Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Jackpot

Brother can you spare a dime?
Taurus is touch. The Taurean wants to hold and possess the material elements in life. Mars wants to retrieve. The grip can be strong with this combination, the drive for material pleasure, potent. Taureans wants to see empirical evidence of their efforts and substantial proof of the value of things. Taurus likes money.
Along with the square to Venus in Leo, bringing indulgence and/or creativity and productivity, is the quincunx to Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. If ever there was a desire for the jackpot, this is it.
Jupiter in Sagittarius is abundance and belief in good fortune. Attitude. Pluto and Jupiter are concerned with wealth, whatever that means to a person. Since Taurus is tangibility, many people will be thinking about how their attitudes translate into material pleasures. This, of course, need not be cash, but some manifestation of the bounty of life. Generosity is as it does, however, and the entire relationship with give and take could be up for consideration. And satisfaction with what one has.
The quincunx of Taurus and Sagittarius can also bring desires for real evidence of this alleged God and what actual things one can worship. Our personal icons. This is especially relevant as Pluto finishes in Sagittarius and people are more in touch with their deeper spiritual longings. It's always been tricky, the marriage of material desire with religious, and we can see now how it's been abused by the churches of the world.
But desire is desire no matter how you look at it, and there usually has to be something to grasp and worship, accompanying a wish to prove morality and goodness in terms of abundance. Granted many questionable types are wealthy beyond measure, but I'm sure the deficits are bigger than you know.
It's entirely individualistic. No use to envy what anyone else possesses, and not to fear reaching for what one wants. Knowing what that really is, is the key.
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Blogger jm said...

You Tauruses with Sag rising have a lifetime of this, btw..:-)

27/6/07 6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! Still learning. Or should I say, learning to accept this! Two weeks ago as I was riding home from my spirituality class, I found a $10 bill on the sidewalk (not so unusual, I find money regularily--oh, wait a minute...).
The following week, I was riding TO the class and I found an open padlock on the OTHER side of the street. I stopped to pick it up and thought: how funny! Leaving class I found money (resources) and going to I found an open lock--in almost the exact same spot, but across the street.
Any thoughts Jm?
I haven't spent the $10 yet and I am still carrying the lock around!

28/6/07 7:18 AM  
Blogger jm said...

This is great chrispito, and verifies the quincunx theory I'm developing. I think Tuarus with Sag rising might be learning that money can come more easily than thought when the attitude comes in over time. I love the image of the open padlock.

I know someone with a Sag rising and SN in Taurus and the money is never enough, never appreciated, and the bills keep climbing. Obsession is involved.

Your setup is a gift in itself.

28/6/07 1:54 PM  

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