Saturday, June 30, 2007

Teaching and Achievement

Gemini governs early school years and Capricorn, achievement in the world. This lunation, new moon in Gemini and full in Capricorn, brings to mind the wonderful teachers who have encouraged me through the years. I loved them all, especially Mrs. Haynes who gave me a never done before 100 on my report card in ...would you believe it? .... spelling!

Here is Miss Ida Heatherspore, my 4th grade teacher. She's a Sun conjunct NN in Gemini, with a Moon in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, and boy, is she ever lively, as you can see. She encourages creativity above all, and there is a neverending array of exciting projects going on in her classroom. We called her Miss Heather.
Geminis have a tendency to act as equals with children, they are just miniature adults after all.

The parents are amazed that their children are so anxious to go to school when they have Miss Heather, and the kids have been know to cry copious tears when down with the flu and unable to attend the festivities. I liked music class the best, of course. We made up our own songs and the school spawned a few fine composers.
Many of her students have gone on to great achievements and they always remember Miss Heatherspore in their speeches when receiving their awards.

Here's a current student in miss Heather's class, Albert Gogglesworth. A Pisces with Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus on the Ascendant. Quite the inventive fellow. This is his equidistatorial universal time plantescope. Only a few minor kinks left to work out. He will go veeeerry far, no doubt about it. What an inspirational teacher, Miss Ida Heatherspore.
So glad I had her.

Illustrations: Guy Francis


Anonymous Joe said...

So glad I had her.

So am I, if this blog is due to her influence in your formative years. ;o)

30/6/07 4:27 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Oooh, joe. You express things so well.

30/6/07 2:08 PM  

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