Friday, August 31, 2007

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Greetings my funny star-loving valentines! I've traveled around a good bit and you people are some of the finest hominids I've ever encountered. I'd be proud to be an earthling and have you represent me out here, as you mentioned on a previous thread.
But as destiny would have it, I am not an earthling, although I'm an excellent astrologer. I learned to speak American on Jupiter's 23rd moon, so I can tell you, the new ring around Uranus is spectacular! I just went by and had a look. That Uranus does know how to put out an excellent ring. The executive office on Jupiter's 65th moon is going to give him a special commendation. This one's tops.

I'm working on an invention in which to get everyone up here to have a look, but it's still in the shop. In the meantime, if you get into difficulty, just whistle five times, at different pitches, repeat the magic phrase from Chief Stepinninnit, and I'll be right down to be of assistance. Oh, and BTW, I just spoke with Saturn and he says not to worry about Virgo. If that's possible. See you all very soon!
Avoid semi-squares until I get back.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yesterday in a parking lot I ran across one of my favorite people -- an upbeat Gemini, beautiful, well-spoken Spaniard, who never fails to lift my spirits. "We're all shit", he proclaimed in the warm evening air. "We consume shit, create shit, leave shit, nothing but shit." Then I knew that Pisces had fully arived. This full Moon eclipse, Uranus, and the north node.The above drawing by Leonardo da Vinci expresses how Piscean sensation feels to me. There is almost a human form in the draped fabric, a suggestion of something that's not there. It portrays the subtle realms of sensation and how little is perceived of life's totality. The artist tries to articulate it, the poet cries with longing, the mystic swears he's really got it this time. But the fishes swim out of human grasp leaving a hint, a ripple of something that can't be possessed. Yet people know it somehow.
How to make sense of this confusing world? Pisces knows you can't. " The irrational answer is the only one a rational mind can accept", says Tseka's son.
My father was a Pisces too. He lived in his own world and even fractured the language to fit the dimension he inhabited. He mixed real words with his own sort of babble and rephrased most everything, when he could. Babies loved him, being naturally irrational.

People waited for revenge against the criminals who run the governments of the world, as they always have for some reason. Now the long hoped for departures are coming and is anyone happy under this glimmering knowing Moon? Can anyone be happy waiting for tragedy to come to another?

The north node in Pisces. Here the individual starts to realize his own rigidity. He is aware of his patterns and how much they inhibit him, yet he finds them difficult to let go of. Previously, he lived in a finite universe where all was well structured. Now he is confronted with the realization that experience extends beyond what his finite senses can perceive and measure. He becomes involved in situations which require him to relinquish his hold on the physical plane. He's out of order.
From: Martin Schulman & JM

So comes Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus and the NN in Pisces. How to balance order and chaos, something many people are very familiar with at the moment. What to do with spiritual need. And how to proceed with our separate destinies within the whole. Is anyone guilty in the end? Who is the judge?
I hope that some redeeming experience comes to everyone struggling through daily life, not knowing up from down, right from left, in from out, and wrong from right, when you really look at it. Where is each one of us headed? This unfolding plant gives me confidence that something knows what it's doing, even if I don't. Life keeps renewing itself inside of me in some germ plasmatic spot, and I'm along for the trip, probably contributing something I'm entirely unaware of. It might even clue me in soon.
Photo: David McDonald

Monday, August 27, 2007

Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces and
Saturn in the 29th Degree

Saturn is in the anaretic degree of Leo for eight days, set off by the full Moon in Pisces. The shadow of Saturn has completed its darkening of the light of leadership. The existing U.S. president, who has Leo rising, has fallen from dictator cum king to ? Pluto in Leo on the man's ascendant has done a good job of demolition, removing outworn and decayed matter from the halls of power. Those jumping in hysterical agitation, missing every beat, with unembarrassed uncontrolled lust for the soon to be vacated position, are further illuminating the country's lack of leadership. Somehow, I think the people get it.

Bombs are going off daily in a war that makes no sense whatsoever, and society, at least in this lost nation, has no idea what's happening or where it's going.

Job finished to perfection. The new Moon in Leo, full in Pisces is a fitting finale to this engaging show that offered tragedy, comedy, slapstick, some guitar playing, and a few tears from the swamp creatures. It's leaving the audience with a cliffhanger for an ending, and there will be no epilog as the curtain opens on the next production, more subdued I'm afraid, but easier on the emotional body and the fiery ethers that could use a break.

I 'm watching the upcoming week with interest to see what sensations will penetrate the psyche as this Saturn in Leo leaves the planet with new knowledge deposited about personal significance. And who's in charge? Certainly not me.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Silent Meditation Today

At dusk. All are welcome. Ringing of bells at 8. This is a special celebration in honor of Saturn at 29 degrees Leo marking the end of the two and one-half year transit. The dignity, reserve, and respect of silence will be followed by a farewell gala toasting the entire absence of leadership in this nation and the rise of the individual in society.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

59 Reasons for the Blues

I hit the bottom of my life about 59 days ago
I hit the bottom of my life about 59 days ago
My mind was going out of my head
My brain start to register dead
I hit that bottom but I'm coming up slowly again.

The ancient Book of China gives you 64 reasons why
The ancient Book of China gives you 64 reasons why
It gives you little words to the wise
Gives you little ways to survive
This world where you will meet the good and the evil kind.

A man survives at exactly 98.6.
A man survives at exactly 98.6.
Anf if that temperature rise
Up above 105
You better call that doctor, call that big doctor to your side.

And it's easy, it's so easy
And I'm a-gonna tell you why.
Anyway you count it, you can always get it, you can get it if you really want it
And when you get it, better grab it, better hold it, better keep it, better keep it, better squeeze it, and release it when you're satisfied,
Ohh, when you're satisfied.

I sure could use about $50,000 right now
I sure could use about $50,000 right now.
Diamonds and cherries and plums
Three together get you one
Big ol' jackpot spinning 'til your number comes
Big ol' jackpot spinning when your number comes.

59 Reasons for the Blues by Jm,1983, Incas, Malleus, and Stapes, Inc.

A Late Summer Dinner Party

A casual affair, come anytime. As you is, or would like to be.

Friday, August 24, 2007

What? Could this explain It?

Rings of Uranus in striking change
Strange things are happening on the rings of Uranus. Once every 42 years, the planet's tilted angle lets earthbound observers briefly catch three edge-on views. The time for rare views is right now and a team of astronomers has seen some dramatic changes. Some rings are growing brighter, one is fading away, and another is new or unexpectedly moving outward from Uranus. At the same time, a broad diffuse cloud of microscopic particles seems to be pervading the entire ring system.
The changes are not fully understood [heheh]. Imke de Pater, a UC planetary astronomer, has been studying Uranus for 20 years. "The ring system looks completely different from the way it did 21 years ago," he says. "The rings are exquisite now".
The zeta ring is now 25,000 miles out."It's possible", De Pater said, "that incoming meteorites disturbed the ring and thrust it outward. He suggested that some massive object may have crashed into the surface of Uranus and ejected a shower of dusty debris that has formed an entirely new ring, while the old zeta ring has simply faded."
David Perlman. San Francisco Chronicle
You never know up there.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I don't see why not.
Man Ray. New York. 1917

The Inner Mechanism

This is my buttonhole cutting mat. As I work with my sharp knife, every cut disappears in an imperceptible process. It's self-healing. So is the body. So is nature. So is human society.

The complete sequence from birth to death is happening all the time in various stages. While sickness and decay are occurring in some places, health and growth are going on simultaneously in others, all creating a whole and balanced system. None can be deleted. They work together.

I first became fully acquainted with the potency of the healing mechanism when I witnessed death close-up without distraction. There were bruises that kept healing until the last hours of death, and I wondered why, since the body must have known it was dying. I was entranced by this odd behavior.
The same process occurs everywhere in existence; within human bodies, weather patterns, disasters, famines, wars. You can see the process after a cut on the skin appears and the body instantaneously goes into repair mode. The same mechanism is at work when a bridge collapses. It's part of the healing when the weakness gets to the full stress point and gives. By the time the symptoms are manifest, the curative process is already underway. It's a circuitous route from the unconscious to the conscious world. I think.
The interior universe. Every sensation from birth goes into the body forever. A person can't possibly react to all of them so they enter an inner world and carry on lives of their own after the initial experience. They live on and on doing unpredictable things. Sometimes an outer sensation triggers a memory. Sometimes they travel around unnoticed. Other times they gather together and form a tumor or another disease bringing attention inward.
They're in the same astrological sphere as the exterior world. The Sun, the central battery. Mercury delivering messages and connecting the sensations. Mars carrying the nourishing blood. My theory is that the old displeasures surface as time goes on, as you can see when we age and experience is visibly mapped on our bodies. When the hurts collect and form a disease, it seems they're trying to connect outer experience to this inner universe for purposes of awareness. A navigational view just like the astrological map. People have weak spots where hurts are collected repeatedly and one day they are ready to reveal themselves to the light of day, so the people can recognize the pain, find the remedy, and move forward with relief and renewed vitality.
Conversations with myself. The jazz pianist, Bill Evans, once made an album with this title and it describes an ongoing activity in my own life. When things go awry, I have a consultation to see if I can locate the source of the trouble, knowing full well this source is within. Every experience, bar none.
The instinct is to flee from the location of pain.
Agreed. Instinct is strong. I vote for recognition, some familiarity, and most of all ability to feel it, maybe know it. I do believe that a great deal of pain is valuable sensation that can be made use of. It's my own. Belongs to me alone. And from my point of view, was self-created. Thus the relief is within my own power, and healing is always a possibility.
So as the disease in the American society cracked the surface and exploded, the regeneration and restoration of health and equilibrium started concurrently. Sometimes it's difficult to see the fix at work in the midst of the discomfort of repair procedures, but eventually the results become manifest, if one doesn't "flee from the location". I remember in the hospital when my friend was undergoing painful reactions and I expressed my distress. He said, "It's part of the healing process". I keep that in mind now. He said it with confidence.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Promised Land

Hmmmmm ....
I'm going ... to the Promised Land
I'm going ... pretty soon to that land
I got my little ticket, right here in my little hand
Gettin' off about midnight.

It's written in the chip. Human society has religious perception and myth-making in its character and will continue to look for paradise on earth no matter how many times the garden fails to materialize. Just the sight of a rainbow in a summer storm is enough to excite the Eden chemicals and arouse people's belief.
The United States has been one of these earthly meccas, and in some ways, the country has fulfilled her promise. Nevertheless, every human being, every family, every tribe, and every country plays foul sometimes. It's a fact the earth's denizens work with.
So the criticism leveled against America is largely accurate. The people are partly oblivious to the world's predicaments and politically irresponsible at times. The country hasn't been invaded and occupied, nor has she shrunk in fear under totalitarian rule. She hasn't suffered starvation, disease, and homelessness to the extent that many in the world still do. She is prosperous and healthy. These are just the reasons the world looks to the USA for hope in a troubled world. It's a promised land compared to what people leave behind and refugees from all kinds of circumstance have found and still find a safe home within her borders.
Imagine if this beacon didn't exist. Where would people look? To an invisible god, a kingdom in heaven? What if this country disintegrated into chaos and suffering and others in the world no longer had a place to come to, imperfect as it is? There are some who say they'd like to see this nation topple, but would they really?
As Jupiter makes the last pass over the USA ascendant and joins Pluto once more, an opportunity has come to renew optimism, and despite all the character flaws and mistakes, continue to offer promise to the world. On Dec 10, the Sun and Mercury will be nearby the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto exactly conjunct during these last Sagittarius days. It could be that enthusiasm is restored as the north node at 0 Pisces leaves for Aquarius and new times. It lands directly on my Venus-Uranus in Gemini, Moon-Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition, so let me be the harbinger.
Illustration: Ul de Rico. Lyrics from Promised Land by jm: copr.Incus, Malleus, and Stapes, Inc.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Artist in a Tense Moment

If it weren't for photographers on the scene, Raging Universe would not be what it is today. Can you imagine? A heartfelt thanks you to all you great snappers of the world!
Photo: David Carl Trunley

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Creation of George Bush.

Myth and Society. The Brush Strokes
Now that Mars will soon be transiting Cancer and Gemini for over seven months and the United States will be saying its farewells to George Bush, I'll begin going into what just happened. The USA Pluto return is an important event and there are a lot of factors to consider.
Pluto in Cancer, 1912-1939. Let's start by taking a look at some history. The Pluto in Cancer years saw WWI, the discovery of Pluto and the rise of Hitler, all terrifying events. WWI especially introduced a new kind of fear when people became aware of potential global destruction, finalized by the discovery of Pluto and the full recognition of this power. The transit of Pluto through Capricorn will likely be the neutralization of these years, with a new diminished Pluto at dwarf-planet status, a surprising and interesting development.
Cancer-Capricorn is one of the most potent parts of the astrological wheel and rules the parental axis; home and the world. Fear is associated with childish Cancer where safety and protection are needed, provided by the adult Capricorn who knows the ways of the world and is the architect of a firm protective structure. The entire presidency of George Bush hinged on this axis, a Sun-Saturn in Cancer incorporating both of these elements. When this man was elected in 2000, the south node was in Capricorn, the north in Cancer. The placements of his planets in the 12th house are a clue to the shadow quality of these signs and the lessons we were to learn.

The towers come down. When 9/11 occurred, the south node was in Capricorn and Mars was conjunct. This indicates a breaking down of a wall and releasing of fear that could not be expressed until then. The NN placement in Cancer shows that it was fundamentally healthy for society and part of the coming cure, in preparation for the Pluto return. The attack was probably executed by the USA government but not engineered by them. I think this was done in conjunction with an international group of participants. The United States was a player and most likely used for the removal of Hussein and the start of necessary evolutionary events in the Middle East. It wasn't Cheney or Bush who were responsible, nor the others usually accused. Whoever was responsible, it was karmically designed and will resolve itself. Meanwhile the catastrophe set into motion necessary changes in America as the next years brought fear to the surface for this frightened Cancer country in need of protection. Fortunately, she has the Pluto in Capricorn to bank on.
Bozo to Hitler. And on to King George. It was not Karl Rove, Capricorn with Moon in Cancer, who was responsible for the creation of the myth of George Bush. It was the collective of the country who needed a scary figure in whom to place the new fears. This mentally disturbed confused man with arrested development and other disabilities became a powerful dictatorial figure in the collective mind, all an illusion. Bush's job all his life was to make jokes. He lives in a world of fantasy and does not understand what's going on around him. Speech after fractured speech revealed how he had no clue about what was happening, but still the people gave him more and more power. No dictator can be as lost and confused as he is. No king can reign with such derrangement. Then came the illusion of surveillance, military rule, and the end of the Constitution, all Cancerian fears unleashed for the healing process to continue. All ungrounded but necessary. When the next election came, Saturn was retrograde in Cancer, fears were at their height, and naturally the designated dictator was reelected.

The Darkness descends. In the next years the fears formed a cloud of depression only reflecting a deeper depression that had been under the country's skin for a long long time. A Cancer Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 12th house (Bush) is a despairing as it gets, so the almighty leader was the perfect one for the time, as Saturn transited Cancer. You will probably notice that the mood started lifting when Saturn transited Leo. But why did the people need this authoritarian imaginary ruler? Why did they create a terrible dictator-king where none existed and weren't coming?
Inner government. It comes to the Cancer-Capricorn axis and control. For years Americans having been getting more and more out of shape and losing discipline. The problem with this is that fear mounts as self control vanishes. The society had so little backbone that it turned a weak and helpless man into its disciplinarian in a negative way for want of self management. People fear authority when they lack inner government. So the attempt to get on the path to control had to come through this experience as Pluto now goes into Capricorn and returns to the USA natal Pluto. First it will oppose the four planets in Cancer in an effort to help this naive and childish society stand on it's feet, get a grip, and go on to the maturity it is now ready for. In retrospect, the people will see their foolishness in creating this monstrous power out of a simple man, but it had to be done. Myths are elemental tools in progress and evolution. The human creature is undoubtedly a creative one.
I'd like to know what you all think are the things that need control and discipline in your own lives as I go on to exploration of the inner government. This is mine: the fear that my music is not good enough and performance ready. The truth is, it's been ready for years. So this is the area of fear control for me. And it has everything to do with my Capricorn achievement, as self discipline will be developing for many many people in the immediate years ahead. Good things are possible with the Pluto return soon to begin. And hopefully, the citizens will use more economy, grace, and dignity in their brushstrokes as they create the images around their next leaders.
House at Dusk: Edward Hopper. Credit to Tseka for the brush strokes.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Room for Everyone

A moment to relax again and take advantage of these late summer afternoons. I love the light this time of year as it approaches the equinox. The Equinoxial Light, I call it. I had a hammock like this growing up which I didn't like at all. Rarely climbed into it. It was hard, stiff, and scratchy. I prefer those multi-colored Mexican ones that form a cacoon around my body. Yes. Those are wonderful.
Well there's plenty of room to hang out, relax, and even maybe not-talk for a minute. Possibly an impromtu picnic later. I just baked some tofu, and I know how popular a dish that is.J
Photo: Keith Scott Morton

Saturday, August 18, 2007

An Enlightened Fowl

This rooster has experienced divine illumination. An unusual development, but it's been going round lately. They make so much noise it's hard to imagine the required meditation in silence, not to mention the abstinence and strict diet. But anything is possible and now the morning crowing has taken on an extraordinary jubilance.

The barnyard is awakening in the true sense.
Illustration: Tina Macnaughton

Friday, August 17, 2007

South Node in Capricorn or
The Tenth House

The SN in Capricorn is evolving from strict personal law and order to an understanding of human flaw, frailty, and failure, as they journey from aloofness to intimacy in their lifetimes. Worldly achievement is ready to be exchanged for home and personal connection as the main base of operations. Status no longer offers the reward it once did as the rigid boundaries of self are relaxing into fluid exchange and merging with other human beings outside of hierarchical structure. The outer world of ambition is moving to the inner world of feeling.
Authority. The SN Capricorns know all there is to know about those in power. They've seen the best and the worst and now have no reason to please people in high places in order to reach the top of a ladder they've fundamentally lost interest in. Yet they often keep trying, placing themselves in stances of authority and wondering why it fails to satisfy. They witness abuses that enrage them, yet realize they have no means within their grasp to put an end to the cruel interactions. They have nothing left to do but walk away leaving others who need to learn these hard lessons in the positions they now want to relinquish. The cold calculated business world of obedience, humiliation and intimidation becomes difficult to bear when they realize that close personal interaction is just as important to the well-being and functioning of society. The clinging to the need for superior stance hampers the real connection they seek.
Achievement. SN Caps are often brought up to value prestigious placements and the social climbing necessary to get there. They wonder why all the struggles, degrees, and years of training don't bring the satisfaction they thought it would. They develop great expertise and somehow find it largely useless. Sometimes they move from organization to organization, seeking the fit that never materializes. Some, however, completely avoid the system against the desires of their families.
Status. This node remembers the circles of wealth and power and the hard road up from nothing to reach them. While once the glitter of elegance and money were ambrosia to these people, they now see the superficiality and ultimate emptiness of the lives of the rich. The yachts, the jewels, the multi-mansions around the world, and all the social games that are required are ready to be exchanged for a cozy bungalow on a simple tree-lined street in a comfortable hometown, if not in reality, then metaphorically. The recognition of kindness from the corner grocer is worth more than the millions and the nod from the CEO as these natives long for relaxation and human touch, gladly relieved from the relentless push through the political system.

Born old. Capricorn SNs fear immaturity and seem to have been forced to grow up too early never fully enjoying the carefree days of childhood. Some had troubled families with no one in control and adults who were unable to parent them properly. They often missed the normal comforting of mothers, or perhaps were unable to receive it, and carry a fear of intimacy into later life. Recognition from authority is frequently used as a replacement until they fully realize the limitations of these relationships and start the journey back home to recapture their lost innocence.
Management. Cap SNs are forever trying to maintain a grip on control, feeling the need to manage everything around them. This creates a relentless tension they are terrified of relinquishing, believing that everything will descend into chaos if they let down their guard. The fluid relationship with circumstance eludes them while they maintain a separation that leaves them cold and unhappy, disappointed with the outcomes they so assiduously pursue. They long to leave the power to others but lack the confidence in themselves to give up the strictness, stiffness, and formality, and trust people as intimates.
Pride, respect, and recognition. The memory of pride in achievement is so strong that these nodeholders fear being without important jobs and the daily struggle to get ahead, waiting for every nod from above to verify their existences. They no longer feel the pride they once did in the tasks they perform so well for their superiors. The awards ceremonies have become empty rituals and they wonder just what is so great about these achievements after all. Someone else can develop the best technique to remove tumors from the brain, while they relax at home in comfort letting the world go by.

Depression and pessimism. One of the hardest parts of possessing the SN in Capricorn is the deep loneliness and depression of spirits so commonly felt. Where once the isolation helped them win favor from those in authority, now the loss of oneness with the human family leaves them with a well of sadness that no amount of material gain can fill. The depression can color everything and they sometimes doubt that life will be good and that things will work out well. They remember age old sorrows, many in the family, and assume that the future will be more of the same. They are frequently pessimistic about their personal destinies and the prospects for mankind. The expectation of disappointment can be all inclusive and some refuse help being unaccustomed to caring and nurturing. This increases their isolation until a cold, stark, and empty dwelling becomes home rather than the cozy, warm cottage awaiting them at the NN.
Guilt and punishment. Self flagellation is common with the SN in Capricorn along with austerity, denial of pleasure, and monk-like asceticism in some cases. They have guilts that have no label or origin and often don't understand why they were singled out for such abuse while others enjoy simple pleasures and go on their merry paths. They don't know exactly what they did wrong and why justice hasn't come around to them yet to absolve them, redeem them, and free them from their confines. They miss the fact that they are already free and waiting for human connection to verify their goodness, while releasing the need for cruel and unusual punishment. They are better than they realize, kinder than they know, and more caring than they recognize.

Perfectionism and discipline. These SNs often have a morbid dread of making mistakes and being seen as flawed. In the memories of achievement in cutthroat environments, failure was not possible. Everything in perfect order, spit polished to immaculate shines, no hanging threads, no spots, no tears in the fabric. Every move is calculated until they are merely moving parts in an unfeeling machine, oiled and running smoothly to nothing. Relaxing and falling apart is their real goal.
Materialism. No one is more weary of the chase for material goods than the SN in Capricorn. Not that they want to do without, but they are ready to give up the intense, sometimes obsessive work it takes to acquire these things. They are learning economy and how to get value for less effort. Overworking, trying too hard for all they get, has finally exhausted them, coming to realize that commodities are not an end in themselves and that a person can never be measured by what he owns. The Mercedez is being traded in for an old Chevy with rust spots and maybe even a tiny crack in the windshield.
Bridging distance and showing need. A near impossibility. Revealing dependency and being seen as not on top of things is frightening. Showing weakness or too much bend was not allowed in the boss-man, and forgiving was done outside the workplace. Asking for emotional aid is what they really want instead of the balance sheets on their desks exactly on time, no errors. Sometimes they offer intimacy briefly then quickly close the door. Now they're ready to make mistakes and invest in others for emotional gain, abandoning the professional separation they've habitually tried to maintain.
Judgement and justice. The Capricorn SNs know we live in an unjust world but they no longer want to be the judges and the administrators of punishment. The realm of crime and abuse has run its course in their lives and they are eager to walk away from the struggle and build a personal dimension of goodness from the memory of society's cruelty. They've done all they can and now are completely ineffective as supervisors of the system. The failures of the outside world are becoming the successes of the inside one, where imaginary realms can grow out of the cold and harsh realities they're leaving behind. The comfortable place they truly want to inhabit.
The sphere of feeling. There is no one more capable of human closeness and sensitivity than SN in Capricorn. The pain of human isolation is as strong a memory as people can have and these SNs are completely prepared for human warmth and embrace. Reality is no longer an icy cold unforgiving entity they are trapped in as the inner realm of fantasy opens up and invites them in unconditionally. Circumstance is what they make it and is entirely open to their creativity, no questions asked, and no higher power to approve or disapprove of their accomplishments, if they need to accomplish anything at all. Living life in the moment just for the pure sensation is their birthright. No one can stop them when they realize how free they really are to touch life and trust it to care for them completely, the world's children finally.
Eye: M.C. Escher

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Transition

Every day the news tells us that the world is dangerous, cruelty dominates, suffering rules, and that there is little hope. Erroneous, of course. Health, well-being, and kindness are being generated concurrently and in equal amounts. I see it with my own eyes. It just isn't sensational and the town criers have to create excitement or they'll be out of a job. Plus, some people do seem to be afraid of happiness. It comes anyway.
It's really here. The transition we've been anticipating as Pluto nears Capricorn. The established order is now in flux and no one knows what lies ahead. Karl Rove, the shadow Capricorn, has had his hand in the political pot for a long time so his departure is symbolic. The announcement came just as the Moon was entering Virgo, a sign of the Saturn in Virgo repairs coming up. I expect this will bring a change in political style, right on time with reserved and dignified Capricorn ruling the new days. I always thought that Rove was revealing the dark side of Capricorn to prepare for the generational change. And I thank him for the job he's done.

Transitions are exciting times and this one is no different. The feeling of a fresh start is always good for a little uptick in optimism. The interesting thing about this one is the presence of some very good transits with the Pluto ingress in January. Jupiter will be newly in Capricorn, both of them trining Saturn in Virgo. As luck would have it, Venus will be in Capricorn too. And lo, the Moon will be crossing into Libra. Not a bad start at all.
In reading current events astrologically, I look at the overall transit patterns and then the charts of countries. The politicians are at the bottom of the totem pole in importance so I look at how they fit the times and things that pop out. But most of all, I look at repeats.
Pluto is entering the last quadrant of the wheel where humanity recognizes its universal characteristic. It actually starts in Sagittarius, where people first get fully acquainted with the brotherhood of man concept. In Sagittarius people become interested in the broad spectrum of human diversity. You can see this clearly in the churches and temples around the world where fellow devotees are referred to as "sister", "brother", "father", and "mother." The family of man.
Very shortly, the Saturn-Uranus opposition will start further defining this fellowship as the established rule butts against the will of the people. The repeat here is the north node entering Aquarius which will add quite a bit of weight to the Uranian side of the equation. The dismantling of the rulership has already begun. I think it's safe to assume that things will be different to some extent considering all the major planetary shifts.

One of the highly interesting parts of the transition will be the Mars retrograde in Cancer, just back in Gemini and turning direct when Pluto crosses the border. The retrograde should be the end of this country's dependency on George Bush, the shadow Cancer. This has been a hard one to shake. People are still clinging to him but after the retrograde it should be done. Sure, he was funny. Not really a threat. A bumbling fool that evoked emotion like few before. I think people are afraid to let go of the crackling excitement of the Sagittarian times, and believe it or not, the cartoon flavor of his presidency. Society seems to be terrified of the show ending and the serious days beginning, more austere, a little stark in comparison, and worst of all, not as much fun for this partying country. But times change and so will we.
After Saturn transits Virgo, the Libra transit begins and this is the one to watch. It marks the USA Saturn return and it will square Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus in Aries. This one is hard to predict. The potential for diplomatic solution is there, but Libra-Capricorn is also the ruler of top military decision making and strategy, sometimes war. The problem is, it takes people to wage war, and the people are getting weary. They are losing their appetite for violent solutions. The leaders might have no choice in the matter. Uranus will be in the sign of Aries, the warrior, but Uranus is the people's will. If the people refuse to fight, will they win? No one knows. The pages turn.

So here we are, the human family at a crossroads.
In some ways, there will probably be more of the same just viewed through a different filter. But as every photographer knows, the filter can make all the difference in the world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Purple Retreat

There is a lot of change and excitement in the air, and for those of you who need a breather, here is a calm spot for contemplation and rejuvenation. A few deep breaths among the trees and flowers should do the trick. There are comfortable seats under the umbrella and if you need any refreshment, let me know. I will deliver. I received some very good news from the Middle East today but before I tell you all about it, a peaceful moment is a sound plan.

A Capricorn Scarecrow

Now that Karl Rove is departing the premises I thought we'd need a new scarecrow. This one's got a Sun in Capricorn, like Karl, but he has a Venus in Sagittarius, so he's much more conversant with diversity. He's also got a Moon-Saturn conjunction in Libra and he won't be anywhere near as badly behaved. A fine gentleman, indeed.
Photo: Rick Patrick

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturn to Uranus

Saturn is just about to enter Virgo and the people are ready. It will be the start of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. I was reminded that Chiron is thought of as a bridge between these two entities.
Saturn builds walls and boundaries, and Uranus moves the individual beyond these boundaries into new dimensions, innovative mental territory, and utopian glimpses of the future. A space adventure away from ordinary life on earth, so well established by Saturn. The isolation imposed by the rigid boundaries is necessary for self-improvement, until the time comes to move beyond the constructs to engagement with society in a more expansive universal way. Uranus comes to break up the established order. How this is achieved is unpredictable.
There are many ways to get beyond the wall. There can be a violent breakthrough. There can be a methodical taking apart, sometimes after sudden disruption of some kind. There can be flight above or movement around it, or there can be a dematerializing of a sort and passage right through. I sometimes think that Saturn knows this will happen and possibly builds the walls with the passage in mind, leaving a weak point as we talked about. Do we sometimes miss the way through?
Chiron and Suffering
This connects to the other discussion about the cracks and weaknesses between the rocks being an opening to what is beyond Saturn. Chiron is one of those cracks between those rocks...... Don
The one thing I'd like to see managed is the fixation on the raw pain you mentioned. I think this is one of Chiron's teachings. We live with it. Use it. Trying to find the people who caused it and inflicting punishment have never ever worked. Many people are crying over things that happened long ago, and miss the fact that there is raw difficulty right now to deal with. If attention is paid, maybe the past suffering would ease. There is a mechanism in humans to diminish this ongoing suffering in between bouts.....Jm
What facets of being human compel us to evolve and take things into ourselves instead of projecting and condemning those outside? The perfect example you deal with frequently is people with self loathing who hate the evil authorities. This is where I see Sagittarius and Jupiter at their best, when insight and the higher mind are turned inward to injest and digest shadow projections....Don
I remember vividly as a child one summer in camp when I was chosen to do a song and dance number. The song was Me and My Shadow, and it was done in cane and top hat style with one of the other kids as my shadow, as I recall. A very very memorable moment.
I'm convinced that Chiron is about teaching that suffering is not inflicted gratuitously, but meant to instruct. When a person opens up to cosmic dimensions there is a tendency to forget the pain. This is Chiron, who didn't complain about his wound. He found remedies. I've experienced this often when I'm in pain and go out in the world among people. I often forget about the hurt. So Chiron isn't concerned with opening old wounds. Just keeping them. He's interested in education and passage to broader dimensions understanding the place for pain. And I think Uranus frees people somewhat from the restrictions of these earthly wounds, the Saturnian reminders of limitation, as they leave their bodies to an extent in search of mental connection.

One aspect of this transition is the importance of authority and how it relates to inner and outer government. In Capricorn, the individual is supposed to learn self-discipline and often obedience to a hierarchical structure. A boss, a manager, a higher power. In Aquarius, the inner authority changes to synchronize with the good of the whole group with equal distribution of control. This is just ahead. The outer governments have failed as they always do, as they are supposed to do. But the new development is the growing awareness among the people of the failure. In the immediate times coming, with the north node in Aquarius, it will be a perfect chance to realize that governing from within will project to governments without. I'm going to go into the inner government concept in depth.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sitting Around

Pursuant to the discussion of the Wheel of Fortune I decided to provide a quiet place to contemplate. Sitting on the wheel might help as each one ascertains which side s*he's on. Inner or outer.
Photo: David McDonald

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Unimportance of Importance

I'm interested in all spiritual paths, have studied many, and follow none. But Taoism interests me particularly. Taoism is one of the two great religions that originated in China. The other is Confucianism, and they emerged between 500 and 400 BC. Tao means The Way. The Way is understood to mean the way of nature. Taoists see the cycles and the constant change in the natural world as earthly signs of a universal force. They call this force Tao.
Taoism has no founder, nor does it have a supreme being. The body is seen as a miniature model of the universe, and a healthy body is a necessary step to a lofty spiritual state. The practitioners invented acupressure, acupuncture, and Tai Chi, and are experts in Chinese herbal medicine. In diet, they allow everything but suggest eating, drinking, and living in a balanced, sensible way. Exercise is integral to the practice, and meditation is used to come into relationship with the Tao. The most interesting part to me is the belief in wuwei....non-doing, which is central to Taoism. The phrase wei wuwei means "to do without doing" or "to act without action". It means a way of existing without strained conscious effort. This is behind their respect for longevity, because the longer one lives, the greater his chances of arriving at complete harmony.

Tao teaches the unimportance of importance. Good and bad are not far apart so it is possible to accept the difficulties of life calmly. The way of nature is not right or wrong -- it simply is. No one can tell how things will turn out. Success and failure, wealth and poverty, fame and obscurity, all have equal strengths and drawbacks. Taoists hope to have a long earthly life of self discipline and awareness, cultivating the three treasures....vitality, energy, and spirit.

When an archer is shooting for nothing
He has all his skill.

Nondoing does not mean withdrawing from action but rather performing a different kind of action. Outwardly going along with the flow, while inwardly keeping one's true nature. Things are done for their own sake, or not done.
Well, it sounds good, but probably a great effort for a doer. I already practice some of these things naturally, but now I've been wondering.....What is important? If anything. Do we attach false significance to circumstance in fear of the sameness, the continuum, the boredom, to create a feeling of aliveness? If the reason is for human drama, I suppose that's reason enough. Can we still experience the dramatic ebbs and flows recognizing their ultimate unimportance?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Regeneration and Healing

Astrology is in transition. I'm happy with the current rulerships but I do think the discussion of alternatives is useful. Rather than change the ruling planets, astrologers can bring other mythological figures in to expand understanding of the signs. I connect Chiron with Sagittarius and I'm of the opinion that the transits of Pluto through Scorpio and Sagittarius, from 1983, ending in 2008, have been especially important, providing a vital passage for the species, some spiritual progress, and a step ahead in the healing process.

As you know, I've developed a theory about the significance of the movement of Scorpio to Sagittarius in the astrological wheel. I view it as the bridge to the transpersonal and a rebirth into the cosmic dimension. Scorpio has traditionally been associated with the healer, but I think Sagittarius might govern the actual repair process. Scorpio leads arduously to the source of the wounds, and the Scorpionic surgeon might cut them out violently, or bring knowledge of the importance of elimination, but once that realization is complete, the ongoing process of renewing healthy growth likely takes place in Sagittarius. Chiron was the spiritual physician in mythology and so could the Sagittarian be in actuality.

The Sagittarians I've known have been the most helpful people of all. They do this with true generosity and no complaint. At their best they have a tendency to soothe anxieties and help others recognize that things will be all right. They know what to do to and they're confident. "It will work out", they often say. They sort through things with people, and they're often good-natured.
I help everyone in my life without hesitation as soon as the wounds appear, knowing there is a remedy, that anything can heal, and that faith in the process is best. Even death is sometimes the healer. I'm a sympathetic Cancer but I don't attribute my impulse to come to the rescue with first aid to this fact. I connect it to my Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius in the 9th house.
Healing is a process of regeneration. The liver is the most regenerative part of the human body. The liver is ruled by Jupiter. This makes me think that faith is the fundamental factor in the cure, coming under the auspices of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Scorpio takes us to the decay and that which must be released to revitalize, perhaps Sagittarius gives us the healing techniques backed up by the new spiritual information.
So my conclusion is that a major healing process has been initiated with the transits of Pluto through Scorpio and Sagittarius as the dwarf-planet gets ready to travel the last quadrant of the wheel. The explosion of the Trade Towers with Pluto exactly on the USA ascendant was the start of the regenerating process in America. George Bush was the symbol with his south node in Sagittarius. The south node holds all the information of that sign and he came to disseminate the knowledge as this nation awakened to her identity. It's at 19-20 degrees as well, the place where Jupiter was when the Iraq invasion took place at 29 Pisces signaling an ending.
The passage of Pluto through Scorpio brought major disease to the surface, and the transit of Sagittarius brought the start of the cure, culminating with Jupiter passing through Sagittarius this past year across the USA ascendant. The renewed faith, hard for many to perceive, could be guiding this ongoing restoration from now on as Pluto goes through Capricorn and brings inner structural decay to the forefront. It appears as though the United States might be coming into her role as a more enlightened healer and leader with her Sagittarian ascendant, but not without time and attention paid to her internal maladies in the next few years. The corruption in the system has risen to the top and is fully exposed, part of the curative process. As with Chiron, the wounds are necessary, but the techniques for repair are instinctive and the ability to master life regardless, are there as well, ready to be taught to others, as we move beyond this important step from Scorpio and Sagittarius to full collective engagement.
Illustration: Sophy Williams

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tender and Succulent

Echeverias, with the very dark "Black Prince" in the center.
As you might know, I sometimes offer succulents to the denizens of Raging Universe. They are not edible, although a Gemini might try one.
Succulents are not fussy about soil. As long as excess water drains out and the sun shines, they are happy. They multiply like rabbits in a fabulous variety of forms. Succulents should be fertilized occasionally. They respond gratefully by plumping up and getting much larger than expected 
Jewel Box Garden
It always piques my interest how some things in nature, humans included, seem to be destined for an easy life, while others struggle with every step. Echeverias have no complaints. But my petunias are very unhappy at the moment. It's an imperceptibly broad spectrum and each one finds a place. Luck?
Photo: David McDonald

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Art: artis -- skill
An aesthetically pleasing [?] and meaningful [?] arrangement of elements, such as words, sounds, colors, shapes, etc.
One thing I've noticed about some Geminis is their talent for experiencing the world around them without excessive criticism. People judge the sensory input to varying degrees and what pleases or disgusts is usually subjective, although there are universals, especially when it comes to the sense of smell. So the age old question about the quality and value of so-called "art" is always up for further questioning.
When I hear a piece of lousy pop music with strangled shrieking singers, I recoil, but sometimes my Gemini friends hear another part or at least sense it's value to society in some way. It always amazes me how objective they can be not rushing immediately for some personal verification or sentimental identification. They seem to have a built-in mechanism that prevents rejection since there is too much to learn. Years ago when I traveled alone across America I met an artist in the midwest who took me to his studio. One of his pieces was an ironing board covered with astroturf and on it was a golf shoe. It was charming, funny, and unforgettable. I fell in love with the sculpture and the creator.
I came across this sculpture last night and responded with a great deal of pleasure. A lot of contemporary art leaves me unexcited, and I was thinking about what makes the difference. There was no question about this piece, and I have no idea at all what the artist is trying to say. So much for literal meaning. Pleasing aesthetically? Must be. I know if I saw it in exhibition I would linger and absorb the experience. I would stand back at various distances to get different perspectives. I would look at it from all angles. What makes this happen? Memory and recognition? Future longings? How can substances be juxtaposed to create something that resonates and can be completely not understood in intellectual terms. Or defy usual aesthetic guidelines. What is an artsist? Is the value always subjective piece by piece? I suppose the fact that they exist in society to take the usual and re-create it to expand the ordinary limits of our experience could be the aim and the details matter not. But who the heck can assume the label justifiably? Artist.
Leg with candle. Robert Gober

Fasten your seat belts, grab your pencils, and get the food outta your mouths!

Get ready to yak! Mars goes into Gemini.
This promises to be a lively ride. First off, the moon is also in Gemini as the speedster zooms into this communicative sign. What a start! Next, he will oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius for some verbal inflation fanned by hot gaseous air. A few Pisces points to deal with and then on to Pluto, who's busy in the Galactic Center dispensing the milk of human kindness or some such thing. Knowledge, at least. What a culmination. Added to this, Saturn will be in Leo along with Venus who's headed back. The Sun and Mercury will also be in Leo for a couple of weeks. That will fan the flames of intelligent frolic. It could be our last chance at full throttle. After that, Virgo time comes and the long Mars in Cancer transit, with its emotional upsets, sorry to say.
So I heartily suggest taking full advantage of this opportunity and comment to your mind's content. I always look forward to the conversations since I found this collection of fascinating hominids who enjoy the art of talk, including some phenomenal foreigners who could easily be confused with the English speaking natives. The blend of information, personal ideas and beliefs, poetry, imagination, nonsense, and feeling are far beyond the ordinary. I'm looking forward to this a great deal. The gifts of gab. Keep those tongues sharpened!
Welcome Mars in Gemini!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

All That Glitters

Our feisty planet Mars is now at 29 degrees Taurus, finishing up a very interesting transit. Guess where he was in the USA chart? Correct. The 5th house of speculation and gambling. The Leo planets squared the Mars in the 8th house of investments. You probably all witnessed the rapid rise of the stock market awhile back and in the last degrees it all came crashing down as Mars squared Saturn, of course. A square to Neptune was also involved, the guy with all the illusions. And finally, restricting Saturn is just ending its transit of the 8th house and entering the 9th of foreign relations. Plenty of work ahead there. Virgo and repair. Two and a half years.
There are many implications in America with a south node in the second house of assets. Fear of poverty is the characteristic most associated with this node, and greed is the result. It has landed this young nation in plenty of trouble and soon she will be grappling with the dilemma. The interesting part of the stock market movement was the Leo planets in the 8th house of shared resources, where our north node lies -- the key to our positive development. Learning how to use money well, share it properly, and make it grow in legitimate ways. Wealth is the story in this country but how it's obtained and used is the learning we must engage in. The fact that the transit involved the 8th makes me think the beginnings of the learning are here. The Mercury retrograde in Cancer also occurred in the 8th house returning to our natal Mercury several days ago, Mercury ruling commerce.
Even when not invested, stock market crashes affect the psyche. Add to this the awareness of how the US is squandering her wealth in the Middle East while her infrastructure is crumbling. No matter what happens next, the point will be well taken with the added emphasis of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.
The start has arrived of some interesting times ahead. Pluto will soon be transiting Capricorn governing economic and monetary established systems. Pluto is wealth, and I certainly expect some changes. Where it gets especially interesting is a look at what's happening as the north node enters Aquarius, December 19, and heads for the USA south node in the 2nd. This is the exact day Jupiter enters Capricorn headed for this 2nd house. All the while, our feisty guy, Mars, will be making a long retrograde in Cancer, the ruler of the 8th house of shared resources and investments.
The node in Aquarius will then move on to the USA Moon, and what does this Moon rule? Yup. The 8th house. The day the node is on the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, Pluto will enter Capricorn. How perfect can it get? Well, it gets better. The north node will move on to Capricorn while Neptune heads for the Moon, again the ruler of the 8th. Things will putter along for awhile and when Pluto returns to the 2nd house natal Pluto several years later, Uranus will trine in Taurus, right back to that 5th house of speculation.

Moral of story. No one's in charge and we have a lot to learn. Think we'll get it?Second moral. Not much time ahead for foolishness.

An Extended Moment

Chocolat pots de creme with candied rose petals
The chocolate was so good I decided to have it again today with the moon still in Taurus, in intimate embrace with Mars at the end of his stay. Yes. Last sweet moments before the six weeks of Gemini!!!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

A Wild & Crazy Bean

You're all invited for some freshly brewed coffee made from premium beans grown in central Uranus. I've been enjoying the conversations around here so much, I thought this would add yet another dimension to the enlightenment. My own Venus luuuhhves my Uranus as they cavort and carouse in the land of Gemini. I can't separate them. Pals 'til eternity. Sweet talkin' geniuses.
The java will be jivin' so come on by!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fate & the Split Second

"Make hay while the sun shines", the old timers say. Not a bad idea, as this surprised Coloradoan knows.
Bart Deferme thought his friend was joking. 'I was at work and I got a call from a friend who told me my house was on fire. You can never take that seriously when you hear that on the phone the first time.' But his friend wasn't joking. Lightning had entered the roof and burned out the attic and top floor of his house. And no joke -- his wife is a meteorologist. The $100,000 worth of damage has rendered the home uninhabitable for the next three months.'We have a number of very good friends and neighbors, and they're hooking us up with dinners and a place to sleep.'
What do you imagine are the karmic lessons here? I would guess a lot of Uranus-Aquarius: dealing with sudden unexpected events, karmic shock absorbers, material attachment, friends and the kindness of strangers. The lesson of help is a big one and they will carry this forever.
Everybody in the war zone has karmic lessons to learn, as do those in the peaceful meadows. Problem is, it can turn on a dime in a split second.
Keeps us dancing on our toes.

This is Hard to Believe

Right after my big speech about how much I hate weddings I got invited to one. It's tonight.
First they tried to hire me to play some Celtic music for the ceremony, but I said, "Naw, not my thing. You need flutes." I promised to play some funky dance music when the party really gets going. An all-nighter they say. Perfect for the Leo season.

They insisted I come and I can't help but assume they want my grand fire trine to make sure this thing gets off properly. For those of you new to astrology, fire signs are known for their joy, enthusiasm, spirit, excitement, expressiveness, and warmth. Aries is the kick-start, Leo is the heart and life of the celebration, and Sagittarius is the send-off into the universe. For people who get down in the dumps easily, being around fire signs is a good idea but it's a double edged sword. Sometimes the joy is far too much, like a hot day at the Indy 500. And I'll tell you, speaking of depressed. Nothing is more gloomy than Leos when they're down. That's one to avoid at all costs. Aries will keep it up, though. You can count on that.
So despite my narrow-minded prejudice, I decided to go. Anyone who gets married with the Moon in Aries, the Sun and Saturn in Leo, and Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius gets my vote. And they've been living together for 12 years. I refuse to get drunk. This sipping singer is going to enjoy herself in the slow and steady Taurean way. I hope.
It looks like a fiery match made in heaven. Only one thing perplexes me. Venus retrograde in Virgo. What do you think that means for a marriage?Oh well. Here comes the bride!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Bridge is Crossed

The earth is just several days away from the end of Saturn in Leo, and never before has it been more clear to me how people create their own realities, and also the profundity of the 29th degree in astrology.
Most everyone is affected in the Leo sector of the chart and where the Sun is positioned. It's too soon to get the full result, but some are already getting an inkling of what's been experienced. The entire Pluto in Leo generation was impacted, and the variations on the theme are a testament to the diversity of human society. You can see where the news and the public have landed and it's not worth mentioning only to point out that the time for serious global leadership for the United States is not quite here yet. Saturn is in her ninth house.
But others have fared better.

As I've traversed the events of these last days I've felt an underlying depth of sensation that verifies my theories about the knowledge of a sign being particularly potent in the 29th degree. It has been so for me. Some people are not in touch with themselves in a conscious way, and they've acted accordingly, expressing the less evolved aspects of Leo, but others have advanced.
Illumination. The Sun rises spectacularly at dawn, takes center stage all day, then sets magnificently in a glorious show of color humans have tried for an eternity to capture. The display never fails to thrill, the light always provides sustenance and comfort. The same thing happens in humans and the placement of Leo and the Sun reveal the parts of existence that hold this endless source of light, and where a person shines the most noticeably. Some are afraid to let this energy pour out, some overdo it, but Saturn likes to apply the phenomenon in the best way possible. To make it useful.
Domination. One of the hardest things to control about Leo is the natural dominance. Just as the Sun gets full attention all day, so does the individual in the area of the personality where Leo resides. Reluctance to take responsibility for this position can cause more problems than fully taking the reins of power. Saturn's lesson is how to do this for the good of self and subsequently for the good of others in the environment. In the 3rd house, for example, the mode of communication would be the place for self-expression to its fullest, in the 7th, others would be directly affected by the Leo output and illumination. The last years could have pointed out problems in these areas and the fix could be evident soon in some instances. Wherever the Sun is located in the chart also indicates leadership skills to be utilized, since radiance moves outward and the energy wants to express. Dominance is something people are often afraid of, but everybody does it somewhere.
Significance. Like the lion knows his position in the jungle hierarchy, so does the Leo in each person know his importance and position of rulership. Denial of self importance leads to more trouble than acceptance of superior status, just in these areas. When not expressed, the job is often handed over to lesser talents, stalling the inevitable and bringing failed leadership. What more perfect example do we have than the United States with her north node in Leo, who contrary to popular belief, is afraid of her light. I don't think an individual can make a better choice where Leo rests, than to recognize the strength and act in accordance with its natural potency. The full expression will benefit the whole. The arrogance, contempt, and hubris really stem from fear and withholding. Deficits of confidence.
Love, warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence. The Sun is the source of pride in one's self, and the Leo sector of the wheel is the arena in which it's enacted. Love of life reveals itself here if allowed expression, enthusiasm pours forth uninhibitedly, and others partake of the warmth exchanging admiration of and appreciation for the talents given. Since so many struggles present themselves continously in other areas, the Sun and Leo offer ways to cope with tragedy and sorrow and enjoy the uplifting aspects of circumstance.
Saturn darkens the light of the Sun only to move and reveal a more honest expression of personal luminosity and a more genuine self-recognition. I hope my friends have received a new understanding and an elevation of confidence somewhere in their lives.