Sunday, June 03, 2007

Amazing Astrology

This magically endowed science never ceases to thrill me. As you probably know, last Friday a robot came and in a split second put up a gate between me and public self expression by locking my publishing mechanism. I knew something big was up, of course, as synchronized as it was with the Full Moon and other factors. So I checked my transits to figure it all out. Not hard. The Neptune station in the 11th house of the collective was ending exactly opposite my Saturn in Leo in the 5th house of self expression. But here's the incredible one. Pluto at 28 degrees 6 minutes Sagittarius was opposite my Uranus(collective) in Gemini(communication) in the 3rd house. And what point does this Uranus occupy? You got it! 28 degrees 6 minutes. So there you have it. Me, the world, and communication. I've seen this precision often with Uranus transits.

I will do an article on this as soon as the robot and I come to an agreement. I found an alternative route to myself, but he still has my Real World, which will return with its exceptional comments. It's been highly illuminating, frustrating, invigorating, and joyous while I do my best with circumstance, as always. How I love astrology and the way it connects me with my awe of the universe and the guidance and protection therein.
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Anonymous Analysa said...

What a bummer about that blog! Hope you can get it all back

jm said “I found an alternative route to myself ... “

I´m just about running out of ideas of new alternatives routes to myself, had to invent so many of them lately .....

tseka just about summed it up so well “a lot of people I know feel as if they were swimming along merrily then the lake froze”.

4/6/07 1:59 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Well, my life has been nothing but alternative routes. I'm sure this has developed my neural pathways so that I waste no time in dealing with obstacles. I'm fully prepared. It builds nimbleness, agility, aceptance, and grace. Ability to find opportunity. And most of all, a new landscape every time, keeping boredom at a minimum.

Hopefully, when I'm 99 I'll still have this nimbleness.

had to invent so many of them lately .....

A genius in the making.

4/6/07 12:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

I think Sagittarus and the 9th house actually comprise an outward direction away from the bondage of self, especially with the SN in Scorpio.

The Pisces-Sag square is about this. Release from self pity and victim feelings and enthusiasm for the road ahead. The collective is experiencing this now, and it's helped by the NN in Pisces pointing to the upside of this sign, away from the degradation often asscociated with it. Lots of spiritual wonderment when these get together.

I noticed the jubilation of the Sagittarius full moon around me, then right after spirits took a dive. After this Pisces moon at the end of the week, things should be more clear.

Pisces can drag you down to the depths or bring uplifting through transcendance. Pisces is the ultimate in duality.

4/6/07 1:16 PM  
Anonymous Analysa said...

jm, one can really fall in love with you and your most beautiful & loving words!
And I hope you don´t take this the wrong way .....

I found a lot of my energy this afternoon, I could sense lately that it was coming back. So I´m of to a more regular schedule, looking after body and soul, was about time!

4/6/07 3:25 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Analysa, I know completely the Moon-Saturn in Pisces dilemma and the energy factor along with despair. You're right, really. It is rather hopeless. The goodness is found beyond the futility, so you're right to acknowledge it.

I have an unaspected Sun in Cancer in the 4th and Aries Rising, but the ruler, Mars, with Neptune. I am in constant despair about my lack of energy.
I always envied everyone since they seem to have so much get up and go. Go go go go go. Go Go dancers.

I think the SN in Scorpio drain was a large part of it, and some acceptance. In truth, I have enough. And I always get energized to the max when I'm enthusiastic about what I'm doing.

4/6/07 3:36 PM  

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