Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Bridge is Crossed

The earth is just several days away from the end of Saturn in Leo, and never before has it been more clear to me how people create their own realities, and also the profundity of the 29th degree in astrology.
Most everyone is affected in the Leo sector of the chart and where the Sun is positioned. It's too soon to get the full result, but some are already getting an inkling of what's been experienced. The entire Pluto in Leo generation was impacted, and the variations on the theme are a testament to the diversity of human society. You can see where the news and the public have landed and it's not worth mentioning only to point out that the time for serious global leadership for the United States is not quite here yet. Saturn is in her ninth house.
But others have fared better.

As I've traversed the events of these last days I've felt an underlying depth of sensation that verifies my theories about the knowledge of a sign being particularly potent in the 29th degree. It has been so for me. Some people are not in touch with themselves in a conscious way, and they've acted accordingly, expressing the less evolved aspects of Leo, but others have advanced.
Illumination. The Sun rises spectacularly at dawn, takes center stage all day, then sets magnificently in a glorious show of color humans have tried for an eternity to capture. The display never fails to thrill, the light always provides sustenance and comfort. The same thing happens in humans and the placement of Leo and the Sun reveal the parts of existence that hold this endless source of light, and where a person shines the most noticeably. Some are afraid to let this energy pour out, some overdo it, but Saturn likes to apply the phenomenon in the best way possible. To make it useful.
Domination. One of the hardest things to control about Leo is the natural dominance. Just as the Sun gets full attention all day, so does the individual in the area of the personality where Leo resides. Reluctance to take responsibility for this position can cause more problems than fully taking the reins of power. Saturn's lesson is how to do this for the good of self and subsequently for the good of others in the environment. In the 3rd house, for example, the mode of communication would be the place for self-expression to its fullest, in the 7th, others would be directly affected by the Leo output and illumination. The last years could have pointed out problems in these areas and the fix could be evident soon in some instances. Wherever the Sun is located in the chart also indicates leadership skills to be utilized, since radiance moves outward and the energy wants to express. Dominance is something people are often afraid of, but everybody does it somewhere.
Significance. Like the lion knows his position in the jungle hierarchy, so does the Leo in each person know his importance and position of rulership. Denial of self importance leads to more trouble than acceptance of superior status, just in these areas. When not expressed, the job is often handed over to lesser talents, stalling the inevitable and bringing failed leadership. What more perfect example do we have than the United States with her north node in Leo, who contrary to popular belief, is afraid of her light. I don't think an individual can make a better choice where Leo rests, than to recognize the strength and act in accordance with its natural potency. The full expression will benefit the whole. The arrogance, contempt, and hubris really stem from fear and withholding. Deficits of confidence.
Love, warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence. The Sun is the source of pride in one's self, and the Leo sector of the wheel is the arena in which it's enacted. Love of life reveals itself here if allowed expression, enthusiasm pours forth uninhibitedly, and others partake of the warmth exchanging admiration of and appreciation for the talents given. Since so many struggles present themselves continously in other areas, the Sun and Leo offer ways to cope with tragedy and sorrow and enjoy the uplifting aspects of circumstance.
Saturn darkens the light of the Sun only to move and reveal a more honest expression of personal luminosity and a more genuine self-recognition. I hope my friends have received a new understanding and an elevation of confidence somewhere in their lives.


Blogger Neith said...

I'll let you know when I can get off the floor . . . :-) My poor ole 29 Libra 41 Sun feels very much flattened right now, moving very slowly thru many little tasks. Venus Rx has not helped much either.

30/8/07 6:02 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I can only say. the mystery continues and i am a willing participant enjoying the ride.

30/8/07 7:12 PM  
Anonymous juju said...

wow I'm trying to absorb all this, in my astrologically blind way. But I sit down to the computer and am immediately called away -- so I'll try to come back and absorb more tomorrow. I did get to go to a friend's garden today and pick heaps and heaps of fresh tomatoes and get all that wonderful tomato plant smell on my skin ( I even found tiny tomatoes lodged in my hair). This makes up for other issues which keep popping up, my too easy anger and my disappeared laptop. which I keep hoping I lost, but which I think was heisted. I think I'm too lazy to really figure out what this is all about...

30/8/07 8:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

LOL neith. You'll be off the floor before I will.:-)

I love the smell of tomato plants. It's amazing how powerful suggestion is. I can actually smell them right now, plus memories of huge tomato hornworms are aroused.

I'm willing to participate. In what, I don't know.

30/8/07 9:58 PM  

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