Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Binary View

With Saturn in Sagittarius, it's not surprising that the puzzle of optimism versus pessimism is forefront in the mind.

Every wheel has both, so apparently the two are present in a well rounded life. Some lean more toward one than the other, but each situation attracts a unique ratio, and this ratio likely prevails, whether one is conscious of it or isn't.

Down in the murky eighth house, the native encounters mysterious bondage. Then the traveler is thrust far up into the ninth house with freedom to roam the universe. Possibilities abound, spirits are high, and people are eager to explore.

After the ninth house excursion come the restrictions of earthly reality in Capricorn and the tenth house. It involves coming down in response to gravity, and that can depress the spirits giving rise to pessimism.

Now that the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is crossing Sagittarius, it's not time for buoyant, unrestrained optimism. Jubilation is tempered. joy might not be as abundant as in other times, and the larger picture is uncertain. Nor is it time for despair.

The reason for the configuration is to replace inflated, outdated, even false optimism with a real, substantial, usable version. A barrier is erected to protect construction, and then the scaffold is taken down to expose a new working confidence in the cosmic order.

The optimist sees the universe trending toward a better state, according to Funk & Wagnall's, the pessimist sees it getting worse, taken from the derivations; best and worst. 

I see it as a continuum. I've come to think it doesn't matter. One lives with the whole, be it the world at large or the attitudes of one's own mind. Joys and disappointments come and go. Has the end of the story even been written?

Who knows?