Sunday, September 30, 2007


Most of my wandering in the desert I've done alone. Not so much from choice as from necessity ~ I generally prefer to go places where no one else wants to go.
Edward Abbey

This reminds me of Aries, the solo adventurer. The ruler, Mars, is now in Cancer, the sign of safety and belonging. The fear of separating from the pack can be more daunting than the events awaiting in the outside world when one considers moving away to pursue an individual destiny. As Mars transits Cancer the lure of discovery conflicts with the urge to bond with the clan and stay with the familiar. But some unusual circumstances are accompanying this already uncommon transit.
At the end of the passage, Pluto will be in Capricorn. Jupiter too. And here's something really interesting. Two years from now when Mars enters Cancer again, Pluto will be at the same 0 degree for the last time, as the north node of the moon enters Capricorn at 29.
This nudges me to conclude that a journey out of a maternal cave could be ahead in some instances. This winter into spring would be the preparation. Quite possibly, people will feel the urge to get their houses in order, both literally and figuratively, in preparation for the upcoming exploration that Mars desires. The houses with Cancer and Capricorn in the individual charts hold clues as people discover ways to build a solid base of emotional security, ripen in the cool, and emerge next spring ready to face the world, and in two years time, markedly further on the way to their material destinies.
Photo: Ted Delker

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mars Comes Home

I have Sun in Cancer in the fourth house. That pretty much says it.
Welcome my friend. Relax, unpack, maybe take a nap after your trip. Dinner whenever you'd like. Limited smoking, if you please.

"Cancers are Funky"
In the key of B natural

Cancers are funky
They got rhythm and soul
They rock 'round the house
Slip 'round and roll

They trip down the stairs
Skip up to the top
then into the kitchen
chop chop chip chop..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Brotherhood and the 29th Degree

Brothers reunited at the Berlin Wall.
Mars is deep deep deep in Gemini now on the way to Cancer, but not for long. The retrograde is bringing him back. I've thoroughly enjoyed this transit of Gemini. The communication has been expansive, illuminating, fun, and surprising. Mind-blowing really, like some psychedelic substance. Of course, everyone knows how much I love the sign.
Gemini governs our sibling relationships. I had the first good conversation in years with my brother the other day, and I have to say, I am relieved. He even admitted, for the first time, that my mother favored him entirely. He's beginning to understand my tiny handicap in reaching for the golden ladder of worldly success. The one he climbed so effortlessly. He does have a NN in the 10th, though.
As Mars starts the seven month transit of Cancer and Gemini, the subject of togetherness and degrees of separation often emerges. Head versus heart, friends versus family, old relationships versus new, and things like that. Our siblings are the closest people on earth to us, we share the same protoplasm. I've always had Geminis in my life, and the feeling of being of the same stuff is always there. An indefinable familiarity. I can relax with them.
The fascinating thing about this transit is the return of Mars to the 29th degree on January 1. Pluto will be at 29 Sagittarius and the NN will be at 29 Aquarius. The brotherhood of man is definitely at hand.
Photo: Ian Berry

What Am I Doing Here?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there were some people who had such advanced technology they were able to build time machines and transporter booths in which they could move freely through space. Eventually they were able to bilocate -- to copy themselves in time and space. They had quite a thrill. For the first few seconds. Then a deep boredom set since they were no longer able to be surprised. They'd seen the future. So they decided to play another game. They said to themselves, "we're going to forget our technology, and we're going to plunk ourselves down in caves to live the primitive life. We'll grow old and have children who relearn the skills. They decided that to have worthwhile experiences they would have to exist in a state that included the unknown. Then we descended. And now we're on our way back to remembering.
This myth explains the fundamental stagnation of omniscience, which many traditions say is the reason the universe was born. The fact that we forget the meaning of life is the meaning. Being in a state of partial awareness allows experience and life to progress. If you were going to start a whole universe, you would need entities to participate in it, entities that are temporary, and not omniscient. That's who we are.
Yeah. And that's why we can't figure it out. We decided not to.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Aries Full Moon Encapsulation

Vitality, strength, energy, invincibility!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

*A Word of Caution*

If you plan on going camping tonight under the Aries Full Moon, and the Mars-Pluto still separating, please be careful. Dress warmly, take extra blankets, and if you need any help, feel free to call. I'll be home. Have fun!
Illustration: Chris Van Dusen

As The Leaves Turn

Last chance for some country jaunts before the season ends. Gas is .... uh ........... well ..
............. uhh
So. Anyway.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On his way to the Full Moon in Aries.
Illustration: Francois Roca

Befitting the Moon

This is the hairstyle I've decided upon for the Full Moon in Aries, just coming up.
Perfect, would you not agree?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Libra Has Arrived

His annual visit. A charming and companionable guest he is with the entertaining Sun, as long as the Sun doesn't burn my hand-made drapes.
Libra is the lover of one-on-one relationship. There's a genuine interest in others and social interactions can be delightful during these times, if the Libra is not instigating an argument and crying innocent, which can happen. They do like a debate. They also know that the air has to be cleared in order to enjoy the truly sublime peaceful moments that are sometimes encountered under the auspices of Libra, advocate of grace, beauty, harmony, and fairplay. They love to work things out with people. And it's a beautiful time of year.
Mercury, ruler of commerce, busy as ever, is going to figure in as he goes into Scorpio and turns retrograde with the Sun in Libra. Equitable exchange. Emotional bartering, in particular, as Mars transits Cancer, squaring the Libra, while Mercury is in Scorpio. Is someone giving-demanding too much? Others not enough? How close is close? Am I satisfied? Who really cares??
This continues when The Sun goes into Scorpio with Mercury back in Libra. Then when Mercury gets to Scorpio again, the Sun will still be there for some possible emotional heavy-dealing. A tune-up could be recommended. When Mercury finally gets through, he will join the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius for some last minute joyriding before Jupiter heads out for Capricorn on December 19, the day the NN leaves Pisces for Aquarius. The deep digging of Mercury retrograde might free people up to celebrate these bountiful December days ahead slightly unfettered, if they'd care to. But, first things first.
Evening on the Skagen Summer Beach: Peter Severin Kroyer


The true voyage of discovery would be not to visit strange lands, but to possess new eyes.

So says Marcel Proust. Well, frankly. At this crossroads I've arrived upon, with Hermes watching over, and the Fool leaping from the divining deck, I could use fresh vision.
Photo: Galen Rowell

Saturday, September 22, 2007

From the Earth to the Air

My magic carpet is out of the garage and ready to fly into Libra for some peace and quiet. Think that's possible? According to the Mistress of Equilibrium, my mechanic, we're due for a wheel balancing. Oh, and a new spark plug to replace the one that over-fired. First stop:
Illustration: Jane Kay. Photo: Sadao Hibi
Holy Mother of.....!!!!!
I got through the Mars-Pluto opposition and now Uranus is bugging me. For cripes sakes!!!

Dhotel Nuance d'Abricot: Jean Dubuffet

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Friction and Explosion

Conflict: a clash between opposing forces
com-together+figure-to strike

With Mars opposing Pluto now the subject of conflict came up in the conversation within a deeper than ordinary context:
Recently I have been contemplating the brutal selfishness of my natal Mars conjunct my Sun. My desire for understanding this develops from attempting to minimize unintended fallout from expressing myself, a desire for waging peace in my life, not conflict. Only it is my experience that in minimizing this Martial brutality the reflection of that energy is strongest with others ignoring what I have to say even when I am addressing their concerns exactly. It is unlikely this is the case for anyone else who does not have this signature, but for me it reminds me that honest expression requires no restraint.
 I have Aries rising, born to thrust with full aggressive force, penetrate resistant material, and muscle through circumstance. All people with strong Mars placements have these characteristics to some degree. What does this mean in terms of conflict? When I blow my top I get a distinct chain of sensations in my solar plexus, a singular feeling that alerts me about an upcoming unstoppable event. It travels up to my head and usually exits at the throat, or these days, at my fingertips. There is no question about the completion of the act.
I often use the example of a germinating seed in the ground as an illustration of the thrust of Mars. The power is enough to crack the earth, the instinct that aggressive. Do you think the thrust can be controlled, withheld? Does pushing against resistance guarantee the strength it takes to survive? Life is based on friction. Friction: the rubbing of one thing against another. The source of fire, electricity, procreation, and probably all movement and creation. Peace and stasis come in-between. In looking at the earth one sees the explosions occuring periodically as pressures build and the crack and release provide the exit in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, wars, personal battles, and so on. One thing rubbing against another to produce usable energy and to maintain balance.
As Mars leaves Gemini, the Sun enters Libra where once again people wrestle with this idea of peace, cooperation, and harmony. Why the fear around friction, since we know that conflict is the only way to peace? What exactly are we afraid of, since most people are uncomfortable with these impulses? In terms of truth-telling, how much force is required, how much pressure to crack through, since it does appear that lies get the most attention in society. Yet I know there is also a search for honesty in humankind. Why the resistance? The interesting aspect of the word, "conflict" is that com: together is part of the definition. So the harmony is written into the action from the beginning.

And then the basic question: how much restraint should be applied, if any, when an individual has powerful Mars configurations. How much selfishness is appropriate? How much pain is acceptable in getting through obstacles? How much separation is best to bring togetherness to fruition?

Mars is not to be played with. It's as potent a force as there is and very sharp. Yes, it's dangerous, but those who have it also know how to handle it. Others invite it but have to adjust and recover from what you call brutality, but might be necessary. The receiver is just as responsible, always.
Nothing wrong with selfishness. The only thing wrong with it is trying not to own it. That's where the trouble starts. It's there for a reason. People who have selfish destinies have to learn to stick up for themselves and sometimes this is the only way. They are probably overcoming threatening timidity and feel extra pressure to survive. Trying to hold back Mars is more dangerous than its expression, unless you have Saturn involved. Then you have the tools to withhold it. Sun conjunct Mars is meant to illuminate the potency. Fuel it. It could take many forms. Restraint is not the answer. Possibly driving it well is the solution. Directing it and aiming accurately. Using the full potential.
 In truth, almost everyone is selfish. Fact of life and probably necessary. Some are just more successful at covering it up. I don't see why this has to be denied while humans are trying to evolve to better behavior. I think conflict serves to send people back to themselves to re-establish identity. With a firm sense of self is the only way ongoing peace and harmony can be created. There will be many immediate opportunities to test this as Mars goes into Cancer for emotional conflict squaring peace brokering Libra. Lay down your arms or pick them up, whichever you prefer.
Illustration: Thomas Locker

Alchemy, Gemini, and Pluto

Rhazes .. a father of medicine and spirits
Distillation fuses the practical and the philosophical. It's been used by the alchemist trying to uncover the mysteries of existence, by the doctor attempting to find medicines, the perfumer creating scents for the master and mistress, and expertly by the producers of alcohol. Alchemy's founder was Egyptian god, Toth -- in Greek mythology, Hermes (Mercury). They are symbols of mystical knowledge and transformation (Pluto). Hermes's staff could turn base material into gold, and both gods could turn death into life.
The most common image of an alchemist is of some bearded madman lurking in a laboratory trying to make gold. That's a misunderstanding. The alchemist attempts to make sense of the world by, among other things, working with the elements to transform matter, strip away the extraneous, and capture the entities' pure essence. They try to comprehend the mysteries of the world by making the substance of life visible in their intense work with distillation of spirits.
Dave Broom

It has definitely caught on.So this is a golden opportunity as Mars in Gemini completes the opposition to Pluto, but most of all, each person's Gemini and Virgo houses and the position of Mercury in the chart contain tools for personal transformation, as one "fuses the practical with the philosophical" ongoing. All things Gemini? Or Virgo? Both ruled by Hermes. I originally thought Virgo was the alchemist with her practical nature and understanding of earthy substance. But Gemini must be too, as he brings the philosophical down for personal use. I'm going to watch both my houses.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dying to be Heard

Anybody getting into disagreements deeper than usual these days? Mars in Gemini (communication) will be spending the whole week closing in on the opposition to Pluto (death) in Sagittarius. People are dying to be understood. Speech is primary to human survival, coming fom the cry in the throat for nourishment, and never is it more obvious than when this opposition comes around. And never is the truth more anxious to be revealed, the pretense stripped.
Mars is action and Pluto draws upon hidden reserves so force in articulation rules the day. For some people, exceptional insights are coming along with the courage to speak up. For others, hurtful words are being thrust with excess force and some can't control what they say. Another problem with Pluto is the inability to find satisfaction, so the points might be forced repeatedly with the sharp sword of Mars, still missing the response some are hoping for, the power of their words escaping no matter how hard they push. Torrential verbiage can result and major misunderstandings. Of course, some people are speaking with clarity, honesty, extra perception, and Marsian accuracy. And best of all, some people are witnessing and comprehending themselves.
Along with the struggles in communication will likely be questions about blogging. How much is the right amount? Where are the best places? Are these the people I really want? Are they hearing me in the way I had hoped? Am I compulsive and addicted (Pluto)? Am I running from blog to blog looking for something that's not really there? Am I learning in a way never previously experienced? Am I enjoying myself finding unique companionship and belonging? Some of these questions might find answers by the end of the week.
Whatever the outcome, this configuration is a great opportunity to learn. The lower mind of Gemini energized by Mars seeks immediate knowledge from the higher mind of Sagittarius and this, along with the penetrating insight of Pluto, can briefly uncover extraordinary wisdom.
As the jazz artist Mose Allison sang .....
How much truth can a world stand?

Last Chance!

A high mountain breakfast while it's still nice.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


As many of you know, I travel by train. This one hits the spot. I'm not journeying at present, but maybe later I'll have an opportunity enjoy a pleasure such as this. Love the rhythm. The whole country rolls.

A Violincello and Perfume

Backstage when I'm famous.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mars in Cancer

Home is shelter from the world; the hearth that warms you, the roof that keeps out the rain, the table where you eat, the bed on which you sleep. But home is also the springboard for life's adventures and the safety net that gives you the courage to go into the world. At home you are most fully yourself, accepted for the least you are, yet reminded of the most you hope to be.
John Wheatman

As you know I am not a predictive astrologer. This is how I use foresight. The Mars retrograde in Cancer is an unusual occurrence which I'm already preparing for intending to use as an opportunity for emotional growth, securing my home base, and coming to an understanding of the Pluto through Sagittarius transit in personal terms.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, describes instinctive response to external stimuli, the beginning of emotions, the absorption of experience, comfort, protection, and what one considers home. The feminine principle, the mother in the psyche. It is receptive and fluid, cool and dark, and nourishes a desire to merge. Mars is separation, identity, selfness, firmness, fierceness, thrust, aggression, and male potency. It is hot and bright. It's the part of a person that defies protection and ventures out for experience in the world regardless of the dangers. When these two entities are entwined, heated sensations, quick reactions, quarrels with intimates, and a volatile feeling nature in general often manifest. Sometimes there are overreactions as the propensity toward intimacy battles with the calling to get away and establish individual demarcations. Internal wars result. Blurting out hurtful words, unexpected crying, and conflicts arising from the unconscious can occur. Mars also arouses great motivation to find comfort and security and the means to get it, as well as emotional strength and courage. All of these are possibilities when Mars transits Cancer and Gemini for seven months. Family dilemmas are sure to be in the forefront for many people, along with the urge to create a safe refuge. The house in the chart will define what this safety means to each one.

After emergence from the womb humans build shelter to re-create this protective environment safe from harm, intimate within. Mars can be the supreme builder or he can be the troublemaker, when the desire for intimacy takes on aggressive characteristics. I lived in an apartment once that was small, cozy, secure, and protected until a neighbor moved in with his Mars in Cancer. I had been accustomed to long quiet nights to myself, nourishment for facing each day ahead. Well it turns out that this Mars person was a music lover. Each night he would fall asleep with the radio blasting a bass line through the wall and it nearly drove me crazy. My life was no longer my own. When I talked to him he said, "It gets next to you, doesn't it?" That said it all.

So Mars can sometimes bring undesired closeness in this position. Other times, however, the intimacy can be powerful and effective. I foresee lots of experimentation in the months ahead as people establish their trustworthy relationships and work with their bases of security, all important as we head into the Capricorn years, many of us venturing far into the world.

As this planet of action, Mars, goes traveling into the past to revisit important spots in the psyche, he should bring back a renewed feeling of home, especially for those who work with the times. Inhibiting dependencies can be cut with the sword of Mars and healthy ones strengthened. Inner gardens can be cultivated and growth encouraged in our loved ones. The house could literally be remodeled, or metaphorically as the house of the horoscope indicates. Motivation to express real feelings with an ease and humanness might develop.

Since Pluto in Sagittarius ties in, I think many will be leaving the family fold somewhat to form intimate connections with people in the broader world, a lesson of the Pluto transit. The passage of the north node into Aquarius will further strengthen the bonds with strangers, forming a family of man, just as we are doing on the Internet now. Also with the Aquarian node will likely come the decisions as to what groups people belong to and feel most at home with. From my perspective, this is a lot to look forward to, even if Kleenex is required at times, apologies are necessary, and the winter comforter crawled under a little more frequently. I hope everyone finds solace and safe haven, wherever that might be.
Top photo: David Wakely. Illustration: Lisbeth Zwerger. Photo: Richard Felber

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Simplicity of Design

After leafing through a rather large and heavy book on architecture and opulent design my eye rested on this pared down abode I found in another publication. It's the home of Eddie, a bantam rooster, and his hen, Simone (real names), and it's perfect. They live in New England.
Photo: Richard felber

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It must have been moonglow
Way up in the blue
It must have been moonglow
That led me straight to you.

You'll find it. Maybe with the Moon and Mercury in Libra and the north node in Pisces. Or the Sun. Libra-Pisces. The match made in heaven.
Game of Parcheesi anyone?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Ball in the Corner Pocket.

Good shot. Can you predict the winner?
I can't tell. The player on the left undoubtedly goes after her shots with precision and what looks to be confidence, but the right hand player has her stick positioned quite well. I can't call it.

Photo: Abigail Heyman

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Moon in Virgo
Full Moon in Aries

Virgo is work. Aries is fire, steel, and ambition. Do you want to get something done? Now's the time. Well, maybe.

The Aries-Virgo aspect is one of the most productive of all. The precision of Virgo finds exact application in the pointed thrust and potency of Aries. Virgo sees clearly what needs to be done and is highly skilled in maintenance, repair, systems analysis, perfect busy-ness, practicality, and service. Saturn is now there too, adding considerably to the cultivation of large and small achievements. The tasks at hand in orderly progression are Virgo's expertise.
Intelligent reasoning. Virgo-Aries is smart in an analytical way, so successful problem solving is a likelihood, even if intense worry is a by-product. Do you have a question, a puzzle to piece together? There could be X-ray vision added to Virgo's natural ability to see the working patterns within things. If you're out of your mind with anxiety, rest assured there's a logical reason.
Body work. Physical perfection is a favorite of Aries-Virgo. If you need to shed two pounds, do it. If you tottering old ladies need to strengthen your bone matrices, get up and get pumping. If the dog should go on a diet, get him on one. Virgo rules pets. If she requires walking, go an extra quarter mile.
Repair and maintenance. Need to fix the car or the sink? This lunation provides a perfect opportunity. It's a great time to get that '57 Pontiac up and running, while the weather's still nice. What about those plugs for the Nissan? Get' em pulled and replaced along with the distributor cap that's on the fritz. Good time for winter maintenance too. I'm going to vacuum the furnace, as it's planned.
Health. Planning to get minor elective surgery done? A toe fixed? A tooth pulled? No better time than Virgo-Aries. Aries is the surgical sword, Virgo the precise technique. Putting off getting the dog's teeth cleaned? Good time for that too. If you're longing to become a vegetarian, it could happen now.
Lots of productive energy available, but unfortunately, all is not perfect in Virgo paradise. The new Moon eclipse squares Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This could throw a curve into the plans, since Pisces loves to unravel all that everyone tries to keep together. And everybody knows about Jupiter's excesses. There still is some confusion in the air about direction and what people are supposed to be doing within all the planetary changes. So some of the best uses of Virgo are for meditation, purification, and spiritual pursuit. The zen of Aries-Virgo could be the perfect balm for these jumpy conditions. Below is a quiet meditation house on the river for anyone, anytime.

Painting: Scott Industry on the Tyne; Iron and Coal: William Bell 1811-1890. Photo: Sadao Hibi

I Have a New Theory

Uh-oh. Another one?
Soon Mars will be entering the cave of Cancer for the seven month retrograde, and a rebirth of some sort is a probability when Pluto leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn. Looking at the Moon in Cancer the day the dwarf-planet turned direct in our galaxy's center, and the Cancer retrograde carrying Pluto through this transition, I began to suspect something. Sure enough, I looked back and found an interesting pattern.

A little history. Pluto entered Sagittarius on January 17, 1995, as the Moon was leaving Cancer. It went retrograde back into Scorpio, then went direct and returned to 0 degrees Sagittarius in November, with the Moon again in Cancer. It retrograded back to 0 degrees, and turned direct on August 10, 1996, the day the Moon was once again in Cancer and Mars was there as well. Pluto was then fully in Sagittarius. As I mentioned previously, Pluto just now turned direct in the Galactic Center with the trusty Moon in Cancer yet again.
I began to put two and twelve together and came to this possible conclusion. Pluto in Sag is about finding previously unknown resources of faith and a renewal of optimism, a brighter look toward the future. All the Cancer connections point to the place in the individual chart where this faith has been renewed, and it's on an instinctive feeling level with Cancer and Pluto involved. I tend to think that much of this will be revealed as Mars transits Cancer through the winter. If you look at the houses inhabited by Cancer in the wheel, along with the Sagittarius houses, there could be some information. Here are some possibilities. Tying in the two sign's houses will tell even more, and they are interchangeable.
House I. Survival events. Dangers overcome. Faith in one's self and abilities to handle what's encountered. Meeting new challenges beyond what was required before demanding tests of faith. Counting on one's self for guidance. A greater understanding of emotion and how it can be used, possibly letting feelings show more easily. An overall increased enthusiasm for life.
House II. Material security. Losses and/or gains of an unusual magnitude and faith that one will be provided for, with a renewed ability to cut the losses when need determines. Acquisition with more meaning, maybe real estate, and an understanding of the importance of possessions and how to handle money. An awakening to the philosophical aspects of materialism.
House III. The potency and feeling of words, and the importance of honesty. Being grossly misunderstood and never feeling that understanding will come about, alternating with profound mental connection. Discovery of verbal talent, or if already known, a substantial outpouring. Dilemmas (power struggles and new understandings) with siblings, possibly a significant birth or death. Death of a close friend. Realizing the need for communication to feel spiritual satisfaction and the longing and ability to articulate the experience. Car horrors or joys, maybe a mechanic who doubles as a priest. Isn't a great mechanic just like that?
House IV. Emotional expansion in all ways. Family complications with possibilities of healthy growth, in and around traumas and control struggles. Personal freedom within the family unit. A new and important home. This happened to me when Jupiter was exactly conjunct my 4th house Cancer cusp. Death of parents or other family members, altering attitudes toward life. Also happened to me. A new understanding of religious upbringing and family problems, and what to do to create one's own emotional spiritual connection. The journey inward, joyousness a possibility.
House V. Growth of creative talent into new dimensions or enhanced knowledge of it's importance to personal well-being. The need for expression of dramatic sensation, love, and sexuality in a way that's not destructive. The spiritual connection in romance. Unusual events with children and increased learning through them. Significant births or deaths of children and an opening to other, perhaps more genuine kinds of emotional experience, more meaningful self-expression.
House VI. Job security. The realization of the importance of a good atmosphere to work in with people who can be trusted like family. Maintenance of health and nurturing routines in daily life. Emotionally and spiritually fulfilling endeavors all the way around. Practical ways to engage in religious ritual with a development of personal prayer techniques. A new sharing of spiritual matters with people in everyday life. Again, technicians who double as priests, such as the computer repairman or the plumber who delivers philosophies about life.
House VII. A good marriage. The end to a bad one. Sizable changes in an ongoing one, possibly with more intimacy expressed. Power struggles again that show potential for agony as well as great productive development. A new dimension of honesty in relationships, and the revelation of spirituality in others unknown before. An expanded ability to emotionally connect in general and sometimes tell the truth.
House VIII. Death in the family and a personal awakening of feeling. Crisis and the ability to help others through their painful events, giving sound advice with philosophical insight. Inheritance, not necessarily material, with new truths revealed. New psychological knowledge, perception of other's motivations, and honesty with one's self. Awareness of how to put personal power to best use. An overall deepening of emotional wisdom.
House IX. Relationship with "god". Tests of faith, with dips into despair and travels to heights of joy. New relationships with the foreign-born, and a feeling of family belonging with the world. Higher education. Heightened perception and cognition. Attachments to and separations from guru figures on the way to one's own path. Finding the right "holy books". Seeing the high priest in others as well as the self, and the nourishment of ongoing cosmic relationship. The jubilation singer.
House X. Parental events again, possibly death. Loss or gain of an important job. The boss as high priest or punishing authoritarian. You as high priest for everyone else guiding them through emotional storms. The deeper relationship to authority figures in general, as well as one's own talent in leading others. New understanding of parents. In depth search into where one wants to go in life more in keeping with spiritual aspirations. Honesty about what will be done or what won't be done to get where one wants to go. Scruples.
House XI. Friendships and the search for a spiritual and nurturing group to associate with. Connection with higher guidance in terms of a future that isn't always clear. Problems with unsavory interpersonal behavior in society and maybe an ability to perceive this more frequently. Increased interest in political involvement vacillating with feelings of futility. Involvement in new spiritual organizations. Society as family with independence fully developed within the clan.
Wise mother to them all.

House XII. The depths of sorrow and new sources of happiness. Confinement and lengthy recuperation from illness or mishap, with time for contemplation and a look into life's mysteries. Withdrawal for other reasons. Big losses, some a culmination of lifetime patterns. The understanding of karmic imprisonment and family issues that will never find resolution. The key to freedom.
Naturally I'm curious to see what unfolds as Pluto leaves Sagittarius in these uncommon circumstances. The Pluto rebirth of faith and trust, even if limited, should be coming to many, especially with the good intentions I've been a witness to. That alone is cause for optimism.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Starfish wigglin' in the ocean
Jellyfish wigglin' in the sea
The cephalopod goes
The octopus knows
How to walk on the floor with no feet.
Hmmmmn .......
He's got ink, three hearts, but no feet.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Definitive Answer

Doctor Boron has offered to answer your query once and for all.
What is salt?
The earth is made up of 92 natural elements, which combine to form compounds. Salt is a compound created when sodium (Na+), a metal so unstable that it easily bursts into flame, combines with chlorine (Cl-), a deadly poisonous gas. This natural occurrence is known as a chemical reaction -- think of it as two people who misbehave on their own but play well together. The two elements stabilize each other, and the result, sodium chloride, is neither explosive nor poisonous. This is what we call salt.

Thank you Doctor Boron.
Text: Mark Kurlansky.Illustration: S. D. Schindler

Friday, September 07, 2007

Doin' the Booga Booga!

Shake it up, shake it down, shake it all around
That man I want ain't nowhere to be found
Some say he's dead, some say he's alive
We'll just salt him out with the Booga Booga jive!
Doo wah, doo wah, booga booga blah
Doo wah, ditty wah, booga boooga bah
Got salt in my mouth, sand in my eye
Doin' the Booga Booga, the Booga Booga Jive
Credit to Joe and Osama Bin Laden
Illustration: S.D. Schindler

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Scaring Away Evil

In Peggy McDonnell's fanciful New Jersey vegetable beds, an eight-foot tall flowerpot scarecrow with petunia dreadlocks presides over the onion patch.
With destruction foremost in the news, it's often good to remember how creative people can be. There are those who treasure life, perceive the whimsy and beauty, and contribute continuously no matter what everyone else is doing. This scarecrow also reminds me that creativity is one of the best ways to repel negative forces and the central source of germination holds a major key. Earthen pots from the ground to scare and delight at the same time.
Gorillas love wild onions. I once saw film footage of these creatures immersed in a patch, who were never before seen by humans. I was torn between pleasure at witnessing their innocent ecstasy and discomfort with the intrusion upon their private jungle domain. I share their feelings about onions, however. Great plant. I can't imagine life without them.
Photo: Richard Felber

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Screwdrivers in the Garden

There are three major star-kissed events this week so I'm offering cocktails for anyone who likes to imbibe. There will be unspiked pomegranate juice as well, along with raspberry scones. They just can't seem to progress out there, so I'm thinking of leaving them all alone and enjoying some alternatives.

Mercury goes into Libra. Just about here, and good for balanced judgement, perhaps even decision making when the weighing of options is finally over. This busy communicative entity will go on to Scorpio, turn retrograde, and back up into Libra again, so some developments are afoot. What mysteries will be uncovered? What compromises will be made, what agreements formulated? What relationship dilemmas revealed? Possibility of peaceful, pleasant moments? I'm always up for those, and of course, the potential for stimulating and enlightening intellectual intercourse.
Venus leaves Leo. What is it with this Leo lesson knocking like gangbusters? As fate would have it, Venus leaves the long retrograde exactly when the Moon is in Leo as well. Are we missing something? Or are we really getting it?
The big one. Joining Venus in her motion will be Pluto turning direct in the Galactic Center of the milky Way for the last time in 248 years, on his way to Capricorn. This is it. An added factor has been the month and a half station of the north node in Pisces at 7 degrees. Confusion does seem to be in power as Leo keeps driving the point home trine Pluto in this sensitive black holy spot. In the next weeks, Venus will meet Saturn in Virgo for this lengthy Plutonian passage out, and another big one, Mars, will go into Cancer for its long retrograde. Plus the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, the sign naturally ruled by Pluto. A lot of emotional knowledge ahead. In the gut, in the visceral body, is where it's trying to land. The day Pluto goes direct the Moon will be in Cancer further foretelling some information being delivered as Mars in Cancer guides Pluto in the crossing to Capricorn, joining up with Jupiter and Venus already in Capricorn, and Saturn in Virgo forming a beautiful earth trine.
So drinks are in order as people contemplate and speculate about the changes. I noticed one interesting thing -- a distinct and new feeling of safety came through yesterday and I'm waiting to see if this is permanent. The Mars in Cancer finale to the Pluto in the GC kind of makes me think so. I wouldn't want to think all this terror has been in vain.

*Important Announcement*

Dr. Francis Fartok is back in town and will be speaking tonight in the Cyberbellum Auditorium,
St. Hippodramades University, 7:46 PM.

The subject this evening will be conversation in modern society. He says there is far too much talk and there should be less fartalk, as well.
Sounds interesting and very much in keeping with the current Mars in Gemini.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Art

This pretty much illustrates my music career. I have Neptune square my midheaven. The midheaven (MC or medium coeli) represents worldly achievement for those of you new to astrology.
The problem with Neptune is that it operates outside of linear progression, so one step doesn't follow another sequentially and the climb to the top .... well ..... what top? Who even knows if it's there with Neptune. So I resigned myself long ago to my destiny which is ..... ?
Now the curve gets thrown in. Pluto in highly linear Capricorn (public achievement) is on his way to that imaginary top, but not without a square to that quirky Neptune on the way up. What to expect? Your guess is equal to mine.
Integral Piano: Nam June Paik

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Latest.

Something's gotten in the garden
And now it's down in the corn
It's always got to be something
Something from the day I'se born.
Horn worm wigglin his body
Each time I go into the tomato patch
Mean ol' horn worm with his body so long
Too soft to pinch, too green, and too fat.
To be continued .......
1st two stanzas of Slinkin' Hornworm Blues by JM.Cprt:Incas, Malleus, & Stapes Sept 3, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007

And wouldn't you know it?

The card I drew.
The card of the Sun symbolizes conscious spirit that struggles with superstition, helplessness, ignorance, and bondage to fatalism and despair. On a divinatory level, it indicates a time of clarity and optimism. It is possible to comprehend the pattern, to visualize a future, and to move forward willfully.
From JM & The Mythic Tarot: Liz Greene. Juliet Sharman-Burke. Illustration: Tricia Newell

Free Choice