Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Promised Land

Hmmmmm ....
I'm going ... to the Promised Land
I'm going ... pretty soon to that land
I got my little ticket, right here in my little hand
Gettin' off about midnight.

It's written in the chip. Human society has religious perception and myth-making in its character and will continue to look for paradise on earth no matter how many times the garden fails to materialize. Just the sight of a rainbow in a summer storm is enough to excite the Eden chemicals and arouse people's belief.
The United States has been one of these earthly meccas, and in some ways, the country has fulfilled her promise. Nevertheless, every human being, every family, every tribe, and every country plays foul sometimes. It's a fact the earth's denizens work with.
So the criticism leveled against America is largely accurate. The people are partly oblivious to the world's predicaments and politically irresponsible at times. The country hasn't been invaded and occupied, nor has she shrunk in fear under totalitarian rule. She hasn't suffered starvation, disease, and homelessness to the extent that many in the world still do. She is prosperous and healthy. These are just the reasons the world looks to the USA for hope in a troubled world. It's a promised land compared to what people leave behind and refugees from all kinds of circumstance have found and still find a safe home within her borders.
Imagine if this beacon didn't exist. Where would people look? To an invisible god, a kingdom in heaven? What if this country disintegrated into chaos and suffering and others in the world no longer had a place to come to, imperfect as it is? There are some who say they'd like to see this nation topple, but would they really?
As Jupiter makes the last pass over the USA ascendant and joins Pluto once more, an opportunity has come to renew optimism, and despite all the character flaws and mistakes, continue to offer promise to the world. On Dec 10, the Sun and Mercury will be nearby the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto exactly conjunct during these last Sagittarius days. It could be that enthusiasm is restored as the north node at 0 Pisces leaves for Aquarius and new times. It lands directly on my Venus-Uranus in Gemini, Moon-Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition, so let me be the harbinger.
Illustration: Ul de Rico. Lyrics from Promised Land by jm: copr.Incus, Malleus, and Stapes, Inc.


Anonymous chrispito said...

take me take me take me take me take me oh
off to work I go
thank you for your beauty and the gentleness of your words

22/8/07 8:27 AM  
Blogger m.p.k. said...

I've always felt the land of this country has a song, still unbroken. I've traveled many places in the world to find home is still here.

22/8/07 10:24 AM  
Blogger jm said...

I love my home and the world still loves it, too. I never tire of renewing the feeling.

I've always felt the land of this country has a song, still unbroken.

This is wonderful.
Thank you both.

22/8/07 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Elena said...

awww. Saturn is crossing my IC and I have decided to male the US my home. my feelings of alienation and homesickness i used to have have been replaced by a comfort and love of the people that are here around me. I have met and befriended so many generous and loving people here that I feel incredibly lucky. Your spirit of giving and volunteering is humbling. it is the type of freedom here that is so necessary for my evolution. did you know that foreigners here have "alien" stamped on their visas? interesting semantics, i have to say.

22/8/07 6:34 PM  
Anonymous Elena said...

"make" not "male."
me speaka no d engrish ;-)

22/8/07 6:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Elena, I am so very very happy. There is a long story in my recent family history about this country and how it welcomes people and offers refuge. What a beautiful heartfelt comment. I'm sure all Americans reading this are as touched as I am.

Welcome home.

Aliens? LOL! We do have a Moon in Aquarius. No problem. And Engrish is perfectly acceptable.:-)

22/8/07 9:23 PM  
Blogger NEOBuckeye said...

Aliens? LOL! We do have a Moon in Aquarius.
That pretty much says it all about us. ;-)

Even with all of its' flaws, I do love my country. You know, I've often said that "America" is an idea and that the government of the "United States" is an attempt at manifesting that idea. Whatever happens to the United States government (governments do rise and fall, after all), it's the idea of America that is most important. It's the idea of America that will live forever... or at least until we come up with a better idea. ;-)

But nations built upon a powerful idea do tend to last a very long time, often outliving their organizational attempts. Take a look at Israel, a nation that has survived for centuries on the strength of their national, cultural and religious identity alone. Their identity clearly isn't tied to a central government.

At any rate, on the whole, I don't think we as Americans have done too badly in the 231 years since this nation's birth. Things here have hardly always been wonderful, but there is always the good with the bad. To quote Martin Luther King Jr., "the arm of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice," which incidentally sounds very much like our natal Saturn in Libra.

We are heading in the right direction, I think, which our Pluto Return will make crystal clear, bringing us back to our fundamental roots.

22/8/07 11:19 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Great comment, neo. There certainly has been a change in feeling. Our home is as good as our care for it. All things respond.

23/8/07 1:54 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

That's very true, Neo. I once read an article, back in some of the darker days of the current administration when all seemed lost. It was about the many dynasties and administrations that have come and gone in China. China has been around for a lot longer than the US. They have seen a lot in that time. We're barely getting going.

Remember that period when the current bozos were sneering at "Old Europe"? Youthful arrogance was at the root of that, in spite of the chronological ages of the bozos in question.

23/8/07 5:44 AM  

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