Monday, August 06, 2007

All That Glitters

Our feisty planet Mars is now at 29 degrees Taurus, finishing up a very interesting transit. Guess where he was in the USA chart? Correct. The 5th house of speculation and gambling. The Leo planets squared the Mars in the 8th house of investments. You probably all witnessed the rapid rise of the stock market awhile back and in the last degrees it all came crashing down as Mars squared Saturn, of course. A square to Neptune was also involved, the guy with all the illusions. And finally, restricting Saturn is just ending its transit of the 8th house and entering the 9th of foreign relations. Plenty of work ahead there. Virgo and repair. Two and a half years.
There are many implications in America with a south node in the second house of assets. Fear of poverty is the characteristic most associated with this node, and greed is the result. It has landed this young nation in plenty of trouble and soon she will be grappling with the dilemma. The interesting part of the stock market movement was the Leo planets in the 8th house of shared resources, where our north node lies -- the key to our positive development. Learning how to use money well, share it properly, and make it grow in legitimate ways. Wealth is the story in this country but how it's obtained and used is the learning we must engage in. The fact that the transit involved the 8th makes me think the beginnings of the learning are here. The Mercury retrograde in Cancer also occurred in the 8th house returning to our natal Mercury several days ago, Mercury ruling commerce.
Even when not invested, stock market crashes affect the psyche. Add to this the awareness of how the US is squandering her wealth in the Middle East while her infrastructure is crumbling. No matter what happens next, the point will be well taken with the added emphasis of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis.
The start has arrived of some interesting times ahead. Pluto will soon be transiting Capricorn governing economic and monetary established systems. Pluto is wealth, and I certainly expect some changes. Where it gets especially interesting is a look at what's happening as the north node enters Aquarius, December 19, and heads for the USA south node in the 2nd. This is the exact day Jupiter enters Capricorn headed for this 2nd house. All the while, our feisty guy, Mars, will be making a long retrograde in Cancer, the ruler of the 8th house of shared resources and investments.
The node in Aquarius will then move on to the USA Moon, and what does this Moon rule? Yup. The 8th house. The day the node is on the Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius, Pluto will enter Capricorn. How perfect can it get? Well, it gets better. The north node will move on to Capricorn while Neptune heads for the Moon, again the ruler of the 8th. Things will putter along for awhile and when Pluto returns to the 2nd house natal Pluto several years later, Uranus will trine in Taurus, right back to that 5th house of speculation.

Moral of story. No one's in charge and we have a lot to learn. Think we'll get it?Second moral. Not much time ahead for foolishness.


Blogger jm said...

From today's paper:

In coming months, the mayor will have to put his salesmanship to the test when he asks voters to tax themselves again, this time to pay for decades of deferred maintenance and $550 million worth of infrastructure projects.

"Ahhhsk not what your country can do for you."

6/8/07 5:03 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

hmmm, been my rant for years.

Interestingly we have all been paying highway taxes for just this purpose. I keep trying to figure out where our property taxes go. Houses are valued in the stratosphere, taxes have risen way beyond COLA.
How about corporation taxes while we are on the subject.Corporations are after all the ones under the constitution who owe. I am often amazed that this group has been allowed to be so selective with their identity. First they are a person, then they're not.

Let's see, who gets protection under our laws for trade, copywrite, patents, security of property, use of infrastructure, etc. ? Who pays the greater percentage of their income in taxes?

A little Saturn in Libra looks mighty good after we settle in with all those other amazingly timed transits you just mentioned.
I also remember that in that JFK speech, the line that follows "ask not what your country can do for you...." was; "My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."

That really was a great speech. Just as timely today.

6/8/07 5:34 PM  
Blogger jm said...

but what together we can do for the freedom of man

Of course. I've always enjoyed this rminder from you. Never too much.

The Saturn return is interesting. Diplomacy. Square the Capricorn. Dignity. I'd put my money on change in leadership by then. The new tax laws are due for expiration in 2010, right around the bend.

The main thing is our responsibility as this town is proving. We'll pass that tax initiative. We want roads, after all. Maybe a functioning bridge ot two.

6/8/07 6:02 PM  
Blogger chrispito said...

Tseka! I missed you, couldn't get! Next time :)

I am sick. and. tired. of Mars in Taurus. It transited both my Sun and Mercury (4th House). All month long I've had jerks screaming in the alley. "I'm going to kill you" and "you're dead" and "you ruined my life" and the all-tiring "f*** you" OVER AND OVER! It's almost funny. Almost. Oh, city life! You vex me so!

I look forward to your posts every day, Jm. They are a godsend. I feel so empowered by the knowledge you share.

6/8/07 7:42 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Oh, chrispito, thank you so much. Sometimes I wonder how much good it does. The G force against it all. People seem to be in a funk at the moment, but Mars in Gem will lighten things up. It's stunning how much fear gets thrown around each day. They ought to have a gold cup for the one who tosses the most. But people are suckers. What can you do?

Yeah, that does sound like city life. Overcrowding makes people f**k with one another. Like my Aquarian bud used to say, "Go ahead and kill me if you want to."

You made it through Mars in Taurus!!!

6/8/07 8:10 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Hej Chrispito, here's some smoochies (Juno style) for you, thinking of me.
It would have been fun!

i look forward to JM's posts everyday too. What a brilliant and luminous mind, eh? And it is given freely. i count myself blessed. Neith, Pat and JM are my first rounds.

And tho i do not have crazed angry people shouting in the alley i do find these sanctuaries balance out my life which sometimes is a bit wobbly from the spin.

6/8/07 8:52 PM  
Blogger jm said...

You know, it's really true. I find exactly that here. Equilibrium. It's very focused and quiet.

6/8/07 9:30 PM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

Sometimes I wonder how much good it does.

A great deal of good spreads out from here and goes a long long way, I'm sure of it.

The excitement of discovering something special, magical, and known to so few, of insight and companionship not easily found. This place enlivens...

6/8/07 9:55 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Mpk, thank you. Thank you so very much. Omg.
How good you are with words. Oh...

6/8/07 10:05 PM  
Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

I totally agree with tseka, jm. There is something truly wonderful about your spirit as expressed here through raging universe, and of course raging universe itself. I'm just getting caught up on the past few threads, but it is always worth burning a bit of extra Midnight Oil to do so. ;-)

Thanks too, tseka for reminding me that I must pay Pat and Neith a visit as well. ;-)

7/8/07 12:22 AM  
Anonymous The_Ninth_Immortal said...

I must confess to being a city type :) Even if the crazies have to scream abuse at me from time-to-time, it's in my blood. I need the stim-u-lay-shee-un.

BUT. Not desperately looking forward to Mars going into my Gemini 10H. I know there's a tonne of work waiting round the corner, and I'm a little uneasy about what it will entail.

Don't get me wrong, hard work suits me... but this promises to be an erratic month of family coming and going, airport runs, keeping an eye out for my ailing grandmother's needs, and other distractions.

Still, perhaps the sheer volume of work will burn up all the tremendous energy I wrestle with every day. Transiting Uranus conjunct one's natal Sun does not make for a placid, serene experience when one is living in a pleasant-but-not-chosen environment.

Which is to say, living with one's parents over the age of 30 is a little challenging - decent people though they are.

Re. Raging Universe and JM's daily insight (and visuals) - I'm so happy to have this place to visit every day. Very grateful.

7/8/07 1:47 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Thank you neo. I love it when you pop in.

Ninth I, I think having a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is in itself a lifetime of being overwhelmed. That's the ocean at your doorstep forever. A tidal wave. And what to do with Pisces?? You tell me. Jupiter can be underestimated, understandably so. I've got the Moon conjunction and it isn't always pleasant. Not at all.
Your Virgo is anxious and that doesn't help. Add the Uranus transit, and well...just come on by for some relaxation when you need it.

I'm a city type, too, although I live in a natural enclave. I do like the urban vibe.

Which is to say, living with one's parents over the age of 30 is a little challenging - decent people though they are.

I think living with anyone is challenging.

7/8/07 2:24 AM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

'It's in my blood'
LOL Ninth!!
I lived in a sweet little oasis, smack in the middle of 4 major arteries. At night I hear the gas station attendant, the church's clock 4 blocks away, the coo-cooing of the walk signal, the shopping carts being pushed by bottle collectors in the alley, the staff of a local restaurant saying their goodnights. I can hear the buddhists chanting at the monastery down the block. There's skunks and raccoons, too, which the cats yowl to be let out for to keep an eye on. It's an amazing spot of town.
I can't imagine being in the city forever...though I can't imagine staying away forver, either.

7/8/07 8:23 AM  
Anonymous chrispito said...

I live (not lived--though I feel I've been in this apartment since the dawn of time, it's only been 4 months)

7/8/07 8:25 AM  

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