Friday, August 31, 2007

Astrobabble with Winston Moonbat

Greetings my funny star-loving valentines! I've traveled around a good bit and you people are some of the finest hominids I've ever encountered. I'd be proud to be an earthling and have you represent me out here, as you mentioned on a previous thread.
But as destiny would have it, I am not an earthling, although I'm an excellent astrologer. I learned to speak American on Jupiter's 23rd moon, so I can tell you, the new ring around Uranus is spectacular! I just went by and had a look. That Uranus does know how to put out an excellent ring. The executive office on Jupiter's 65th moon is going to give him a special commendation. This one's tops.

I'm working on an invention in which to get everyone up here to have a look, but it's still in the shop. In the meantime, if you get into difficulty, just whistle five times, at different pitches, repeat the magic phrase from Chief Stepinninnit, and I'll be right down to be of assistance. Oh, and BTW, I just spoke with Saturn and he says not to worry about Virgo. If that's possible. See you all very soon!
Avoid semi-squares until I get back.


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