Tuesday, October 30, 2018

After the Fact

On November 6, an election occurs in America exactly when Uranus retrogrades back into Aries for its final transit to United States' Pluto in Capricorn. 

The current conflict between the sovereign solo citizen and the established authoritative governing conglomerate enters its last chapter. Both parts of the body politic remain intact but alignments have shifted and adjustments are forthcoming. The strength of the American voter has become more pronounced. Or at least the voice has.

Aries represents youth, vigor, and pioneering force. It butts through all obstacles in its eagerness to survive and push on. It came up against mature Capricorn, with its rigid failing edifice, and a throttling took place. Pressures from volatile Uranus and Aries have cracked and shattered constricting structures, with the young encouraging motion and new frontiers, the old preferring to continue as is, regardless of the debris.

People have grown more independent and alliances are not following traditional paths. Political experimentation is the trend. People seem to think thinking for one's self is a good idea, although the group demands participation, and loneliness is still a problem.

Everything seems every which way now, but Uranus will wrap it up on the way to Taurus, leaving a higher voltage source of energy for people to use. Amps, watts, and ohms too.

Taurus. Earthy Taurus. I am amazed. Seven years of Taurus trine Capricorn while US Pluto in Capricorn completes its first return. One whole revolution. Earthy Capricorn. 

Down to earth. Enjoying Taurus. Working with Capricorn. Inventing with Uranus. Doing whatever with Pluto. Oh, of course ....... regenerating.

Since Uranus is so smart, maybe he could solve some puzzles regarding society's maintenance.
One question I have is, "Do we eat sensibly or do we eat each other alive in our quest for sustenance?"