait! .... no...... it's free.
Well suffice it to say, satisfaction guaranteed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We've Got It All

Already I can see the time coming in for retrospective contemplation, and this photo illustrates well for me the Neptune-Saturn lesson. All the elements were involved, the water of Neptune, fire of Leo, earth of Saturn, and air of Aquarius. Now the reflection will speak and teach whoever is interested, how to incorporate the new knowledge.
I think Saturn is particularly important now as the earth heads into more serious times. Pluto in Capricorn motivates change in structures and systems, and the newfound Neptunian influence will affect the outcome. There were fears of catastrophic political events with this oppositon and they never materialized. The usual localized upheavals were the stories of the days. One can never predict for certain. There were some more violent occurrences in the past with this marriage of forces, but this rather mild political time might be an indication of what will happen in the near future, as violence trends downward in the human population. There is an optimum amount of danger in all life, and maybe that information is starting to be disseminated.
For me, the Saturn in Leo-Neptune in Aquarius opposition taught me about love as it relates to society. I came to the Internet when the fears of government were at their highest and I interacted with the collective paranoia, set loose after the demolition of the Trade Towers shocked this country into awakening. The terror of it all. But then out of the neptunian vapors came Raging Universe and a wonderful assortment of human creatures that renewed my affection for society, a great contribution as I embrace the world and Pluto travels to my Midheaven. As a result of these developments, astrology at its best is becoming known to the public, a minor miracle. Astrologers have a mighty responsibility. Their influence is growing.
Saturn's path will be further tempered by the revolutionary, progressive influence of Uranus as Saturn prepares for the job as emissary of Pluto in Capricorn. I think he'll be ready for the task.
Out of the gasses, dirt, rock, fire, water, and wind has come the mythical kingdom of Blogland. I think this magical place will have everything to do with the political development just ahead.
Photo: Luca Invernezzi Tettoni

Monday, June 25, 2007

Finally. It's Here!

Has anyone noticed a calm in Blogland today? Not the depressed apres over-excitement kind, but a relaxed ease. A non hurried pace.
Well it has arrived. Mars has crossed the bridge to Taurus where it will meander for the next six weeks.
Mars governs our drives, our desires, our motivation to actively grasp what we want in life. Taurus is pleasure and contentment and Mars gets slowed down in Taurus so one can savor experience and give into the moment. A deep breath of moist air with the scent of green. A cup of tea in the summer shade. The freshly turned earth producing vegetables for our abundant tables. The sensation of security in the material realm as we take a moment to appreciate where we are and what we have.
Mars is in a rush, however, and he is not always happy in Taurus. The proverbial rut is common as Mars with his ambition gets stuck and digs deeper and deeper going nowhere. Mars also is anger and a Mars in Taurus is notorious for clinging to resentments. And can they ever blow. Oooh boy. I once lived above a Taurus and my apartment mate used to liken his rages to a rutting elk. Taurus through the floorboards! My Mars in Taurus pal once spent five entire years on the subject of my brother. And it was not pleasant.
Taurus can be productive, though, and the added vigor of Mars sometimes delivers great results. Staying centered is a big possibility and the stability and steadiness of Taurus can contain the Mars fire and use it well. Money can be made (and spent) and gardens can grow and yield on all levels.
We NNs can start celebrating. And if, perchance, I appear to be relaxed on occasion during the next month or so, it's due to the miracle of Taurus.
Photo: Luca Invernezzi Tettoni

North Node in Gemini
or The Third House

The NN in Gemini is the cosmic postman, journalist and reporter. The galactic courier delivering vital messages, connecting everything to everyone, as he moves about human society with speed, urgency, and agility. He is fascinated by his surroundings, as his curiosity discovers a constantly moving kaleidoscope of people, places, and things. He's eager to explore.
Information headquarters. The SN Sagittarian memory of education has attuned this nodeholder's mind to fact gathering and the comprehension of information. Continually connecting one thing to another, his active intellect maps experience in a broad collection of facts, figures, charts, and graphs. Nothing is too trivial for the Gem NN, and he shares his library with all.
Social telegraph cum gossip column. The Gem NN likes people, and he loves to talk about them. The ability to keep up with each one of his friend's lives is staggering. One of the most often repeated phrases from this node is, "You've got to meet so and so. She will like you." He adores connecting his assortment of friends with one another and automatically thinks of who else will appreciate the person he is with at the moment.

Love of the spoken and written word. The NN Gem is a devotee of language. He seeks sparkling conversation and can easily enjoy discussion not always for the concepts, but simply for the pleasure of hearing words and stringing them together. While some leap ahead to form a thesis in each sentence, the Gemini NN can stay completely interested in just one word, rolling it around and fondling its meaning, or even just its sound. He delights in unusual juxtapositions and is headed toward being a walking dictionary. He reads everything with relish, be it a masterpiece of literature, a billboard, a snazzy magazine, or a detergent box label. All the same.
Foreign languages. Sometimes the Gemini NN is adept at mimicry and can pick up foreign languages quickly. The interesting thing is how he frequently can communicate with non-English speaking people even when he barely knows the language.
My NN Gem friend and I spent several months in a small village in Mexico. He spent his days with the local people, often going out fishing for whole afternoons, then dialoguing in the bars until dawn. Not one of them spoke English and the fractured and very limited Spanish he knew provided all the words he needed to communicate. I'm still not exactly sure how he did it, and I know he was a nonstop talker.

Cultural liaisons. This nodal native finds society entertaining, and when going full tilt knows everything that's going on around town. The latest lectures, the movies, the book signings, where the musicians are gigging, and when the next neighborhood street fair will take place. He enjoys neighborhood hopping and discovering the new bistro that just opened in some obscure spot, soon to be populated with his many friends. The town is filled with circuits within circuits that he is ready to plug into and enjoy to the maximum.
Brothers and sisters. In some cases, but not all, this node is eager to continue his relationships with his siblings throughout their adult lives. Some fall naturally and lovingly into the roles of aunts and uncles to all the new arriving children. The chattering family with all the latest news delights them.
One Gem NN friend created a network in his apartment building in lieu of his family members who were 2000 miles away. He even published a newsletter informing everyone about the latest goings-on in the complex. Really funny, I might add.

Lightness of spirit. there is almost an elfin quality to the spriteliness of the Gem NN. The wings of Mercury propel his feet, after all. Nimbleness and flexibility are his, if not in body, then in emotions, mind, and spirit. Like a chattering bird, he keeps the human race company, often with gaiety and charm. It's hard to feel lonely in the company of a Gemini NN. There is too much going on, very often including fun & frolic.

Short memory and forgiveness. Granted the attention span of the Gemini can be short but this can also be one of his best attributes. When I've displeased a Gemini friend and I mention it on the phone two days later, the answer I get is, "But that was a long time ago." His life is often so filled with things at the moment, that he really doesn't have time for rehashing old events. He forgives naturally because he's really moved on.

Nonjudgemental friend of all. One of the finest traits of the NN in Gemini is his disinterest in judgement. This would prevent him from experiencing the event. His curiosity trumps prejudice, and he can't always see the need for rejection. He can usually find enjoyable characteristics. Curious, open-minded, looking forward to the next day. He likes everyone. He's their brother.
Top illustration: Joe Cepeda. Bottom: Peter Collington

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Along with everything else the Saturn-Neptune opposition delivered came a sense of personal failure. Not the kind based on rejection or lack of advancement, but the one driven by fluctuating confidence in my ability to guide my paradise through the real world unharmed. My artistic ideals. My mythic life. I've withheld the complete expression of my vision and body of work, waiting until I was ready and able to protect them successfully.
Now I'm uncertain if that time will ever come. I live in a complex organism, each person desiring something unique. If I exchange my talent for cash will my artistic integrity remain intact? Probably not entirely. Acceptance of this limitation is what I will learn now. Saturn's realism guiding Neptune's ideals. Giving them workable form.
Failure has been my ally so far, giving me time to develop myself unobstructed by the distractions of worldly success. In my life of late I've experienced a tiny fraction of acceptance and some genuine appreciation. But these are just part of the main act. As I go out as a performing artist I realize that no amount of praise, or even money, will change the primary search for a different kind of embrace. I wonder if sustained self enchantment is a real possibility, with all of the not-so-tiny flaws.

I won't know until I do, and the pages keep turning.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Paradise in the East

This reminds me of Calcutta, India, where I traveled in 1967. The tall slender coconut trees with the filtered sun streaming down on the sandy jungle floor.

I was guided by a stranger one day to a remote village outside the city and was amazed by what I found. A tall, lithe man with bright gray hair named Cheerinjuva had told the villagers that the Americans were coming and he'd prepared them for several years. He taught them perfect English and aroused great enthusiasm for their arrival. The Americans found him.

I was taken to a tiny hut where they were all sitting around relaxing and chatting. Cheerinjuva sat and talked about life with much animation. The 'collapsable man' made us laugh -- how he could fold his body up where he perched, very social and talkative with several major teeth missing, and be so comfortable with all these rather clumsy specimens from the West. And then dinner was served. We were led to a veranda and seated on mats in a single row facing the hut. A white candle had been placed before each person's spot on the floor and a beautiful vegetarian meal was deftly set down. We ate facing the wall. The people were exquisite.

I can't remember exactly how long I stayed there, it was another dimension in time and space. I recall one day walking through a field playing my guitar, the others dancing around, and I realized I was in paradise.

Cheerinjuva planned to come to the States to start an ashram, but he never did. Later, in London, I met a man who had been to the village before me. I wept when I saw him. He died soon after of a heart attack. I met with his friends in NYC when I returned to the States and we said goodbye, goodbye to our friend and goodbye to the jungle paradise in the East.
In the meantime, I was advised by a psychic to avoid groups. She said that I didn't need them, no use to cling to the idea. Now if all the lively Aquarians around here, rising, climbing, or otherwise, would simply dematerialize, maybe I could follow her advice.
Looks like I'm stuck. At least until Neptune gets out of my 11th house. Along with the North Node, of course.
Photo: Luca Invernezzi Tettoni

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Typo Queen!

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Furthermore, yetdeftay my sncjdlgorng poopa gltpemfmsld in the gardrn.

I've had it with myself! Could someone please do something with my Mars?????

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Carry Me Home

Now that the Sun is entering Cancer, the feeling of home and belonging is coming into the spotlight.
The Summer Solstice is interesting. There is mournfulness underneath knowing that the days are getting shorter and the darkness increasing. Being a Sun in Cancer in the 4th house, I have no argument with the dark. I love it.
It's so perfectly timed. When this celestial event occurs, the urge to find home, comfort, safety and protection comes with it.

I think the place one calls home is important. The foundation of well-being. I couldn't live in the South, for example, because of the mildew. I was raised in rural New York in a town my eighth grade science teacher proclaimed as being in one of the three worst climates in the United States. I believe it. Shuddering in the snow at 7 AM to catch the school bus. Looking up into the sky and forever seeing a gray haze. I finally landed in the Western US drawn by the continual sunshine, crystalline light, and relative freedom from climactic dangers. It relaxes me.
Cancer rules the Motherland and love of country as well. Too much patriotism can bring pain and horror upon people, and this could be in question as Pluto opposes the four USA Cancer planets next. On the other hand, consuming products from home could help the global problems confronting us. American water is every bit as good as water from Italy in the long run. Apples from home certainly have been doing well in the apple pies.
Feeling comfortable where I am is symbolic of comfort within myself. People who hate their countries perhaps could find another one more to their liking, although building a life in a foreign land can be difficult. And there is always the option of making the one you're in a little better. Those who love their homes and their countries do a good thing when they express the full extent of their affection.
Several years ago, on a walk, I found a road and followed it. It ended by a serene canal and a vast stretch of scenery going unobstructed to the Rocky Mountains. The still warm desert sunset was in progress and two cats were sitting on a fence in rapt contemplation. It was blissfully quiet. I knew I'd found my home.

Illustration by Loreen Long

Ladies and Gentlemen ....

Our newly elected Environmentalist Senator.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


If you balance the weight and the ways of fate,
you'll find yourself in an equilibrium
If we had some ham we could have some ham 'n eggs if we had some eggs.
My uncle Arnold, an optimist.
As far as I can tell, the good things offered by life equal the bad. Yet some people are optimistic and some are pessimistic. As Pluto leaves Sagittarius and butts philosophies against one another, this basic dichotomy is up for review.
Sagittarius is traditionally associated with optimism, and I think this relates to the newfound discovery of cosmic connection and the freedom from previously perceived confines. The Sagittarian sees a great journey ahead. The anticipation of expanded dimensions fills her with enthusiasm. She packs her bag, her spirits are high.
Yet the picture presented overall seems to be one of violence, hatred, and despair, according to the daily translators of human experience. Why is the upside of this experience downplayed? Oh you can go to the mall and find a Hallmark card that flows with positive emotion, but the pain seems to dominate overall. Pessimism can easily dominate too.
There have been experiments concluding that the human brain is wired for the negative. Imagine this: place two pictures side by side, one of a garden paradise, the other of a bloody wreck of some kind. You can guess where the eye will go. Violence to the body is particularly fascinating. How many folks enjoy pictures of surgery? Just the sight of the masked physician excites the brain. There has to be sound reason for this. I would think it has to do with issues of survival and a propensity toward perceiving threat.

Here is where we run into problems. Where and what is the real threat? I don't know the reason for the confusion. Why people kill people who are no threat at all.

The pessimist foresees a troubled future, and surely all futures hold difficulty. But this type singles this out and prepares to cope, expecting the worst and preparing, maybe. He guards againt disappointment and some see a bleak path ahead for mankind.
The optimist sees opportunity and pleasure in that future and anticipates with joy what is around the bend and over the mountain. High hopes abound and disappointment is very often the result. But this doesn't affect his outlook. He copes with an uncertain future by expecting the best. This propels him forward.
There is no way of knowing how these distinctions find homes in our personalities. Together they form the perfect balance. No need to tamper with the mechanism or fear the other point of view. They go together perfectly.

When Pluto hit the USA Ascendant in Sagittarius the Trade Towers blew and sunk the country into fear and despair. I attribute this to an awakening of spirit and optimism, an inherent characteristic of this country, as Pluto transits her 1st house for the 1st time in history, establishing identity. There is no doubt that this country is deeply depressed. The people have discovered the limitations of money in an attempt to purchase a joyous life. It was brought to my attention that progressed Saturn has recently gone retrograde and this might factor into this despair.
Several years ago, when I joined the online community, there was a preponderance of negative predictions for our country's future. As Pluto is finishing, I sense a lightening of this despair. The terrorist attacks never came. People still have money in their pockets. The government is as confused as usual. And the earth is relatively stable. Some look at previous planetary cycles as indications of the future, but I've never seen this work. Each moment is too unique. So as we face an uncertain future, I think faith in what lies ahead and trust in the best guidance is the gift of Pluto through Sagittarius, especially for this young nation just recognizing herself. There will always be enough pessimists to form the perfect equilibrium.

Things aren't as bad as they are.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Protecting Paradise

The garden's boundaries. Paradise needs tending if it is not to become wilderness.
Paradise: A place of surpassing beauty.
A state of rapture
The above phrase says it well. One thing I'm taking with me from the Saturn-Neptune opposition is this recognition of how limitations work with human spiritual expression. Neptune governs the need for grace, beauty, paradise on earth. Saturn rules boundaries. This transit has brought me awareness of just what this means.
I have Saturn in Leo in the 5th house. Neptune is transiting my 11th. I realize that to express my creativity in a way that leaves me with self respect I must contain my impulse to merge with society within a well designed structure. A garden wall.
I can still flow outward, connect with humanity, and glimpse my reflection, but success lies in a perfect autonomy and fundamental devotion to my authentic self.
Leo-Aquarius is how self love translates to love of humanity. You cannot have one without the other.
So as I bid farewell soon to the Saturn-Neptune opposition, I will say, once again, thank you.
Thank you ever so much.
Photo: David Stuart

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen......
The Famous Wondrous Saturn-Neptune Opposition!

Going my way??
Quite a puzzle, but I found the solution....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Queens and Kings

Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt
It's really so simple. Leo*the Sun. The brightest light in our solar system. The center. It stands to reason that Leo in an individual's birthchart means she's destined to illuminate her surroundings.

The Sun provides the energy for the sustenance of life on earth and people born with planets in Leo are meant to provide the same flame for society's continuation. Humans are wired to seek leadership and those with that talent would do well to cultivate the potential and live up to the responsibility, especially when Saturn is involved.

It's not an easy task. Leo is spontaneous expression of self with no hesitation or judgement. When Saturn is in Leo, the immediate release is stopped as output is required to go through Saturn's structure for critique and perfection. This can halt self expression altogether, or if it does get out, there is fear and embarrassment and a often a desire to snatch it back in and correct it. She longs for the spotlight, but fears that when she gets it, she will be unable to perform well. Some are highly creative but have difficulty achieving satisfaction with the results. This can create a tenseness in the solar plexus and abdominal region, while these natives wish they could love, laugh, and enjoy life with exuberance. The dramatic, larger than life enthusiasm of natural Leo is what provides the light of leadership. She stands out in the crowd and others want to bask in the warmth.

Saturn is cool and dark, self contained, controlled, disciplined, and taut. Leo is hot, bright, uninhibited, loose, and only concerned with release. Not an easy match. But once the expression is mastered and channeled through Saturnian expertise, some of the best leaders, performers, and lovers can develop. This combination forms the natural quincunx of Leo-Capricorn, the most skilled administrators and leaders in the zodiac. They represent self expression with dignity and often have a statuesque demeanor, altogether gorgeous. Glamor with taste. Confidence. Poise. Excellence. Monarchical rule with grace and substantial benefit to the whole society.

Now that Saturn is leaving its two and a half year transit, and the shoddy leadership has all but disappeared, there is a possibility that better guides will emerge in time. The entire Pluto in Leo generation has been affected.
Pluto governs evolution and where it falls in the chart, crisis is common. The Pluto in Leo generation is feeling this crisis now as Saturn has crossed all their Plutos and is headed out. The unendingly deep desire for attention, adoration, and significance, known to Pluto in Leo is up for final review. The Saturn-Plutos are often extremely fearful of unleashing their power. Have they come to grips with this potent, sometimes self destructive need? Are they ready for mature admiration. Do they respect themselves?

Soon Pluto will enter Capricorn and the ruler, Saturn, will be activated in all our charts. Some people will achieve great heights during these years. The Saturns in Leo and particularly the special ones with the Pluto conjunction, might be called to take positions of leadership new to them, with the learning acquired during the Saturn return. Some already in the spotlight will improve their skills, and some will be cut in the test and sent back to the classroom. If you happen to have a Saturn in this royal sign, I'd say dust off the throne, replace the missing stones in the crown, and get ready now.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

An Easy Bridge

This one is especially significant as the trek continues. A complete circle. Like the planets that swing round and around in rhythm giving stability and grace to those of us who follow their motion. And probably the rest, who feel it anyway.
So as Saturn leaves Leo for 29 years, we with our own Saturns there are truly closing the circle. And Pluto is headed out from the center of our galaxy for another 248 years. As far as I can tell, he will return.
As I look around me, I see a frenetic world. Sometimes it seems as though the tension never ceases, but it does. It has to. Every motion involves a tightening followed by a release. A sort of universal peristalsis. A great talent from my point of view is recognizing the easy moments, and giving them some of our own time. Keeping the rhythm.
Shifting in the groove.

Photo by Sunniva Harte

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Self

I love the way you use Astrology here with your focus on inner growth. I’ve never met anyone who really wants to look so deeply into the soul and understand what is happening there and how it relates to the big picture.
The characteristic that distinguishes me as an astrologer is this. I don't put myself in the system, I put the system in myself. I am my own solar system and the cosmology is within my person as well as without. The outer movement of life does not dictate my circumstance. I am a complete functioning unit alone, placed in a larger framework. We work mutually.
There is a turning wheel, a clock, within every human that knows the direction to his destiny. Metaphysics simply helps us synchronize with the zillions of wheels turning in the universe. The gears. A grand machine than each individual is a vital part of.

I used to be more of a fatalist, but after Pluto transited my Moon-Jupiter in Sagittarius my view was entirely transformed. The seed of acceptance of life's events was always there, but now I am an active participant in shaping their effects.

I am not a victim of circumstance. I am probably both victim and perpetrator. I am certainly not a victim of the systems around me, such as my government. My government is there as part of the time I chose to incarnate and stands as intrinsic to the complete picture. The government, or structures that we feel oppressed by, will change automatically when the time comes.

For me, hardships are not that important in the long run. I get through them all, and they are all results of my decisions. They seem to lead me correctly, one event turning into another as the wheel goes around. I have an optimistic perspective, but this has nothing to do with external events. It remains the same no matter what horrors or pleasures appear and disappear. It's based on the simple fact that I am alive. Of course, it leads me to believe that death has its rewards too.
It's no mistake. I'm not a helpless puppet of this incarnation. I am its master and architect. I came to earth at exactly the right time and to the right place.
I plan to make the gods proud to be associated with me.

Painting: Rene Magritte. La Reproduction Interdite

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Literary Moon

George Bernard Shaw. A Gemini Rising.
New Moon in Gemini, the sign of language and communication. This lunation will include a Full moon in serious Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon will trigger a response from Saturn in Leo as he's making his grand exit, and the question of writing skill will surely be up for review in Blogland. How serious will our brilliant comments be? This amazing invention has spawned a collection of writers that no one knew existed, including themselves. The United States loves language with her Mars in Gemini and she must be a proud motherland now. Her human children are writing like madmen.
The Saturn combination with Gemini (Mercury) is commonly seen in successful writer's charts. Saturn-Mercury aspects, Saturn in Gemini, Mercury in Capricorn, Saturn in the 3rd house, Gemini Midheaven, Mercury in the tenth house, ruler of the tenth in the third, ruler of the third in the tenth. Saturn is orderly system creation, and when contacting Mercury, thoughts go through his logical structure on the way to expression. He slows down the process enough to even allow people to make sense! There can also be an air of authority, skill, and confidence in the writing styles of these Saturn-Mercuries. He gives substance and weight to the flighty winged messenger. And sometimes a sparseness that makes for natural editing. One problem, however, can be too much hesitation, and a loss of spontaneity.
What makes a good writer?
This, of course, is subjective. I'm a lover of poetic prose, so complicated, long winded, convoluted, intellectual texts offer me no satisfaction. I've found that most concepts can be explained either way, and most of them in one or two paragraphs rather than a complete book. But some people love to follow authors through their gray matter mazes. I'm prone to headaches, so I like it short, sweet, and to the point. There are a very few writers, though, that resonate with my pleasure receptors so much that I can stay with them forever. I do love a great story. Still, I wonder if there are universal standards and excellence in writers that can't be missed.
I am fascinated and delighted by the myriad ways in which the same words of a language can be blended to produce such diverse effects. The combinations are infinite, as this busy god of the word flies nonstop to connect thoughts to their destinations, people to people, everyone to everything. The connective tissue of the universe.

You all know how much I love the sign of Gemini. Keep your rolling balls inked!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

South Node in Sagittarius
or the Ninth House

The South Node in Sagittarius is being invited to come down from the ivory tower and join his brothers and sisters on the playground. His superior position is ready to be abandoned as he puts into practice his knowledge of the fundamental diversity of the human family. He recognizes that everyone's ideas are valuable, and he realizes that he will now listen with an open mind. The pundit is becoming the student teacher.

The high and mighty know-it-all. The SN Sagittarian has vast knowledge and experience but sometimes he acts as though he has nothing more to learn, at least from those around him. He likes to be in the position of wise counsellor, but this can separate him from the connection he really wants, as he finds it difficult to relinquish his stance of power. Frequently he expresses himself in a pedantic way, which goes against his new yearnings. He does truly want the others to appear just as wise, but he feels insecure at first when perceived as a man among equals. What he misses is the fact that his expertise in living can be more effective down where the the common seeker walks, and that his ingrained knowledge will always be recognized.

Holier than thou has holes. Too often the Sag SN has a moral superiority that offends as he expresses his beliefs as the right ones, pontificating in ways that no longer bring results. He is resistant to others' truths, and this can even cause his followers to tell lies, being afraid of what he will say. Quick to judge and admonish, he can be blind to the inner needs of other people and their reasons for doing what they do. Right and wrong are no longer black and white as this nodal native's mind is expanding in brand new ways, seeing more facets to circumstance than he ever did before.

The enlarged picture becomes wallet-sized. Years of detachment and looking at life from on high has cultivated a familiarity with the broad perspective, and a dismissal of the details as unimportant. But now he wants to focus on his immediate surroundings experiencing every aspect, looking into every nook and cranny, taking things literally, and enjoying things for their innate fascination rather than for some grand meaning needing to be grasped. The connections to an esoteric larger dimension are becoming less necessary as he realizes that the world he inhabits is complete in itself and has enough to keep him studying all his life. The connections are within.

Coming down from the mountain. This seeker has spent eons climbing the peaks to find wisdom, but now he understands that he's climbed high enough. His direction is down into society to disseminate what he's learned as he discovers anew how to communicate. The cloistered life, the endless mystical journeys, the search for heavenly splendor have become unfulfilling, since now he seeks the magnificence of his brother and sisters, leaving God to take care of His own business as usual. He can be consulted as needed while earthly human conversations proceed.

Commitment. The Sag SN often clings to his ancient memory of freedom as he roamed the universe unattached without mundane responsibility. The distant pursuits have often left social interaction in the dust and marriage for the fools. Being tied down has been an underlying fear, even if he doesn't admit it, and often when he's actually betrothed. I've heard him say he knows this one really isn't the ONE, but which one will be?
Higher education has topped out. Phd, MD, DDS, LPNDDTLSD, the degrees are endless and now mean little. The halls of learning, only accessible to the erudite and superior, are empty to the SN Sag. He no longer needs his mentors, dusty books in closed chambers, and ancient arcane teachings. The latest news in town, the cultural events, even the local gossip, or how to mix the perfect martini are the lessons waiting eagerly for his consumption. The smallest piece of information now has great significance. Education is everywhere.

Religious oppression. Sometimes the Sagittarius SN is raised in a family with religious and philosophical views completely alien to his thinking. A few are brought up in strict environments that are almost unbearable. Religious rituals, so sacred to those around him, seem contrived and dishonest from his perspective, while he witnesses the others' real behavior and recognizes the hypocrisy. He occasionally carries his conflict with God with him throughout his life, trying to diminish the aura of omnipotence inculcated in early years.

Prejudice. In some cases the Sag SN is raised in an environment of bigotry, even if not overt. There can be a homogeneous group morality, and behavioral rules are often enforced, even if diversity is approved of in words. Sometimes the prejudice is blatant, and the fear of human differences make him want to cross the boundaries in later years.

Restlessness. The old memory of freedom and travel through the universe keeps the SN Sag resistant to confinement. Camping out, living from the suitcase, footloose and fancy-free, he now wants to stick around long enough to make personal connections, but the train whistle in the distance often pulls him back to the road and his lonely pursuit of the unknown. Solitude is no longer the comfort it once was.

Listening. The new lesson. Many years spent retreating to mountaintops to get the word have made this node unacquainted with listening intently to what others have to say. The fear of connection and the clinging to his own truth can cause him to dismiss their ideas as inconsequential. The development of human relationships is what he really wants, with the exchange of thoughts for no other reason than to keep the connection alive. The thundering truth he used to need no longer guides him in his new journey to fact and fiction, sometimes disregarding the truth altogether. The convolutions of the human mind on all levels are coming into play as he learns to just plain yak.

Talking. Sometimes the SN Sagittarian has a mind that moves faster than his vocal apparatus. Speech impediments can occur as he struggles to articulate and connect. He might feel that people won't understand him, as he tries to bring universal knowledge down to facts, figures, and graphs. Some SNs are masters of conversation but still, they often feel that it isn't really being said. And they often miss how much understanding there actually is among their listeners.

Knowledge vs information, truth vs fact. This communicator, who has spent so much time gleaning higher truth from his learning, now sees that there really is no difference. Facts for facts' sake are just as fascinating as the grand puzzle and the endless attempt to piece it all together into the complete picture. Each fact already IS a complete picture and the pieces can be moved around in many different ways. Not too much is written in stone and Mercurial variations now are more appealing than the word of law. But don't let the professor know. And stay away from the priest if possible. The cookbook is equal to the Good Book.

The Sagittarian SN is bringing the wisdom of the ages to his contemporaries in exchange for connection, belonging, and the treasure trove of details he missed along the way. He's learning the social games filled with fun and frolic as everyday communication becomes his newfound joy. His North node in Gemini.
Top illustration: Robert Florczak. 2nd: Ed young

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Love and Nature

And pleasure.
With all this intensity; Pluto transits, bombs flying, drunken Mayans' predictions, ancient prophesies of doom, crying movie stars, and all of the daily horrors, it's good to remember the simple pleasures of life. And the great gift of our five senses.
Whatever did we do right?

This Moon in Taurus has been especially enjoyable for me and Neith, over at The 21st Century Knitting Circle, has an article on the coming Mars in Taurus square Venus in Leo. Great reminder.
It got me to thinking about the pleasures of love and, of course, creativity. I was just reading about the French writer, Marguerite Duras, who fell love with a 23 year old young man at the age of 65, and entered one of the most creative-productive periods of her life. The affair lasted 16 years until her death. What kind of love is required in an artist's life to fulfill her creative potential?
Yes. I do think love and creativity go together like hand in glove. The Taurean skill with the senses and love of material manifestation are the artist's allies. The musician's voice. I'm looking forward to this configuration, along with Saturn's solid guidance, and most of all, the 4 months of Venus in Leo.
Painting: Felix Vallotton: Paysage du Boulogne

Plutoed Out??

Has evolution got you down? Do you need a pick-me-up after descending into the depths of purgatory with just a little further to go? Try some of this.

A specially patented remedy from Neptune guaranteed to alter your frame of mind and make the rest of the journey look highly attractive.
Let it cool a bit.

Warning! Sip slowly to avoid possible effects from the Neptune opposition. Hallucinations may occur when Saturn is more than 5 degrees away. Do not operate any heavy machinery.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Why the United States Isn't Leaving Iraq Just Yet

In order to consider the metaphysical perspective on a situation, it's often necessary to suspend preconceived views, personal fears, and judgement of human behavior. All facets are necessary to the understanding of the whole picture, but the detached spiritual element is usually underplayed. The karmic reasons behind all events are involved in their enactments, and sometimes these are difficult to comprehend and accept. But they prevail. With the Saturn-Neptune oppostion closing, it might seem like we live in a world of random movement and chaotic human fumbling, but I don't think this is so.
This conflict is far beyond the politicians, the kings, the dictators, and the will of the people. At this point no one is in charge and no one is content with the current reality, or what's acting as reality. It has a life of its own, and it will be resolved in its own way.
Pluto through Sagittarius has lessened the grip of the religious hierarchy on humanity. The Islamic world has been particularly hard hit and its internal revolution is underway. Patience is a requirement.
The destabilization of the birthplace of modern civilization in Iraq was necessary as part of this revolution, while the traditional oppressive Islamic leadership continues to be divested of its power. A slow process. Believe me, it was not controlled by any of the human players. The war architects were all pawns in a larger strategy. They are also not in control of the ending at the moment. The American Congress is posturing in the political game and never intended to end the war. The other perpetrators are stuck, as well.
At 29 degrees Pisces, the end of the war started at the beginning. A diplomatic solution will come eventually.
In the meantime, The US has to remain there to prevent complete chaos in the Middle East, as the finish progresses. The direction is away from chaos. Pluto will square this 29 Pisces in the depths of Sagittarius when it leaves for Capricorn next January 2008, and on to a complete change of dynamics. Then it will come back in June 2008, turn around and cross the 29 again in November 2008, leaving Sagittarius for good. And still Pluto will hover around 0 Capricorn until September 2009. This gives humanity plenty of time to resolve the deeper problems symbolized.
Soon after, Saturn will go into Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn, bringing the conditions for the completion of the diplomatic solution, a complex one. Saturn will take its time getting fully into Libra, and meanwhile Jupiter will cross the 29 Pisces into Aries, January 2010, and once again in June. Finally, Uranus will cross the 29th degree in May 2010 and make a station at 0 Aries. Then it will back up across the 29 in August and return once more in March 2011. There is a lot happening around this 29 Pisces war degree. A fascinating addition will be the NN conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, November 2010.

I can't predict exactly when the entire episode will finally be over, but if it's a lengthy process, I understand fully the reasons why. The people of the earth are being given a chance to learn. And we is where we is.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Crisis

The slow moving outer planets are responsible for human evolution and when they change signs a sensation of crisis sometimes accompanies the exit.
Crisis: Gk.krisis: point of decision
Saturn is the last of the personal planets, and it could be why he gets so much emphasis. He will be the first to change signs September 2, and a peek at the house he's now traveling in your charts will give you a clue as to what's being resolved.

But the big one is Pluto, the slowest moving and the major entity of evolutionary change. From now until his exit next January, the chances are good that there will be a coming and going of unusually intense experience, and an urge to understand what is happening and where we are going, both personally and collectively.
It's a once in a generation opportunity.

There will be a three month stop in the Galactic Center of our galaxy, the Milky way, as Pluto turns a
around and heads out for Capricorn. This is not happenstance. I often get stations at critical points in my own chart and I attribute my personal evolution to this factor. I work with these moments as best I can.

The experience of Pluto through Sagittarius has been unique for everyone and a complete encyclopedia can be written, but one of the most important lessons to me is the understanding of the human species' connection to the cosmos. Macrocosm-microcosm, as above, so below. It's not mere chance, nor some oppressive force that's dictating mundane events. It's a natural and logical sequence enabling collective progression.

The Iraq situation will be resolved when the right time comes, along with people's trust in life. There is probably an overall feeling of spiritual crisis now that this passage is being completed and the world goes on to a completely new lesson, with the newly acquired knowledge as an ally. Many people are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the path ahead, but it will be revealed as this cycle completes itself. Meanwhile, the vacillation between despair and hope continues.

One thing to keep in mind is the new diminished status of Pluto as a dwarf-planet, which could indicate a lessening of cataclysmic destructive power unleashed as a solution to global problems. The attempted merging of omnipotent dictatorial powers could also be up for some removal, no longer being needed as much while the collective matures and gains understanding of its nature along with knowledge of cosmic participation, in the last quadrant of the wheel. The cosmic connection was made in Sagittarius. One fascinating element is the new Pope, Benedict XVI, who embodies and frailly expresses the weakened position of the Catholic Church. He's a Pisces Rising, of course, Jupiter conjunct the ASC and Mercury in Pisces (there is always Pisces involved these days). But here is another amazing fact. His midheaven is 26 degrees Sagittarius!! The Galactic Center. Perfect fit. Here is a rundown of the diminshed Pluto through the houses and how an individual might experience the end of the transit personally.

Saturn will soon leave Leo and with it, the need for charismatic leadership without substance, exchanging all that glitters for real ideas, possibly an an electron-microscopic touch of intellect. The candidates now are the ultimate in superficial glamour and expensive image making, but eventually things will change.
As Pluto stations and turns direct he will return to the 28 degree point he occupies right now. This moment just ahead is very interesting. At the 28th degree in December, all on the same day, The NN will leave Pisces for Aquarius, Jupiter will enter Capricorn, and Saturn will make its first retrograde in Virgo.

The next phase. The NN in Aquarius will be a "we the people" time, with the SN in Leo marking the after effects of bad leadership. The SN in Virgo now has prevented concentrated healing and repair, but Saturn in Virgo will facilitate this. Service to the collective and the start of governmental change with the people as conscious participants will get underway. Of course, there will be hardships, as always, but after the 1 and 1/2 years of the NN in Aquarius, the NN will go into Capricorn and join Pluto, just when Uranus enters Aries. The SN in Cancer will hopefully end some of the infantile behavior of this society. The signs of political responsibility are already appearing. More on this later.

Pluto through Capricorn? Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing is against humanity that can't be handled, it's all fair and orchestrated. After this time of crisis, newfound confidence in the universe will be ready to go to work.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I consider myself an astute astrologer and can often solve celestial puzzles, but this one I missed beats all.
You probably know Pd, who contributes his astrological expertise in a unique and distilled way here in Astroblogtown, and Tseka who has an extensive knowledge of Nordic and Indian mythology, and an understanding of astrology as it ties in.

I posted an article about Jan Grzebska, the man who just woke up from a
19 year coma, and Pd came up with this:

19 years "gone" ... sounds like a nodal cycle. Nodes in Pisces/Virgo at each "end"? Now with Uranus the awakener having recently passed the north node, representing the way forward in a renewed commitment to being conscious.
Exactly. Perfectly stated. The Pisces North-Virgo South nodal return. Alternative states of consciousness, faith, sacrifice, service, devotion, and humility. Could there be a more perfect fit? I am continually astonished at the way the Nodes of the Moon figure into life's events.
Of course I went back to check on the other factors and, as usual, it got very very interesting. I used the nodal position when the news broke last week.
The NN in Pisces was at about 12 degrees last week. Pluto is at 28 Sagittarius. The year he went into the coma, 1988, when the NN was at 12 Pisces, Saturn and Uranus were both at 28 degrees Sagittarius. Neptune was in Saturn's Capricorn. But the wild thing is Mars. Guess where that rascal was? Yup. Crossing that same old 29 degrees Pisces.

On March 20, 2005, as Tseka pointed out, the court ruling came in favor of allowing Terry Schiavo, in a coma, to die by removing her feeding tube. She communicated her decision in some way. On that day the Sun was, not surprisingly, at 29 Pisces. Very interesting. It's been a long thread in this Pisces-Sagittarius square we are experiencing now with the 29 degree war part of the culmination. And Pluto leaving. The connection to the 28 degrees Sagittarius makes me think we got advanced knowledge even then, so we should be experts by now.
Two comas. She decided to leave life as she knew it, he decided to stay. It makes no difference really, what direction we go, as they point out. But here at the nodal return, conscious awakened life is the choice.

So I agree with Pd's idea. Logic determines, and I can only conclude, that an awakening is occurring in general, however imperceptible to most. No major exciting event, no cataclysmic hollywood-style extravaganza, no violent thriller, no bombs, no blood, no agony, no glory. No hysterical week-long media blitzkrieg. Just a 19 year coma.

Just a simple awakening.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Venus, Neptune, Leo, Beauty, and Ego Integration

Things are really getting interesting.
Venus has just gone into Leo to join the Saturn-Neptune opposition. She will touch exactly at the end of this month. But the fascinating part is that this gorgeous entity will be going retrograde at the end of July making a total of four months in Leo, a fitting finale for the 2 and 1/2 year Saturn transit.

This is a rare opportunity to bring into full display the ego lessons of Saturn through Leo combined with the sublime grace, beauty, and spirituality of Neptune. The time to enjoy the hard work has come. All of us with Pluto in Leo have learned and those with Saturn there, too, can graduate with special honors. It's time to reveal our new selves. To shine in the spotlight. To be proud. Applause everyone!

In July, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will cross Leo trining Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. Blazing life and joy. Mars will be in Gemini returning to the USA Mars in Gem. Blogland will be firing and crackling for sure. I, myself, am stunned by the talent that has shown up in this theater, and I will take this opportunity to thank you all and commend us on a performance finer than I ever could have imagined. Such wit, style, panache, genius, honesty, enthusiasm, and affection are uncommon in a magnetic combination of this strength.
The cultivation of a great ego is one of life's most important achievements. All of the individual's potential rests on this for its expression in the world. The ego-sun-heart pumps our blood vigorously through the miles and miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries nonstop. It is the seat of our joy in personal love. The lessons of Saturn in Leo with Neptune in Aquarius teach the techniques of integration not only within ourselves, but with the collective and the cosmos, as well.
This transit has weeded out the bad performers, the failed leaders, and has cleared the stage for those of us in the wings who can contribute with the higher octave Neptune has incorporated into the drama. It will take a little time to see all the results, but see them we will.
Venus, our goddess of love and beauty, will turn direct in Leo exactly when Saturn leaves for Virgo. This is a grand finale indeed. My costume is ready and the greasepaint has been applied. I hope there is an epilogue. A big hand for the cast, director, and all those who have participated in this fine successful production!

And welcome Venus! Let the pleasure bubble.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Saturn Opposes Neptune.
Or Does Neptune Oppose Saturn?

Way way way down deep
The Neptune fairy
Is finishing her work.

The Earth is approaching the end of Saturn in Leo and the opposition to Neptune. It sure has captured a lot of people's attention, and I've found it a pleasure sharing metaphysical ideas in Astroblogtown.
The subjects of alchemy and mining have come up often at RagU lately and I think they describe an aspect of this planetary combination. This little hard-working sprite is deep in Saturn's concrete reality mining magic and forging the ego through Leo's fires. A strong sense of self and identity are basic to the Neptunian ideal as manifest on the upper earth. Many know the difficulties of the spiritual path in this dense, often distracting life, but after this gels in our psyches, the road might get slightly easier for some.

Many spiritual disciplines teach the abandonment of ego, but this is impossible. Use of the ego is the aim. This is one of the main lessons of these times, from my perspective. The alchemy of ego transformation for it's ideal use in the rock solid earthly realm. A great achievement. The possibility of real grace.
Illustrations by Peter Collington