Friday, June 01, 2007

Some Folks 've Got It

I'm a-losin everything all the time
I'm losin all my senses, losin my mind
Sittin here thinkin what a fool I am
Cause I spent all my money on a losin man. There's eggs in the basket, chicken in the pot
World is full of riches that I ain't got
Some folks have got it and some have not
Yep. That's what it's all about.

Leo rules the rich, the privileged, the famous, and those who feel entitled to special treatment in their lives. Aquarius rules the collective society, the equality of man, and the equitable distribution of life's substance. Part of the Saturn in Leo opposition to Neptune in Aquarius has been about the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
This disparity has always existed since humankind settled, grew crops and accumulated material goods. There are many variations on the theme and the elastic separation changes all the time. The fact remains, these distinctions are necessary at this stage of evolution, like so many of the polarities that govern human society.
Everyone has desire. In my experience, most are greedy. Most want far more than they currently possess, though not all. In order for the masses to get the cheap goods they crave, the human race has created a vast network of production and shipping based on corporate control and elite management.

Everyone is in this together. The corrupt practices of the wealthy class are no more prevalent than the criminal acts of the commoners. Because someone is without does not make him a superior man. Those who have are also unpredictable. What man in his warm cozy house would want to run an oil well? What woman with her trinkets would want to navigate the ship that brought them to her from exotic places. Who would want to oversee the plantation that gets everyone his morning cup of coffee? How much would anyone want to sacrifice for the end of elite control of government?
Now some people are proclaiming a radical takeover of the world, a monolithic government, and enslavement of the masses. Why on earth would any corporation want to take the money out of the pockets of the people that ensure its continuation? Rather ludicrous.
Granted, they want the cheapest labor possible, and often abuse their workers and take too much for themselves. Human nature, thus far.
Let's look at this logically. Some of the have-nots aspire to wealthy status, some do not. The happiest society studied exists at sustenance level on an island in the Caribbean. On the other hand, the wealthy class has traditionally been largely responsible for the social programs that help the disadvantaged of the world and will continue to be so. There is an equilibrium in the whole collective that keeps it functioning. A great system of checks and balances that works automatically. As long as the masses want to climb the social ladder, they will keep the elite elevated as their icons. The place in society they would like to reach one day.
On December 19, 2007, the North Node will leave Pisces for Aquarius. The South for Leo. I expect this issue to be in the limelight. The commoners will look good. After Saturn in Leo cast a shadow on the excesses of the ruling class, the SN is coming to finish the job for now. There is no doubt that the disparity among the classes in the United States has increased alarmingly, but this is likely a prelude to some new developments politically. The NN in Aquarius looks very interesting on the heels of these events. Americans are getting increasingly disappointed with the elite rule in Washington, and are taking it upon themselves to do something in their own towns, cities, and states.
But here is the most interesting thing of all. The USA has NN in Leo meaning she was born to a life of wealth and privilege. It's her destiny. The SN in Aquarius is the guilt that keeps her from fully enjoying this karma, and she gets it all wrong so often. She's torn between her duty to humanity and the acceptance of her natural ability to attract riches. What she doesn't fully realize is that she will share automatically, even if she does live the high life.
So this fair nation is going to have the nodal opposition, the North on her South in Aquarius, South in Leo. The warm-up was the self loathing of Saturn through Leo and the astonishing and humiliating behavior of her leadership. The orgy of take, the obscenity of have. Added to the mix is Neptune soon to dissolve the grip of the SN in Aquarius. People can cut loose a sliver to keep the whole intact and healthy. And still seek riches.

Can this country rightfully own her position of wealth and power, free of too much guilt, and naturally provide for the have-nots through her SN in Aquarius? It all remains to be seen in this continuing saga, with the planetary page turners as guides.


Anonymous Joe said...

"...with the planetary page-turners as guides."

This wordsmith can only applaud in pure appreciation. :o) It even has the rhythm of a saga, with a portentous conclusion that leaves the audience breathless for more.

18/6/07 4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a spectacular moment of triumph. Enjoy.

He's got it.


18/6/07 9:47 AM  
Blogger Neith said...

And we can't forget Pluto in Capricorn! We'll have fun watching this whole pattern unfold for sure. My personal leanings are towards a society where there is a large comfortable middle class and a spirit of co-operation is in full force. It would be good to see leadership that supported win-win scenarios for a change.

18/6/07 11:14 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe what a great comment! This Gemini-Capricorn lunation is inspiring all wordsmiths to arise!

Welcome back astrid!

It would be good to see leadership that supported win-win scenarios for a change.

Wouldn't it though, neith. This has special meaning for me.

18/6/07 2:34 PM  

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