Wednesday, June 13, 2007

South Node in Sagittarius
or the Ninth House

The South Node in Sagittarius is being invited to come down from the ivory tower and join his brothers and sisters on the playground. His superior position is ready to be abandoned as he puts into practice his knowledge of the fundamental diversity of the human family. He recognizes that everyone's ideas are valuable, and he realizes that he will now listen with an open mind. The pundit is becoming the student teacher.

The high and mighty know-it-all. The SN Sagittarian has vast knowledge and experience but sometimes he acts as though he has nothing more to learn, at least from those around him. He likes to be in the position of wise counsellor, but this can separate him from the connection he really wants, as he finds it difficult to relinquish his stance of power. Frequently he expresses himself in a pedantic way, which goes against his new yearnings. He does truly want the others to appear just as wise, but he feels insecure at first when perceived as a man among equals. What he misses is the fact that his expertise in living can be more effective down where the the common seeker walks, and that his ingrained knowledge will always be recognized.

Holier than thou has holes. Too often the Sag SN has a moral superiority that offends as he expresses his beliefs as the right ones, pontificating in ways that no longer bring results. He is resistant to others' truths, and this can even cause his followers to tell lies, being afraid of what he will say. Quick to judge and admonish, he can be blind to the inner needs of other people and their reasons for doing what they do. Right and wrong are no longer black and white as this nodal native's mind is expanding in brand new ways, seeing more facets to circumstance than he ever did before.

The enlarged picture becomes wallet-sized. Years of detachment and looking at life from on high has cultivated a familiarity with the broad perspective, and a dismissal of the details as unimportant. But now he wants to focus on his immediate surroundings experiencing every aspect, looking into every nook and cranny, taking things literally, and enjoying things for their innate fascination rather than for some grand meaning needing to be grasped. The connections to an esoteric larger dimension are becoming less necessary as he realizes that the world he inhabits is complete in itself and has enough to keep him studying all his life. The connections are within.

Coming down from the mountain. This seeker has spent eons climbing the peaks to find wisdom, but now he understands that he's climbed high enough. His direction is down into society to disseminate what he's learned as he discovers anew how to communicate. The cloistered life, the endless mystical journeys, the search for heavenly splendor have become unfulfilling, since now he seeks the magnificence of his brother and sisters, leaving God to take care of His own business as usual. He can be consulted as needed while earthly human conversations proceed.

Commitment. The Sag SN often clings to his ancient memory of freedom as he roamed the universe unattached without mundane responsibility. The distant pursuits have often left social interaction in the dust and marriage for the fools. Being tied down has been an underlying fear, even if he doesn't admit it, and often when he's actually betrothed. I've heard him say he knows this one really isn't the ONE, but which one will be?
Higher education has topped out. Phd, MD, DDS, LPNDDTLSD, the degrees are endless and now mean little. The halls of learning, only accessible to the erudite and superior, are empty to the SN Sag. He no longer needs his mentors, dusty books in closed chambers, and ancient arcane teachings. The latest news in town, the cultural events, even the local gossip, or how to mix the perfect martini are the lessons waiting eagerly for his consumption. The smallest piece of information now has great significance. Education is everywhere.

Religious oppression. Sometimes the Sagittarius SN is raised in a family with religious and philosophical views completely alien to his thinking. A few are brought up in strict environments that are almost unbearable. Religious rituals, so sacred to those around him, seem contrived and dishonest from his perspective, while he witnesses the others' real behavior and recognizes the hypocrisy. He occasionally carries his conflict with God with him throughout his life, trying to diminish the aura of omnipotence inculcated in early years.

Prejudice. In some cases the Sag SN is raised in an environment of bigotry, even if not overt. There can be a homogeneous group morality, and behavioral rules are often enforced, even if diversity is approved of in words. Sometimes the prejudice is blatant, and the fear of human differences make him want to cross the boundaries in later years.

Restlessness. The old memory of freedom and travel through the universe keeps the SN Sag resistant to confinement. Camping out, living from the suitcase, footloose and fancy-free, he now wants to stick around long enough to make personal connections, but the train whistle in the distance often pulls him back to the road and his lonely pursuit of the unknown. Solitude is no longer the comfort it once was.

Listening. The new lesson. Many years spent retreating to mountaintops to get the word have made this node unacquainted with listening intently to what others have to say. The fear of connection and the clinging to his own truth can cause him to dismiss their ideas as inconsequential. The development of human relationships is what he really wants, with the exchange of thoughts for no other reason than to keep the connection alive. The thundering truth he used to need no longer guides him in his new journey to fact and fiction, sometimes disregarding the truth altogether. The convolutions of the human mind on all levels are coming into play as he learns to just plain yak.

Talking. Sometimes the SN Sagittarian has a mind that moves faster than his vocal apparatus. Speech impediments can occur as he struggles to articulate and connect. He might feel that people won't understand him, as he tries to bring universal knowledge down to facts, figures, and graphs. Some SNs are masters of conversation but still, they often feel that it isn't really being said. And they often miss how much understanding there actually is among their listeners.

Knowledge vs information, truth vs fact. This communicator, who has spent so much time gleaning higher truth from his learning, now sees that there really is no difference. Facts for facts' sake are just as fascinating as the grand puzzle and the endless attempt to piece it all together into the complete picture. Each fact already IS a complete picture and the pieces can be moved around in many different ways. Not too much is written in stone and Mercurial variations now are more appealing than the word of law. But don't let the professor know. And stay away from the priest if possible. The cookbook is equal to the Good Book.

The Sagittarian SN is bringing the wisdom of the ages to his contemporaries in exchange for connection, belonging, and the treasure trove of details he missed along the way. He's learning the social games filled with fun and frolic as everyday communication becomes his newfound joy. His North node in Gemini.
Top illustration: Robert Florczak. 2nd: Ed young


Blogger Neith said...

Wonderful, jm! You have wrought your magic again with my SN . . . and believe me, I recognize many, many facets of myself in this . . .

There were lots of times over the years that the idea of retreating from the world occurred to me. I really think having Uranus widely conjunct the NN kept yanking me back into relationships and Life.

And you are right on about religion, hypocrisy and having no use for the structures & strictures. I sure hope I'm not coming across as a know-it-all . . . smack me up side the head if i do! :-)

13/6/07 8:46 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Upside the head???? Me?? The biggest know-it-all of all?????

Neith, this was amazing. After doing this, I understood you even more than I did. I'm beginning to see why you SNs are so interested in human interaction and a lot of this infinite search in other places and eras is not necesary. It's all right here. It affects astrology styles. More on this later.

13/6/07 2:16 PM  
Blogger Neith said...

Do you feel like you've learned a LOT through the process of writing about the Nodes? I know just putting together posts for my blog on various subjects has done wonders for increasing my astro-literacy. We are darn lucky to have a medium that suits!

I swear you are getting better with each Node! Keep'm coming!! :-)

13/6/07 3:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Neith, I am learning so much through our blogs I am stunned. It's changing me and my life. Of course, this is the symbol of the change, but I never could have dreamed so much information and insight could be at my fingertips. It's renewed my confidence in people, they are adding so much to my experience and understanding. I feel lucky to be here at this time in history.

The manifestation in our society of the good fortune is forthcoming.

13/6/07 4:06 PM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

I know that finding you guys has changed my life. I like it. I liked my life before, but it's even more fun now! 'Tis all very fun!

13/6/07 10:58 PM  
Blogger Dunyazade said...

This is very very good. You have explained it beautifully.

I can't wait untill you write about n.n. in capricorn and south node in cancer (mine).

15/6/07 2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you nodes descriptions. I cant wait for the NN in Cancer and SN in Capricorn. Yep it's for moi. I'm feeling selfish ;-)

18/6/07 1:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I'm such a slow poke!!

The NN in Cancer is going to be fun.
I'm almost ready to pop out the NN in Gemini, so I'm getting there!

Dunyazade, you said your NN is Capricorn. Did you reverse them? If not, I already did the NN in capricorn and here they are:

SN in Cancer

NN in Capricorn

18/6/07 2:04 PM  

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