Saturday, August 25, 2007

59 Reasons for the Blues

I hit the bottom of my life about 59 days ago
I hit the bottom of my life about 59 days ago
My mind was going out of my head
My brain start to register dead
I hit that bottom but I'm coming up slowly again.

The ancient Book of China gives you 64 reasons why
The ancient Book of China gives you 64 reasons why
It gives you little words to the wise
Gives you little ways to survive
This world where you will meet the good and the evil kind.

A man survives at exactly 98.6.
A man survives at exactly 98.6.
Anf if that temperature rise
Up above 105
You better call that doctor, call that big doctor to your side.

And it's easy, it's so easy
And I'm a-gonna tell you why.
Anyway you count it, you can always get it, you can get it if you really want it
And when you get it, better grab it, better hold it, better keep it, better keep it, better squeeze it, and release it when you're satisfied,
Ohh, when you're satisfied.

I sure could use about $50,000 right now
I sure could use about $50,000 right now.
Diamonds and cherries and plums
Three together get you one
Big ol' jackpot spinning 'til your number comes
Big ol' jackpot spinning when your number comes.

59 Reasons for the Blues by Jm,1983, Incas, Malleus, and Stapes, Inc.


Blogger Tseka said...

This sums it up pretty well!
Good choice.

Funny about the numbers we choose to describe things.

RC calls me 64. Yep. Just the odd number in his cell phone.

I inquire does he know about the I Ching.


How can you go to the Himalayas and not know??

So i send him a translation.

Fits says RC.

Numbers, man.

25/8/07 10:20 PM  
Blogger jm said...

No!! 64. How funny.

There are a few more verses with other numbers in this tune, but the sequence was the joy. When I put experience into numbers this way, it ticked me and gave me the detached observant perspective I love so much. Songwriting.
I remember vividly the lousy mood that spawned it, too!

That's interesting about the 64. It's my favorite verse. My NN talking to my South.

25/8/07 10:45 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Speaking of blues of another kind, check out the photo on Astrodynamics of the wide spaces of sea and rock. I could stand there ankle-deep and be utterly satisfied with the world.

Off we go!

26/8/07 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

tseka, I keep forgetting to tell you. Last year I found a calendar by a local artist, Kurt Seaberg, who illustrated Sami life in meticulous detail. Culture, stories, traditional clothing, daily life, food, etc. It's quite educational. If you like, I'll keep an eye out for it in 2008. I did not see it this year but I wasn't looking... hopefully he will publish it again in '08.

26/8/07 7:47 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Joe fabulous, keep an eye out let me know.

I have been finding some very, very interesting connections along the "trade- routes" that lead back to the Sami. 9,000 years ago copper was stashed in caves and recently found. The artifacts are far too sophisticated to belong to local (dead sea) culture of the period. The speculated uses don't seem to fit either.

The Sami have kept the ancient wisdom alive in stories. They may be one of our best sources of information of the last period that transitioned through the ice age.

26/8/07 11:11 AM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Joe, I googled your Kurt Seaberg and ended up on a nice little journey. Thanks

26/8/07 9:25 PM  
Anonymous Kurt Seaberg said...

Thank you for your interest in the Saami Spirit Calendar I'm happy to report that the 2008 calendar is now available and you can order one online through my new website, Kurt Seaberg

21/9/07 1:04 PM  

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