Monday, September 10, 2007

New Moon in Virgo
Full Moon in Aries

Virgo is work. Aries is fire, steel, and ambition. Do you want to get something done? Now's the time. Well, maybe.

The Aries-Virgo aspect is one of the most productive of all. The precision of Virgo finds exact application in the pointed thrust and potency of Aries. Virgo sees clearly what needs to be done and is highly skilled in maintenance, repair, systems analysis, perfect busy-ness, practicality, and service. Saturn is now there too, adding considerably to the cultivation of large and small achievements. The tasks at hand in orderly progression are Virgo's expertise.
Intelligent reasoning. Virgo-Aries is smart in an analytical way, so successful problem solving is a likelihood, even if intense worry is a by-product. Do you have a question, a puzzle to piece together? There could be X-ray vision added to Virgo's natural ability to see the working patterns within things. If you're out of your mind with anxiety, rest assured there's a logical reason.
Body work. Physical perfection is a favorite of Aries-Virgo. If you need to shed two pounds, do it. If you tottering old ladies need to strengthen your bone matrices, get up and get pumping. If the dog should go on a diet, get him on one. Virgo rules pets. If she requires walking, go an extra quarter mile.
Repair and maintenance. Need to fix the car or the sink? This lunation provides a perfect opportunity. It's a great time to get that '57 Pontiac up and running, while the weather's still nice. What about those plugs for the Nissan? Get' em pulled and replaced along with the distributor cap that's on the fritz. Good time for winter maintenance too. I'm going to vacuum the furnace, as it's planned.
Health. Planning to get minor elective surgery done? A toe fixed? A tooth pulled? No better time than Virgo-Aries. Aries is the surgical sword, Virgo the precise technique. Putting off getting the dog's teeth cleaned? Good time for that too. If you're longing to become a vegetarian, it could happen now.
Lots of productive energy available, but unfortunately, all is not perfect in Virgo paradise. The new Moon eclipse squares Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This could throw a curve into the plans, since Pisces loves to unravel all that everyone tries to keep together. And everybody knows about Jupiter's excesses. There still is some confusion in the air about direction and what people are supposed to be doing within all the planetary changes. So some of the best uses of Virgo are for meditation, purification, and spiritual pursuit. The zen of Aries-Virgo could be the perfect balm for these jumpy conditions. Below is a quiet meditation house on the river for anyone, anytime.

Painting: Scott Industry on the Tyne; Iron and Coal: William Bell 1811-1890. Photo: Sadao Hibi


Blogger ASTROTABLETALK said...

Mercury - ruler of Virgo - is the esoteric ruler of Aries i.e. Mercury describes Aries fucntioning at its best - intellectual quest? - so there's another connection.

13/9/07 6:55 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Thanks dr. That adds. I get an especially potent connection betwen these two.

13/9/07 2:56 PM  

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